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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Help Please

    Thank you, for saying it was Ok for me to make the dumb mistake. Just having someone understand where I was coming from, means so much to me, truly. Thank you. I know that gluten free is the best for my health and I intend to stay that way. I accepted it before, so accepting it now is easy, especially when the consequences are so ugly. Thank you again for your kind words and logic. I wish I would have gone on here and got some advice, before I made that brilliant move. Lesson learned. Stay healthy!
  2. Help! I Am Overwhelmed!

    LolaB, which by the way, is my mother's name. Lol! You have received so much wonderful advice. I have a complicated history with Celiac, but have returned to being gluten free around the new year. I was gluten free for over a year when I decided it would be "OK" for me to go back to gluten. Long story short, it wasn't "OK". I have found eating a very bland diet can help my system calm down after getting glutened. I eat things like potaoes: boiled or otherwise, applesauce, rice, bananas and a lot of ginger ale. Doing this for a day or two helps me alot. Just thought this might help you, too. I hope you find your wings soon and start feeling better about your diagnosis.
  3. Help Please

    You are sure right about what you said. I mourned for the loss of gluten food a couple years ago; luckily I don't feel the need to do that again. Just working to stay the course. Everyone has their cross to bare, grateful God went easy on me, compared to others. Good luck in your journey, too!
  4. Help Please

    Thanks everyone for replying, it really helped. I'm sorry my post was confusing, guess the brain fog has not completely cleared. Lol!! As for being diagnosed and I diagnosed:blood test results would come back both ways so it was inconclusive. I had an endocrin. And gastro. Test me. Had biopsy and scope that indicated I was not celiac, but I had stopped eating gluten for over 6 months at the time. . I guess my test results are inconclusive, but my Brain Fog is the proof. I wish I didn't have the stomach sensitivity return when going back to gluten free, but I guess it's a swap for having a clear brain. Best wishes to you all. Stay Healthy!
  5. I am so glad you aren't having any symptoms. I kind of am going through the same thing. I posted it earlier for help, too. I think you should eat what you want and just be monitored closely for vitamin deficiencies etc.... Why restrict yourself if you are able to get nutrients. Gluten Free is no fun and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Good luck and Stay Heathy!!!
  6. I just posted my story which also has a "recovery" from stomach issues, but I still get powerful Brain Fog from eating gluten, but am not throwing up, etc... I am very interested in what the "Celiac Elders" have to say about this. Good luck to you!
  7. Help Please

    I am confused and hoping someone can help me understand what is going on. I was diagnosed and undiagnosed several times 2 years ago; tested due to stomach, malnutrion, BRAIN FOG, etc... issues. In September of 2011 I went gluten free and stayed that way for a full year. I worked hard to be careful, but felt I was constantly getting accidentally contaminated because stomach symptoms would occur. I can't remember how my brain fog was affected (heavy sigh). One day my stomach issues resolved. I can remember the moment it happened, the nauseau just went away after about 9 months. I continued to be gluten free until October of 2012. For some reason, I decided to go back to eating gluten and was not suffering stomach issues, which were my most debilitating symptom. This indicated to me that I didn't have Celiac. I then started having very severe brain fog and my nose started running that day and has never stopped. The brain fog this time was intense and impacting all areas of my life. I decided to go gluten free to see if that has an affect. Brain fog has improved dramatically, but I am dealing with all kinds of new symptoms now that I am gluten free like: rashes, huge blisters in my mouth, acne, and weak immune system. My question is why now am I getting all these weird side effects? Is it because my system is clean and getting guttened causes this? Is it because I'm detoxing from going gluten free? I am so confused. I am not sure if gluten free is the correct course of action with all the side effects. Any experience in this area would be so appreciated.
  8. When I read your post it made me cry because I have been gluten free for 9 months now and the last several days have been just awful. It reminded me I am not alone, so thanks for that. I had to miss a day of work today because the stomach pains were just too much. They have subsided but the nausea persists. I have been doing my old standbys, but this time they aren't working so well. My stand bys are: flat gingerale peppermint tea chicken noodle soup (gluten-free noodles obviously) I hope someone answers your question and we all get a little relief. I hope you feel better very, very soon.
  9. What's Your Job

