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  1. Thanks for all of your encouragement. Question, is itching on the fingers and all over the feet a symptom of Celiac Disease or is that just an allergic reaction to wheat? I know there is a corralation, but I want to hear it from some experienced Celiac sufferers. Also, do most Celiac sufferers avoid dairy? Does that include kefir, butter, margerine and plain yogurt? Thanks, Joe
  2. Sorry for the dramatic title but I really feel like I screwed up. The irritability, laziness, depression, anxiety and ofcourse pain that this disease causes (stealth like) is indescribable. Marriage, business, friends...I've almost lost everything. I thought my problem was candida and that did help, but I cheated on the candida diet with one type of food group---certain grains, cereal, and yeast free bread. Little did I know that I was injecting the gluten poison in my body as I tried so hard to live up to the other restriction of a candida free diet. Well atleast I know now. I have a couple of questions right now and I am sure more to come. Is Psyllium whole husk allowed? Is brown rice okay or should I switch back to white rice? I really enjoy millet, can I keep eating it ?(I cook it in a skillet before boiling) I checked my suppliments (multi, enzyme, fish oil) and they are gluten free. Is there any supplements you recommend to heal the sm intestines? Thank all of you so much. Joe