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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Good question. I have two daughters 20 months apart, older one is not celiac the younger one is. Our home is completely gluten free so everyone eats the same thing. If we go out to eat (rare!) the girls both have the same gluten free meal. At family dinners the meal is all gluten-free (I have a wonderul mother in law!) So everyone there eats the same meals. I agree that you need to teach them how to cope in the world because not everyplace is accomodating. However at school and birthday parties my daughter is always different and brings her own things. Within our family I want her to feel included and safe.
  2. My daughter only had the endosopy. No mention of a colonoscopy. Prep for a colonoscopy is not fun! I would just to the endoscopy at this point.
  3. I don't think it is school causing stress or her not wanting to go. She is happy at school and always goes to school without issues. I am wondering about other intolerances but don't even know where to start for that.
  4. I need some help. My daughter is 6 and was diagnosed with celiac 20 months ago. Our entire house is gluten free except for the ocassional beer my hisband had. Lately (about one episode per week, usually on sunday/monday) my daughter has been having horrible behavior issues and meltdowns. She gets aggressive with her sister, hitting and punching for no reason. SHe gets whiny, she gets impossibly disobedient. Normally she is a very sweet and helpful girl but she sometimes seems like a Jekyl and Hyde personality. Am I missing somehting??? I am worried she is getting cross contaminated at school or perhaps at ballet on Friday nights?? Hands on the bars?? I am getting so tired and frustrated and I don\t know what to do at this point Her Ttg levels are well below normal though in August she had low iron and low hemoglobin. We have her on vitamins with added iron now. Help!!
  5. My daughter was 4. We told her she was going for a tummy test so they could look for owies with their camera. We told her she would go to sleep. She had the IV put in and then was given the sedation drugs intravenously. I was with her in the OR while she got the IV and when they gave her the meds. She went to sleep VERY quickly. Watching that was the hardest part. Her eyes rolled around and kind of backwards and she put her hands up a few times but they put them back down for her. It was literally like 6 seconds. I started crying, knew she was out and I left. She was in the OR only about 15-20 minutes. Not long at all. Like the others said she was a bit tired after and had a sore throat later that evening but that's it. Good luck!
  6. Read the full ingredient list, under a different tab.
  7. Are there any mainstream commonly found sunscreens that are gluten free?
  8. I saw Jessica Alba on tv last night talking about her new company....eco friendly, non chemical prosucts at www.honest.com I went to browse the products and the one of the ingredients of the shampoo has be totally confused. It says hydrolyzed wheat protein (gluten free)! Is this possible or are they completely out to lunch? http://www.honest.com/product/honest-shampoo
  9. My daughter used to wake up at night crying with no reason behind it. She had open eyes but seemed "out of it" I could not get her to stop crying nor figure out what was wrong. Sometimes I had to get her up and out of the room to "wake her up" other times I just rub her back and she stops. Since going gluten-free this does not happen anymore. I am positive it had to do with gluten...either nightmares or just not feeling well but being unable to explain it.
  10. Gluten Free Oahu

    Hi, I am trying to find good gluten free restaurants in or around Honolulu/Waikiki. We are planning a trip to Hawaii sometime this year. I have found lots of old threads on here but I am looking for some up to date info. I am sure a lot has changed since 2005-2008 (when a lot of these threads were from). So any good places please share! My daughter is celiac so places that are semi kid friendly are best. Also, any hotel recommendations? Good OR bad ones I should know about? Any other tips for a first time family trip to hawaii would be appreciated Thanks
  11. I agree with the above poster! It is pretty rare to have false positive blood. I have never heard of anyone who did. There are also MANY symptoms associated with celiac including the ones you mentioned you see in your son. Not everyone has the "classic" symptoms or what people think are the classic symptoms.
  12. There are a few here but we mainly buy tinkyada as well.
  13. My daughter was 4 at the time of her celiac diagnosis. Her behaviors were similar....antagonistic towards her older sister, whiny, irritable (she crashed/melted every day around 3-4pm and making supper was a disaster!) Extremely clingy and attached to me, would not play independantly, no interest in playing, coloring etc just wanted to lay around and watch tv, extremely hungry and tired 24/7 even though she slept great at night, dark circles under eyes, pale skin, constipation, and sensitive to noise. (HATES fire alarms, vaccuums etc). Once off of gluten she improved very quickly and quite dramatically. It is easy for me to tell when she has gotten gluten accidentally because these behaviors return. I would try for a blood test before going gluten free. Once gluten free you are unable to test because the damage repairs itself and the antibodies are no longer elevated. It was hard waiting for a biopsy (the worst actually) but we are thankful to have the confirmed diagnosis from a GI specialist. I think it makes it easier to stick to the gluten-free diet and helps with others (SCHOOL!) accepting it as well. Good luck.
  14. You can not be "gluten lite" it's all or nothing. Any tiny amount will make someone sick so yes you need to worry about crumbs and flour etc. Your whole family should be tested. Has your 17 month old been tested? Everyone should still be eating gluten before the test otherwise the results will be skewed.
  15. I feel the same. My 5 year old daughter has celiac and nobody else in our family. It was extremely hard adjusting at first but almost one year later I can say everything feels normal now. Yes she is different but other people have things that make them different too. I worry about things like dates, sleepovers etc but I try to take things one day at a time and not get too ahead of myself. My daughter seems to be handling it all very well. We make sure she has treats that are like other people and we all eat gluten free at home so she isn't that different. Hang in there! PM me if you want to chat more.