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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that, Amy, but I can totally sympathize. My endo is on January 10th so what I'm trying to do now is just enjoy every morsel of bread I can consume, despite the obvious pain. It's sort of a meditation really. Either that or a sick form of torture.
  2. Hey folks. 2 weeks into my 6-week gluten challenge after 35 days off. Mostly, I'm feeling like a squeezed orange. I check back here periodically to see what everyone's saying about what, but whether or not my endoscopy confirms my equivocal blood work, I'm assuming that a gluten-free diet is in order. Curious if you've had symptoms like mine. The most notable symptom is that every time I eat (and I am eating gluten with every meal, btw) I have an incredibly strong, painful urge to eliminate within 5-30 minutes. Because I'm a small guy who gets hungry a lot, you can imagine that I'm going pretty frequently. It's not necessarily diarrhea, but it is always immediate. Quite literally a pain in the butt. Anyone else? Also I have this sensation in my lower abdomen which I can only describe as being "squeezed like an orange." I thought maybe it was a lemon first, but that didn't sound as romantic. Not necessarily because I'm going a lot (i.e. it doesn't feel muscular and I'm not straining,) more like my bowels are screaming in pain. I'm just curious because none of those thousands of symptoms-lists I've read have mentioned either of these. Thoughts? Or feel free to share your own weird symptoms here. Good luck to us all.
  3. Hello folks. Like many might during the discovery phase, I have been doing a lot of research while waiting for more results to come in. Doc and I have just decided to extend the 3-week gluten binge to six weeks, assuming I am still managing to pack it away that long. Today was day four. I had been off gluten only 35 days. Anyway, here's my question. My bloodtests were taken before I went off gluten. TTG was clearly negative (<3 with a reference value of <5), Gliadin IgG was 40 (normal is <11), and Gliadin IgA was 14 (normal <11). Reticulin Antibody IgA simply said "negative." First doctor thought this was equivocal and therefore did not merit further testing. Current doc has me challenging so we can do an endoscopy. Any sense of which numbers are more indicative of celiac? Two of those tests are clearly positive, the IgG significantly so. THANKS.
  4. Can we get an update kpryan? Did you have the endoscopy? How long were you back on gluten and how much gluten were you eating? Did you test positive for celiac? I am going through a challenge now and am interested in as many anecdotal reports as possible. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for your thoughts, Dixie. I wonder if anyone here has done a challenge - how long gluten-free and then how long of a challenge - and tested positive? I read a lot of posts asking about challenges and a lot of equivocal advice, but has anyone been through this and gotten a positive result? Thanks.
  6. Hey folks. I'm new here. Seen a lot of information regarding gluten challenges for people who have been off 12 weeks, 6 months, years, etc. I know it takes time for the villi to be worn down again after they heal, but I have only been off gluten for 35 days. My first GI ignored my gliadin antibodies, claiming they were equivocal but not thinking that might mean further testing is in order. Thankfully, I have a new GI. We are doing a challenge and I have a scope scheduled for 3 weeks from today. Just started with the gluten again this afternoon after 35 days off. If I have gluten products at every meal, what is the general consensus about how accurate my readings will be? I am willing to feel awful for a few more weeks, considering how bad I've been this past year anyway. 30 year old male by the way. Happy to say (after my uncomfortable colonoscopy this morning) that I do not have any other GI concerns.