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  1. Carol Fenster's cookbooks and Bette Hageman's cookbooks are outstanding. Specifically, Carol's Gluten-Free Quick & Easy and Bette Hatman's Gluten Free Comfort Foods. I've always appreciated the extra guidance they both provide in their books.
  2. Very helpful! I feel like medications are the one food group which you constantly have to check up on for gluten. Our pediatrician gave us a good general rule of thumb for medications as well - the biggest threat for gluten in medications is with capsules. I guess the capsule itself sometimes is made with gluten.
  3. Hello! My name is Jim Shirley and I'm glad to meet you. My daughter has been gluten-free since 2007 and our family is glad to be gluten-free too!

  4. As was pointed out before Kraft clearly labels all gluten containing ingredients in the ingredient list. Bookmark this link for future reference and you can check Kraft products easily! Kraft Products Jim Shirley