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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gluten Free Oats

    Thanks, my sister used all new materials (she's terrified for me) and even self-cleaned the oven first So I guess I have Avenin sensitive enteropathy - thanks T.H. for the word, it helped me read up on it more. 10% is really low! Especially for the reaction it gave me! Roda - your story, together with all my experiences... I'm thinking of just knocking off all processed foods and going on a bare diet... At this point, it seems so much easier!
  2. Never had them until recently my sister thought it would be nice to make me oatmeal raisin cookies out of them... I was real sick and had stomach bleeding for the next week! Are they really gluten-free?
  3. Specialists In Israel

    I've been told that Israel has some top specialists... but I've been studying in Tel-Aviv for a year, and haven't found anyone... maybe because I followed my insurance's directives... Anyone know the area? I'm willing to travel some for it, my budget is small, but i'm desperate enough to pay someone who will actually help me and knows well about celiacs! Thanks!
  4. Scared & Confused

    Ok, thanks everyone... Right now though, I'm not really thinking of complaining or suing or blaming anyone... maybe after. Now I just want to get better. Its been almost four days and the bleeding hasn't stopped... I made a gastreo appointment, but I couldn't get one too soon... In the meantime I feel weak and slightly lightheaded... Has anyone here experienced this before?
  5. Scared & Confused

    The only other one that is ill is a celiac friend who also had the soup, thought she didn't react nearly as bad... I decided to just not eat the chef's food. Its not an option to stop paying for it, as it comes in a full package with fruits and veggies and the option to use the kitchen to cook my own food. Thanks everyone for your response... I guess I'll have to see a doctor, though the one I have here isn't usually that helpful. As of now, I don't think I've lost too much blood, though I've been craving and eating sugar straight... Is it really that rare to bleed as a reaction? Is it possible that theres something more to it? I've heard of Celiac's being a symptom of something larger... I don't wish for it, but my friend keeps mentioning it...
  6. Wow! Thank you gluten-free BRO! Great post! I especially like that line about character traits... Eatmeat also has a true point. Probably because of the energy I have now, I can socialize better than ever before, and (even) especially off gluten I can have a great social life. I got used to just ordering a salad everywhere I go. The joke is that I'm gonna one day turn into one. Or at least create a new green coloured race. Things get better
  7. Newly Daignosed

    That's funny. I used to also have muscle twitching, mainly in my eyes. I never thought too deeply about it because it would come and go and I thought it was normal. But now that I think about it, it hasn't happened to me since I went off gluten! Cool! I think I've had all the symptoms you mentioned. The biggest killer was the nausea. Good luck with the diet! The new life is amazing!
  8. Scared & Confused

    (Small intro: I've been diagnosed Celiac just four months ago, after going through many other crazy diagnoses throughout my childhood. Turns out that where I live they don't know much about Celiac's, and would rather just let a kid think she's gonna die of an unknown cause. So going off gluten changed my life dramatically, and I'm extremely grateful to G-d for giving me life and energy.) I live in a small dorm where they serve cafeteria style food. I usually make my own food, but buying gluten-free has been getting quite expensive. I spoke to the principle who in turn spoke to the chef who promised not to put gluten in certain foods, such as the soup. On Monday I ate some of the chef's soup, but no more than five or six spoons because it tasted nasty. About half an hour after eating it my head began to hurt. At first I thought it was just a small headache from over-working, but then it turned into a full on migraine and I had to run off to bed. I spent that night rolling in bed in pain. I woke up in the morning nauseous and then threw up three times. I thought that now that it was out of my system it would be over, but then I went to the bathroom and found blood rushing out with my stool. So now it's been two full days and I don't have a full migraine but I'm left with a headache, fatigue, and a large amount of blood every time I go to the bathroom. Does it make sense to react like this? Even to such a small amount? I'm scared that there might be something else to it, and that maybe going off gluten wasn't enough. I got tested for dairy and that was ok. So was soy and many other foods I tested for. Or maybe I'm just traumatized and scared for nothing...? I'm pretty new to this, and so is my family, so if anyone with experience could tell me what they think, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  9. Interesting, the same thing was happening to me - thank G-d not as bad as you describe it though! But it disappeared after just one week off gluten! I would also love to know why. I remember walking and then nearly collapsing to the ground because one of my knees chose to fail and buckle down at that moment.
  10. Thank you for your help Unless I gather the huge amount of money, my insurance company's system is too slow to get me to testing soon enough. I guess I'll ask my doctor about isolating the gene. I doubt she'll be able to answer that though. So now that I know that gluten is definitely not good for me, is there any reason to know if it's specifically Celiac's?
  11. For me it's been three years already of testing and many mis-diagnoses. I always thought that with time I'd get better, but just the opposite happened. The past few months were so terrible I wasn't able to get any work done - and I love my job! The doctor/insurance process was completely draining me and getting nowhere, so I thought I'd do my own research. So about two weeks ago I googled my symptoms: -Extreme morning nausea -Occasional dizzy spells -(Almost) constant fatigue -Stomach pains - sometimes sharp sometimes just heaviness -Occasional blood in the toilet (in large amounts) -Headaches -Hard time thinking (when it gets really bad) -Extremely low imune-system -Dramatic weight loss (15 lbs below my healthy weight) After reading many articles and forums I thought it may be gluten. I was too desperate to get better, so I figured I'd try it even before asking my doctor. After a few days of this, I began to feel significantly better (not yet all the way). Someone referred me to a food Allergist who confirmed that I have an especially high intolerance to gluten. Now here comes the puzzle. The Allergist said theres a high possibility that I have Celiac's - but I can only be tested for it if it's in my blood. I don't want to get sick again just for a title. Is there a way to test for Celiac's with gluten-free blood? Also - today I had minor morning nausea and stomach pains. It was way lighter than before I went off gluten, but I can't see where it came from. I don't even eat things that say 'may contain traces of gluten'. Unless it's from picking one leaf out of a fresh salad that had a few crackers in it. Is that possible? If anyone can advise me - that would be greatly appreciated! Especially since I'm completely new to this whole concept!