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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Our youngest daughter was diagnosed with Celiac back in December. Because of that my husband took a long hard look at his lifelong stomach issues and decided to go fully gluten-free two weeks ago. All of his issue have resolved, he looks healthier, and is in a much better mood. I had no idea that some of the problems in our marriage were actually caused by gluten! So now what should he do? After awhile he will not test positive for Celiac, but I doubt any doctor will convince him to go back to how he was feeling before, just for a test. Should he just live life gluten free, enjoy the change, and just tell his doctor what is going on?
  2. I am considering getting the genetic testing done for my 6 year old. It would take a team to hold her down for a blood draw and at this point in her life, she has zero symptoms. Getting the genetic test is a compromise. It is painless for her and will let us know how much we should worry about testing her. I did have my 10 year old tested. She is disabled and cannot talk, nor does she show pain until it is dire. She has always had some digestive issues, so we decided we needed to know for sure. She was negative, but we will keep an eye on her.
  3. My daughter was almost 5. The doctor did consider testing her as a baby because she was so tiny. I wish I had listened to him, though aside from reflux, she was otherwise fine. The reflux didn't raise alarm bells for me at the time, since her older sister also had it. Her sister has since tested negative.
  4. Back after a computer crash! I guess it was good that I picked something else than a new laptop for Christmas because I ended with both! This question is a moot point. Laura's biopsies came back positive also. The nurse who called thought she was dropping a bomb on me. She was so confused when she found out we were already up and running on a gluten-free diet. Things had been going very well for Laura until she traded pretzels the other day in school. If there had been any ambiguity about her testing, it was pretty obvious the least couple of days that gluten makes her life miserable. Poor kid. I bet she won't trade food again anytime soon.
  5. I am not going to ignore the positive changes that I have seen in Laura. It just seemed like very cavalier advice about something that is very serious. Thanks for all of the input. I guess I hoped a GI would take this more seriously. I am glad he is not our regular doctor.
  6. I think support groups are only as good as the culture of that individual group, regardless of the reason for the support group. I was in a breastfeeding support group and it did not help because it was a very strident group. My friend went to a different one, and had a fabulous experience because her group had a different tone. I am being careful as I check out local groups for Celiac. Luckily, one also has an email group, so I can figure out the tone before jumping in. I think support groups can be invaluable for learning and exchanging info, but the amount of support depends on what that person needs and has to give and how that fits into the group culture.
  7. Laura had her endo/biopsy yesterday. Her dr's partner did it since we wanted to sneak it in before the end of year. We met our deductible ages ago. We discussed what to do if the biopsy came back negative. He said that he tells his patients to ignore the blood work if the biopsy is negative. Does this sound like good advice? Laura has not had anything containing gluten since December 10th. Her GI knew that I was going to that after her last horrendous reaction to eating gluten. I felt it was child abuse to knowingly cause her such pain. The dr was fine with that and felt she wouldn't completely heal in 19 days. Since Laura went gluten-free, she has not had a single stomach ache, she is running around like mad with bounds of energy and even weathered a cold without needing to be nebbed. It seems to me that it would be stupid to ignore a positive blood test and observed improvement on a gluten-free diet if the biopsy comes back negative. If we do have a negative biopsy, I will be talking this over with my daughter's actual GI. I am not sure I should trust this other dr's advice.
  8. How Gluten Friendly Is Your State?

    I am in a Twin Cities burb in MN. So far, it has been very gluten friendly. I suspect that is because we are in a metro area. I wonder how it will be next summer when we are at the cabin. It is way "up north" and not close to any big cities. I suspect the internet will be my best friend for keeping stocked up on some items.
  9. Transubstantiation isn't something that any RC church should not be unified on. It is one of the cornerstones of the church's teachings and one of the key differences between the RC church and protestant churches. As an ex-Catholic, I was thinking about this just other day and wondered how communion was handled. It is an interesting discussion.
  10. I ran right out and bought it when my daughter's blood test came back positive. Then, I actually looked inside. While it looks like it has very tasty recipes, it didn't seem there was much I would make for regular family cooking. I put it aside, wrapped it pretty paper, and gave it to my foodie mom for Christmas. It was part of a "Welcome to our new world" present that also included a cookie jar full of delicious homemade gluten-free cookies. She loved the book, so it will get good use after all.
  11. We are 99% gluten free in our house, even though it is only the 4 year old that has been diagnosed currently. It came down to what was easier for me to handle. Because my 6 year old really likes her bread, we keep a loaf of gluten bread in the house for her sandwiches. Even making school lunches takes longer and more thought to keep Laura's from getting cross contaminated. The less gluten we have in the house, the fewer worries we have.
  12. Today we had a Christmas brunch. I made pumpkin muffins from a recipe that I found here. http://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/63096-pumpkin-muffins/page__p__572914__hl__muffins__fromsearch__1&#entry572914 We also had a wonderful butternut squash soup, mushroom, onion and bacon sorta frittatta, wild rice salad and some cantaloupe. It was delicious!
  13. I use either a whole body bar from Sun Leaf Naturals, though they may be a local only company or a Desert Essence shampoo. I find the natural products work much better on my hair. Both are gluten free. I use the body bar on my daughter, who is the one who actually needs the gluten free stuff. I keep her bath products gluten free because you never know what a kid is going to do with the bath water when you have your back turned for a sec.
  14. Poll: gluten-free Diet - Easy Or Hard

    Right now, I am finding it easy because it is so new. It is all a novelty and we are having fun making new discoveries. Plus, my daughter is only 4, so it relatively easy to control available foods. I don't know that it will be as easy for her as she moves out in the world and potentially feels different. I have a feeling that once the novelty wears off and we all get through our testing that reality will sink in. I think it will probably get harder before it gets easier again.
  15. My youngest has all but been diagnosed with celiac. Her blood tests were positive and her observed reactions are pretty apparent. Just waiting to do the endo/biopsy for the doctor's official seal. We are gluten free in our home. I told the doctor that I was going to go ahead and switch her over because continuing to feed her gluten when it causes her such pain was child abuse, in my opinion. She agreed and didn't think she would heal fully by December 29th. I was completely gluten free for about 3 days since I didn't eat anything from outside the house. Last night I had a couple of beers. I woke up in the middle of the nights totally bloated and in a lot of pain. I called it a "corn-lite" experience because it reminded of what it felt like when I would eat corn when I was pregnant with my middle daughter. I still don't eat corn to this day because of how awful I felt. I am going to get my blood work done in January,since I do have a history of IBS-y like issues. I just don't have time before the holidays. I have been trying to keep gluten in my diet so that the testing will be accurate. I just don't bring it into the house, If someone has celiac, is it possible to have a more extreme reaction after being gluten free for only 3 days?