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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. No dairy, and mostly whole foods. The endo and colonoscopy are not looking for Celiac, I'm due the colon, and the endo to look for reasons for gas. But I though of asking him to take the required samples.
  2. Is there a good way? I understand 5-6 months before complete healing can happen. How to deal in the mean time.
  3. Depression And Celiac

    It's depressing to be so bloated, it sucks the life out of you.
  4. Hillshire Farms

    So true, thanks for the reminder!
  5. Hillshire Farms

    That's great to hear!
  6. I was for a period of time, and then try this and try that. I still don't eat bread, but that's just a start. I will be getting a colonoscopy and upper endoscope exams next month, and I'm going to ask for biopsies to be taken at both ends of my small intestines. I am positive for the genitic test. but no other test.
  7. before, I would get gassy and bloated maybe 2-3 times a month, now, I lucky if I can go one whole day. Do the symptons get worse and / or more frequent with time?
  8. Check side effects of ALL your medicine. I had been gluten free for 10 weeks, and then found a medicine causing gastric problems (Metformin)
  9. Shauna "So we did a second round of calls, winnowing down our foods to those in gluten free facilities only. That helped some too." Would you be so kind as to list those companies? Thanks
  10. He did not ask me any questions about celiac symptoms or my gas or bloating. Did notice that I lost 10 pounds the last 6 months, and no, I was not trying. So we have an upper endoscope next month. To see why I am losing weight. No mention of biopsy for celiac. My general practitioner put me on Vitamin D, because see noted it was low. I think I will ask her to do a complete set of food and other allergy testing. It may be time to redirect my GI doctor (if possible). He suggested testing for Celiac, The one test he did was negative, but the DNA was positive. Lets look at the other test for celiac, and not my weight loss. I just want to get through a day without bloating, gas, and being short winded.
  11. Any one know if the cost of EnteroLab lab work is covered under rules for FSA? Or Insurance?
  12. Vacationing In South Carolina

    There is a neat application for Android phones, called find me gluten free. There is an Outback Steak House, with a gluten free menu. Carrabba's but I haave never been to one.
  13. Gluten Free Process Or Not?

    I have had no problems from it so far.
  14. One Fryer in the store, each night the oil is dumped, and the fryer is cleaned. The next morning, new oil is added, and the first thing cooked is the corn chips (triangle chips with salsa). After that, no more chips are fried that day. Then the normal frying starts, breaded foods and other items. This Store (Chilies) has a gluten free printout, french frys are NOT listed as gluten free (cooked all day in common fryer), but the chips are listed as they are fried in a clean fryer with new oil. Seems to me there is still a change of cross contamination, is this enough to be concerned?