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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. gluten-free In Puerto Rico?

    I am planning on traveling this summer to PR. I haven't yet determined the exact town/city-- much of that will be determined on the availability of gluten-free "supplies". Has anyone traveled to PR? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Purchasing gluten-free Food In Upstate Ny

    Oh, Penn Yan is just north of where I'm staying at in Lakemont off of Route 14 as well (I think) lol. I'm definately interested in the hamburger/sandwich rolls. I don't know how to do a pm, so I'll let you pm me. Thanks.
  3. Relax. Breathe. Knowing that you have celiac disease at this stage is fantastic. There is so much that can be avoided. Your body will be healthier than ever since you now have this knowledge. Join a local support group, some groups have sponsors to help newly diagnosed people (do a search on the net like "gluten free support group dallas"). Get a couple of phone numbers of people you can call. The first month of diagnosis is tough for everyone. You will make mistakes, everyone does. I would ask my doctor if he could do a complete panel to check all vitamin and mineral levels. Also, I would seek the advice of a nutritionist who has experience with celiacs. Are you near a Whole Foods store? Aside from foods you need to check all personal hygiene (sp???) products (shampoo, lotions, makeup, etc.). But, please relax. One step at a time. yOU'LL DO FINE. Lillian
  4. Traveling to Lakemont NY (Seneca Lake, Watkins Glen area). I use to just pack our food, but now we have to pay for luggage too!! I was hoping someone could tell me where to buy gluten-free food in that area, and hopefully someone knows if they have Green's gluten-free beer also. Thanks a bunch!
  5. Any infor on eating & shopping gluten-free in Corpus Christi, TX would be greatly appreciated. I know about Chilis & Outback. Thanks
  6. Downtown Houston, Tx

    Hubby finally going gluten-free !!! He travels to downtown Houston, TX often and we need some help w/places to eat. This is what I have thus far: www.chickfila.com, Taco Cabana, Outback Steakhouse, Carrabbas, PF Chang's, Pei Wei, Flemings Steakhouse, McDonalds, Wendy's, First Watch, Chipotle, Jack in the Box, Denny's will bring out a list of stuff and go over it with you so you know just what is in every thing. Thank you very much!
  7. My sons (ages 5 & 3 1/2) have celiac disease, they each have a celiac gene (from dad) and a wheat sensitivity gene (from me). They've had all kinds of symptoms which have cleared up since being gluten-free, but no biopsy. Hubby has had a difficult time accepting all of this (approx 2 1/2 yrs since initial diagnosis). Well, he's (hubby) finally decided to go gluten-free!!! He works in downtown Dallas and usually brings his lunch but does have many occassions where he has to go out for lunch for business. I am compling a list but need some additional help. This is what I have thus far: www.chickfila.com, Taco Cabana, Outback Steakhouse, Carrabbas, PF Chang's, Pei Wei, Flemings Steakhouse, McDonalds, Wendy's, First Watch, Chipotle, Jack in the Box, Denny's will bring out a list of stuff and go over it with you so you know just what is in every thing. I will also be posting a similar request for downtown Houston - he travels there a lot. Thank you very much!
  8. There is a connection - a Dr. Jekle Mr. Hyde connection with my son. Malabsorbtion of nutrients = all kinds of problems, including behavioral. The behavioral problems use to go away about two weeks after the accidental glutenization until recently. I have a great book - Superimmunity for kids by Leo Galland, MD, starting on p 83 talks about behavioral problems and supplements. I found that due to the malabsorbtion my son had and his dairy free diet he was deficient in calcium. I give him liquid calcium magnesium citrate by bluebonnet. In the book the dr. also talks about probiotics. Probiotics (acidophilus is a common probiotic) help maintain a healthy intestinal track. I use to take prilosec twice a day but after going on probiotics I no longer need prilosec. You can do some research on probiotics on the internet. I highly recommend it.
  9. Visiting Cumming, Ga - Where To Shop?

    Thanks so much!!
  10. I will be going to Cumming, Georgia in July and would like to know where to get my gluten-free food and other things like rice milk. I usually shop at Whole Foods but there isn't one in that area. My sister wasn't much help in finding a health food store there. So I am turning to you guys. Thanks.
  11. Leslie, Does that mean you have two genes predisposing you to gluten sensitivity - like say 0501 and 1301 for example? and what does that exactly mean? Talk to me like I'm stupid Thank you very much.
  12. my son was gluten-free for four months then went back on gluten for three months (awful!!) and still showed negative blood work. (
  13. You have the same genes I have - mine are - HLA-DQB1*0501, 0301 - ) maybe we're sisters. lol Anyway, I / we have two genes predisposing us to gluten sensitivity. (I know this because when I got my results I emailed them back and confirmed that interpretation). The difference between celiac and gluten sensitivity is that celiac is confirmed damage, via biopsy, to the villi in the intestine. Gluten sensitive individuals can have all the same things happen to them as celiacs just without the visible damage to the villi. Quote from my results - go to: http://www.enterolab.com/Essay/ - I had to print this out and read it a couple of times because he lost me when he got technical. My daughter is almost 4' 8" and she is fully grown (I'm 5' 2", my sis is 5' 5'). Her stool test came back at 8, but remember - I gave her one gluten sensitivity gene. She was seen by an ped endo for two years and they couldn't find anything wrong with her (they never checked celiac or gluten sensitivity). As for being gluten free affecting your test no that wasn't long enough to affect the stool test. My son was gluten free for three to four months and his test came back at 34.
  14. Irish Heritage And Celiac's

    Here is a first for this thread - I am Hispanic. Mostly Spaniard w/a little Puerto Rican. I have two gluten sensitivity genes. From what I've read not much difference between gluten intolerance/ sensitivity/ celiac.
  15. Has anybody been to a good derm in dallas who knows about DH? Thanks. Dallas, Texas -- sorry Thanks