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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Quincy sorry I have been busy and not able to get on here much. My GI Doc can not find anything wrong and said that the pain was from the celiac dease and it would go away after my stomach got better. Which in the last 3 weeks or so the pain has went away but for some reason came back on Saturday not sure why. I was tested for Colitis after my GP thought I had it because of the thinking of the colon but it came back negative. So I'm not sure what it is I was hoping that someone on here would have a good answer. I go back to see the GI in July I will see how I fell then.
  2. Until this Saturday my pian had went away for about two weeks then is came back not sure what made it go away or why it came back but today it is feeling better. My was/is on the lower left side below the belly button.
  3. Mine are 500mg and it says to take one a day so that is all I take. It does seem to help me.
  4. I had a colonoscopy first and everything was good but I had a spot that looked bruised so the took a tissue sample and it can back ok. Since I still had the pain he did a CT scan and said I had some thinking of the colon and he thought is was colitis and started me on some medication which did not help so he sent me to a GI doctor for a second opinion so the GI doctor did a Sigmoidoscopy which took some more tissue which came back fine also and said I did not have colitis so he had me do a small bowel follow-through which came back fine and said the pain had to be from the celiac disease and once it healed all the way it would go away. I'm not sure that I believe him because I have had stomach problems for a couple of years and the pain just came up in December of last year usual I just had D.
  5. No it is about the same. It does hurt worse when I have gas but most of the time it is just a dull pain that will not go away. My GP did check my gallbladder and it was fine I thought it was on the right side though.
  6. I have been gluten-free sinice DEC and I have had a pain on the lower left side of my stomach that I can not get rid of. Does any one else have it. I have had a CT scan in March and it showed some thicking of the colon wall then went to a GI Doc and he did a lower follow through and said everything was ok and said the lower pain was from the celiac dsease and wanted me to see a dietician which I'm going to thursday.
  7. Glutened At Rainforest Cafe?

    It could have been the Black Beans. I have eating there and used the gluten-free free menu and was told that I gould not have the Black Beans.
  8. Going To Las Vegas On Monday

    Thank you very much. I'm going to In-N-Out Burger for sure I ate there before I found out tha I had celical's and loved there burgers. I'm not staying on the strip but if I go down there I will take some of your suggestions with me. I'm Staying at the Aliante Station so I hope it goes over well. I looked at some of there resturants and they seemed to be some what safe.
  9. Disney World Theme Parks

    Thank you for the information I take my family down there every year
  10. Looking for any tips on good gluten safe resturants.
  11. Need Help With The Wife !

    Thank you all for the good advice. I do have my own shelf for my food in the pantry now and I will have a shelf in are new refrigerator when it gets here tomorrow. We had another talke the oter day and she is comming around. I'm going to try and have my wife go to the doctor with me so he can explain it to here a little better then I can plus it might help coming from some one else then me. I do most of the cooking when I'm home so I do know what is in it. Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas.
  12. New To This

    My wife found a gkuten free Ranch Dressing at wal-mart
  13. Need help with the wife !!!! I have been gluten for about a month and 2 week of it I was in Portland, OR on a business I felt better than I have in a long time, I get home last Thursday from the two week trip and the second day I was there I got gluten I have been doing just fine before that but my wife thanks I OCD because every time my 4 year old eats anything with gluten in I make here wash here hands and it drives my wife crazy. My wife is even worse than her about not washing their hands. She thinks that she cannot CC me from touching my food after she uses gluten. I also ask her not to stack her food on my gluten free food she does not see anything wrong we it. I
  14. I pretty sure dairy products cause a problem now I had a bowl of rice check's with milk and it caused gas and DH I also had broccoli and cheese yesterday and it caused the same problem so I'm pretty sure I will have to lay off dairy for a while.