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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. TO ALL THE MEMBERS OF CELIAC.COM, THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME THAT SPARK I NEEDED TO RESTART MY FIRE. I was waiting for my boyfiend at his job, so I decided to check out glutenfreemall and celiac.com. I was amazed at the format, the topics and information. My doctor told me of the site but I just put it to the side. I was diagnosed 9-04 and lost all motivation around 9-05. I just didn't care anymore. I would get upset and just eat anything. (I live alone in Altanta, GA and family lives in Queens,NY and Palm Bay,FL) My family understands what's going on but then again they don't. This becomes so frustating and then depression kicks in. I was so moved by the site that I joined and here I am posting this message. Thanks again, Charmaine
  3. Grannynanny, I also suffer from DH along with the Celiac. That does sound like DH to me. My outbreaks are fluid or pus filled bumps. They also sting and are sensitive to touch. Ask your doctor to prescribe doxepine. This medication takes care of the pain and may make you sleepy. I am also allergic to soy and this acts as the gluten causing the DH outbreaks. I hope this helps you. Charmaine