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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I need recommendations for dinners that freeze well. I'm currently 37 weeks pregnant, and trying to make some stuff to put in the freezer for after I have the baby. So far I've made, gluten-free Lasagna Casserole, Chili, and Sheperd's Pie. We have *a lot* of gluten-free pasta on hand, so I imagine I'll end up making a few more pasta dishes, but I want to make sure that's not all that we have prepared. My boyfriend is talking about making a gluten-free Chicken Noodle Soup.
  2. I found this recipe, and I was wanting to convert it to gluten-free. I have a bag of Bob's Red Mill gluten-free All-Purpose Flour, so I was curious if it's a matter of just substituting the same amount of regular flour for the gluten-free, or if it would be a different measurement. http://lickthebowlgood.blogspot.com/2010/09/caramelly-appley-delicious.html
  3. St. Louis

    In downtown St. Louis, there is a place called Rooster's that specializes in crepes, and you can order any of them with a gluten-free shell. They are really good. The website is here --> http://roosterstl.com/
  4. Snack Ideas To Help Morning Sickness

    Thanks for the replies everyone! Lots of good ideas all around.
  5. I'm 10 weeks pregnant, and my morning sickness seems to be triggered by hunger. I have class for 4 hours in the mornings so I've been trying to pack some healthy, gluten-free snacks but I tend to tire of the same things. Any ideas? Lately, I've been bringing cheese cubes, apples and rice crackers.
  6. Where To Blog?

    Alot of people like blogging at blogspot or wordpress.
  7. This sounds yummy! I'm definitely going to look for this.
  8. Thanks everyone, this has been super helpful.
  9. Thank you both, this was really useful.
  10. I'm looking for grocery shopping advice. I'm a college student, living in a dorm and I'm on a meal plan (they accomodate my intolerance). However, it's going to be closed for winter break, which is about a month, and so I'll need to go grocery shopping and prepare my own food. I'm looking for meal ideas I can make in my room, on a budget. I have a refrigerator with small freezer and microwave. No stove or anything.
  11. Hello

    Thanks for the welcome everyone.
  12. Anemia

    Thanks for the list, it's very helpful. It seems that my fatigue may be a little of both. My anemia is always present (just got my levels checked recently actually) but being glutened definitely makes it a lot more intense. Will do. I was recently at the doctor (for tonsilitis) and they checked my iron (still pretty low) but I will bring up my thryoid and B vitamin levels next time. As I've said before, it's most likely a combination of both. I'm still anemic (sorry if I didn't clarify) but it seems to get dramatically worse when I get glutened. I recently had my levels checked, and it's still pretty low. I'm hoping in time that my energy will start to get better. That's interesting that mono can trigger celiac, definitely makes a lot of sense. I had minor symptoms of food intolerances for several years before, but the tests were negative, as were all the tests for various intolerances and allergies. My health really started to go downhill when I got mono, and then I was diagnosed over a year later.
  13. I got mono 15 months before being diagnosed with celiac, and with that came severe anemia. At the time, my doctor said most of the time it gets better when the mono is gone, but it just kind of latched onto me. After I was diagnosed earlier this year and started the gluten-free diet, the anemia got dramatically better. My first question is if the anemia and celiac are related, since it got better after starting the diet. I had symptoms of an intolerance for several years before I diagnosed, and I often wonder if the mono/anemia was one of the earlier signs of the damage it was doing. I recall my mother (a medical editor) insisting I was celiac about 5 years ago, but at that time, I tested negative. Also, I believe I did get glutened this week. I'm always really careful, but I suppose it was bound to happen when you eat in a college dining hall. I'm guessing it was a cross-contamination issue. My digestive system and my sudden mood change are doing a lot better, but the anemia is flaring up really bad. The past couple of days, I've barely been able to get out of bed and don't have the energy for a whole lot. Any suggestions for kick starting my iron level? I was planning on including a decent amount of red meat in my diet the next couple of days (I really don't eat it a whole lot, mostly poultry) but other kinds of foods are high in iron?
  14. Thanks for the recommendation. I'm always looking for new gluten-free products to try out.