    I actually came home from work after only being there for 2 hours today. I was cross contaminated last night and am still working through the symptoms. I am an occupational therapist who works in a public school system and people count on me. I wasn't able to see my kids today because I couldn't be sure I wouldn't have to run out of the room while I was with them to throw up or other wonderful things. I have missed about 3 days since Christmas because of Gluten. I work so hard to steer clear of gluten and feel guilty when I do get sick....I guess I feel that it was my fault because I wasn't careful enough. I don't know what the future holds for me, but it has crept into my mind, the what if.....
  10. I have been doing my best to be gluten free since September of 2010. Unfortunately, I rarely go more than a week without having some cc issues. I guess I'm going to learn all my mistakes the hard way. Anyway, I had to come home from work today because of a cc issue with my lunch. I ordered a salad at Subway....I know what you are thinking, but I forgot my lunch and there truly were no other options. I actually felt pretty good about it while I was there. I was the only one in there and they had just opened. I asked the girl to change her gloves before she helped me. I ate most of it and then the D struck me f/b nausea etc... The point to this is: I never used to get D it was always constipation. I really feel like I never know what to expect when I get glutened anymore. Do your symptoms typically follow a course or are they random like mine? I'd really like to know. Thanks so much for you input in advance.
  11. Night Sweats?

    OMG!!! I had this happen to me a few weeks ago. It happened for about a week and then just went away. I also had one of my feet swell for no apparent reason a day later. My hair was also falling out dramatically so I made an appt for my endocrinologist, thinking thyroid. He did a bunch of tests and they all came back normal, so I have to think it was something Celiac. I also had it happen last night.(I don't always wake up when it happens, but my hair is curling and gross looking in the am so I know it was wet sometime.) I have been recovering from a CC issue with a Multi Vitamin I tried. It has wheat and barley grass. Grass doesn't have gluten so I thought I was safe. It turned out to be one of the worst gluttenings I've ever had. It was sheer agony. Anyway, I don't know for sure if my night sweats are related, but it sure is plausible. Thanks for posting. It will be interesting to see if there are others who have the same issue.
  12. I think calling ahead is always worth a shot, but I ALWAYS have a back up plan. I usually bring my lunch bag packed with stuff I can eat. I had this issue recently. When I got there they "forgot" about my special salad. Good thing I brought my own tuna salad and lettuce. I find it's hard when I don't have access to a microwave though. I must admit that I too miss Conference food... those little afternoon cookie and coffee trays can bring a tear to my eye. (JK!)
  13. What Helps With Brain Fog?

    Hope you get your tests completed soon. I never did the gastro tests because I didn't have the nerve to do the challenge. My entire life I have struggled with slow processing and working memory. Very frustrating!!! There are times now when my head is clear and my thought processes are lighting fast and effective. But when I get glutened, I feel like my thoughts are slogging through oatmeal while lost in a dark forest. I have been taking "Think Fast" it's a very complicated list of fungi, vitamins and minerals that are supposed to clear your head and improve processing. I feel they really work for me. They are gluten free, if that becomes an issue for you in the future. They are a bit pricey at about $30 for a month's supply. When you need your mind to make money, then the price seems somewhat inconsequential. As everyone else has stated I also drink tons of water. It really seems to help keep the cobwebs swept out. I hope some of this is helpful to you. I know what it's like to know that you're memory and thought processing is not what it should be AND how scarey it is try to learn new things while knowing all this. I wish you the best on your exams. Try not to freak out. You'll be fine.
  14. Omg

    It's on in the Southwest as well. I was diagnosed back in Oct. and it's all very new to my family and friends. They are always so excited to tell me they saw a commercial or went to their grocery store and found a "whole section of gluten free stuff." LOL!! They crack me up. It's nice to get all this support though. Typically when I go to a restaurant they know what I'm talking about and are somewhat prepared to handle my situation. It's a testament to those who came before me; fighting the good fight to be gluten free. It's important to educate others as we go so the next generation will have easier finding safe foods.
  15. Vacation

    I hope you're not offended by this,but I recommend enjoying the exotic cocktails in Hawaii. Eat a boring dinner with a fun cocktail. Sorry I'm kind of a "if you have lemons make a lemon drop" kind of girl. I would also try to get out and get to a market. They have amazing fruits there. You're going to have to change your focus from food to something else. I know that's hard, but that's how I try to get by. "A nice dinner" really has no meaning to me anymore, in fact I dread them. It usually means I'll be eating salad while you're eating something delicious. Enjoy the beach, water activities and exploring the islands. Remember.......food is fuel.