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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Yes! It's here now! I saw it and bought it for the first time a couple weeks ago. I think it's new to Canada, so you may need to look around a bit still.
  2. We're planning on a day trip to Toronto Island in the next couple weeks, and in anticipation I'm wondering about food. Are there any restaurants over there that you've had success with for gluten free options? Or do I need to pack food? I'd love to be able to just have a day out without lugging around a cooler, but want to make sure there will actually be something to eat when there! I have a two year old, so nothing in super fancy dining...and take-out/fast food is fine too!
  3. I am newly pregnant, I think just 4 weeks today. I was diagnosed with celiac in December. I have a two-year-old son. My healing journey has been...slow. It's kind of felt like two steps forward, one step back. Things will be going well for a week, then I get hit with a few days of diarrhea. Although, my energy levels have been WAY better and my iron levels have recovered (ferritin was 4 in Dec, and 20 in Mar). Anyways, the past two days have been BAD. Today especially. I woke up to D. After breakfast and a snack, more. Still more after a brief errand. I haven't been this bad in months! Even my bad days since Dec. have involved just one or maybe two bathroom trips, but with lots of loose stools. I haven't seen this level in a while. Could it be more related to pregnancy than anything else? Do I need to be concerned from a celiac point of view? I currently am eating only whole foods. Mostly meat, eggs veggies, fruit, nuts. Grains not too often. I eat a lot of raw fruits and veggies, as with the two-year-old I need easy snacks and food! I often have salad with chicken for a meal (it's easy!). So, although I have heard that raw produce may not help D, cooking it all seems like a big chore for me right now. I am taking a prenatal vitamin, fish oil pills, vitamin D. All are gluten-free. Anyone had similar experience? Or any insight? What can I eat to both soothe my gut and nourish a pregnancy? I've also wondered about other supplements...particularly probiotics or digestive enzymes? Would those help? Thanks a lot!
  4. So, I've been gluten-free for a little over 4 months. After about 6 weeks, things were getting better. But, since I hit about the 3 month mark, I'm feeling like things are taking a turn for the worse. I'm very careful with reading labels, and our house is gluten-free. I have only eaten out once or twice. Diary does bother me, I try to avoid it, but have also cheated there on occasion. Basically, I'm being plagued by the same stomach problems as before. Maybe not as often, but every few days it seems I have D with urgency several times a day. Earlier in my healing process, I had gotten to points where I'd have a week or two of good days. That hasn't happened in over a month! What else can I do? Am i just stuck waiting it out? Can this happen in healing or is something wrong? I just want to feel better!
  5. I've read many people mentioned being glutened on these boards, and I'm curious as to how you know? I'm only 2-3 weeks into this, and I have good days and bad days. I'm trying to keep a food diary to link things, but so far I have no idea! I don't know if it's accidental cross contamination or eating gluten in something or just a bad day. Pre-diagnosis, my symptoms were somewhat vague and I never totally linked it to gluten. And even so far, I can't say for sure I feel confident that it's working. Good days and bad days. I do feel more energy, but I've also been really focusing on taking my iron and thyroid pills ( both of which were kind of wiped out). I guess I'm wondering if I'll ever get to the point where I know it's gluten, or if there are some people who just never do. Since I feel like I might never figure out what's going on!
  6. I'm newly diagnosed and have had friends and family offer advice on where they have seen gluten free options in restaurants. Most of these are fast-food/chains. I have to admit, after all I've learned about cross contamination, I would NOT trust a worker at these places to keep my food safe! After the way I had to rip apart my kitchen to get it safe, how could I feel that a restaurant would be safe? At the same time, restaurants are pretty much a fact of life if you want to be social and involved in my family. When did you feel confident in going to a restaurant? Is it just something where you get to the point you are willing to take a chance?
  7. Well, after reading some of the tips here and listening to my own body, I want to also give up dairy for a while so I can heal. However, I'm wondering if it needs to be as absolute as the gluten avoidance. Many family members are trying to be supportive of the celiac by making me food or buying me gluten-free food, and a lot of it has dairy (milk, butter) listed in the ingredients. Can I get away with eating a muffin with some milk in it once and a while, or will this impede healing?
  8. I've just received my "official" diagnosis today, though during my endoscopy 2.5 weeks ago the doctor saw clear signs of damage. So, I went gluten-free then, but am continuing to learn and get serious about healing. Funny thing is that although the biopsy showed total atrophy, the blood test was negative. But the doctor said the biopsy really is the gold standard. So, what I'm wondering now is what I should do to heal? Obviously avoiding gluten is paramount, and I'm still figuring out exactly where its hiding. But what have others found useful in the healing process? Anything else I should avoid? Is there anything in particular I should have in my diet or any supplements that help? What is the most trusted info source for celaic and gluten info? I'm also wondering how far I need to go in gluten avoidance? Do I need to avoid food processed on a gluten line? What about food made in the same factory? It seems to be getting so restricted when I consider those options. I can deal with gluten free, but how many foods are actually made in an entirely gluten free environment?! Anyways, any help is great...what did you do and what was useful in your healing? Thanks!
  9. Hi there, I'm brand new to this, but feel like I need to hear from some people who've been there. I'm 27 years old and female. Since the start of this year, I've been experiencing diarrhea, constipation, bloating, gas. I've had some abdominal pain. At a blood test in mid-June I had a ferritin of 6 (despite not menstruating for over 2 years...I'm nursing a 20 month old and have not seen a period yet).. I've had hypothyroidism since I was 11. In the summer, I had an IgG allergy test done and found out I had reactions to tons of foods. In August, I went off all of them (mostly) including gluten, dairy, soy, sunflower, peanuts, lentils, strawberries, and more. I did this under the care of a naturopath, who recommended removing offending foods, but not being too crazy about it. I did my best for 2.5-3 months. I felt a bit discouraged, as I never got to feeling all better. Better, for sure, but I still had bouts of diarrhea. But no pain, and more energy. My naturopath mentioned at a recent appointment how often people with celiac or gluten sensitivity will test as having lots of food allergies. Also, that low iron levels and thyroid dysfunction can occur. She recommended continuing gluten free. But, my husband keeps questioning how far gluten free, and I'm starting to feel like that matters. Like do we have to worry about cross contamination, or not? Do I need to worry about "may contains" on labels? I have a referral to a GI specialist Nov 30, and decided about a week ago to start eating gluten again to ask for a celiac test. But, a week into eating gluten again and I feel awful. Low energy, bad mood, trouble sleeping, stomach always upset. I'm driving myself crazy wondering how long I need to eat gluten, what to do if I test negative, whether I should just quit and leave it at that! But I also feel this need to know how far to go in protecting myself...do I need to avoid even trace amounts? If anyone out there self-diagnosed, do you insist on gluten free even when visiting, even if it's just a trace amount in a sauce? What about around the house with loved ones? And should I find out one way or another just to know whether my son or other future children could have celiac? With the strong family linkage, I wonder if it's important to know. I hope someone is kind and patient enough out there to help me process some of these thoughts and questions! I'm finding it overwhelming! Thanks!