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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I had the same thoughts as RiceGuy ( a few posts after this quoted post). From the descrpton of what you were eating, I think you are glutenng yourself. Be aware that once you give your body a break from gluten, you basically give it a chance to stand up for itself. I think that is what you are experiencing. The oats, the protien bar, produce wax, and your old kitchen equipment are all direct or contaminated sources of gluten. You can send your body back to starvation and malnutrition mode and lessen the symptoms, but you will be doing damage overtime. I would listen to your body. If you are not feeling, it's a sign that you are still ingesting gluten. I would encourage you to try again and start yourself off with a few food items that are COMPLETELY gluten-free and have only a few things on the ingredients list to lessen the chance of cross contamination. This site is an awesome guide to gluten-free versions of common food items and, as for fresh produce, I would find frozen gluten-free veggies and try finding a local produce shop that sells uncoated and unsprayed frut and veg. It is an undertaking, I can't deny that, but I, personally have been rewarded by getting my life, mind, and health back in sound condition. Best of luck to you, Jessica Enevold
  2. Question About Raw Honey

    A little late. I would be concerned with the pan that was used to make the pancakes. When going gluten-free, I think it is important to consider all the places you have put wheat containing products and the likelihood that residual proteins have remained there.
  3. Purposely Glutened

    Wow. Treat yourself to a gluten-free candy bar or a carton of gluten-free icecream. You can do the same type of unhealthy eating with out the glutening yourself, if it makes you feel better. At the least keep gluten free junk around to pull out in emergencies. You can walk off candy bars but you won't be walking if you keep this up. - Happytobefree
  4. Pineapple Juice?

    SGWhiskers, I went down the list. I would question: Potato- contamination of skin- I tried some sweet potato last night that I scrubbed like mad with veggie wash and tons of agua...alas still a no-go Thai noodles: cross contamination, I'm not familiar with these Peas/carrots:cross contamination or additives Ragu: I'm not familiar with their processing Fruit: wash all fruit well, the food grade wax used to preserve freshness may gluten (read that I can get source if needed) I use veggie-wash brand. It's gluten free. I'd say the acidity may have done you in too. Tomato sauce with pineapple. But you know you. If you haven't been sensitive to other acidic foods than it is probably just gluten. A little can go a long way as far as gluten is concerned. I seemed to grow more sensitive as my body healed. I feel great but a little gluten can make me feel quite bad. Be careful of the "certified gluten free" and the "gluten free...processed on equipment that processes wheat" products. While celiac is a disease it is, "gluten-free" is a marketing technique so be careful. Call companies to ensure safety. I've been gluten-free for 4-5 years now; it's work but I'd never go back.
  5. Anyone Have These Symptoms?

    Hello, This reply is a little late. I see that this message was posted in May. I was searching for symptom posts because I feel what I call "alone with my symptoms" when I have a reaction and have a rough time expressing the way I feel to my husband. Reading this description is like reading my thoughts about my reactions. First, I feel very faint and then my brain and body feel as if they are self-destructing from the inside o ut. Then, I have a terrible intestinal reaction that comes in waves for about three days if I stop consumption right away. One day after, most of my major muscle groups ache as if each one had been individually worked to failure (I tell my husband "it's like a train hit me"). The most interference comes from the mood swings, fatigue, and brain fog. Oh yes, and the unrelenting appetite. I am in my second year of college and trying to study through a reaction is very difficult for me. If any of the things I listed ring a bell, I'm sorry and I hope you are doing well in staying gluten-free. If you have found any methods that help you weather the storm of the reaction, please share if you feel comfortable. Best of luck to every one! Jessica Enevold
  6. Gluten Substitutes

    Hello, Some people are sensitive to a protein on oats too. I do know that gluten-free oats are hard to find. When I started the diet I learned this the hard way from a bowl of Quaker Oats after a relative had told me that oats were safe. The truth but not the whole truth. I have been using "bob's Red Mill-Gluten Free Oats" for some time now and have had no trouble. I order in bulk online along with my other gluten-free baking needs. Hope this helps. Jessica Enevold
  7. This Is Silly, I'm Staying gluten-free!

    I went this route also, but you have to intake gluten daily for a minimum of 4 weeks to get visible damage in your stomach and/or intestine. I think my GI thinks I am nuts because all my symptoms couldn't be proven. I had been gluten free for a year and a half before I went to get tested. I was so scared of intake and had forgotten exactly how I felt when I ingested gluten. I got a painful reminder, but I journaled all my experiences so I could inspire myself to live without. I held up for 2 to 3 weeks of the 2 month period my GI requested I ingest gluten. I will not do that again. I know I am so much better off without. Good luck.
  8. I thought I posted a new topic on "dealing with" forum but I have not seen it yet...Still getting the hang ofthis.

  9. Need Advice

    To All, I am struggling with discussing the gluten-free diet with my mother-in-law. She has assured me that she is gluten-free savvy and has made me great gluten-free dishes in the past. Unfortunately, the first time she made a mistake and made me sick, she was defensive and angry until she realized where she had goofed. I was thankful just to be back on her good side and I understand that mistakes are mistakes. Well, I have been gluten-ed again by my well-meaning mother-in-law and am stuck in a rut on what to do about it. The extreme is stop eating her cooking though she assures me it's gluten-free...seems rude. In contrast, I do not think my mother-in-law would be receptive to a constant interrogation about her cooking ingredients either. I am stumped, sad, and sick. Gluten reactions hit me physically and behaviorally. I'm sure many can relate to how seriously I take the diet. I would like to stay healthy and on my M-I-L's good side. Any suggestions? Thanks
  10. Just Got Glutened!

    Becci, Sorry to hear of your discomfort. My guess is the Great Value brand cream corn from Walmart. I have found a long "processed with" label warning that includes wheat on many of their products. Double check the can again. Good luck and feel better.