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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Super Foods!

    Hi everyone New to the forum but looking to learn fast! Can you suggest 1 or 2 foods that make you feel great! Am I right i thinking Marmite is a godsend for Celiacs? If so drinking Marmite must be a super food!
  2. Experienced/ Educated Advice Needed.

    Hi Zeta_lilly Really great to hear from you - and really encouraging to hear that you have come off the meds, really well done! This is my ultimate goal. My anxiety has come through almost completely physical symptoms and I pray that these subside and I can reduce the meds gradually. If this works for me I will be the happiest man alive! To live a good healthy life is all I can wish for. Peace and love.
  3. Experienced/ Educated Advice Needed.

    Thanks Psawyer I plan to cut out Gluten, dairy and Soy for 2-3months and see how I feel. I am excited and hope that this is a new chapter for me. Best wishes A
  4. New Celiac And Need Some Input On Diet/vitamins

    Really helpful stuff guys! Peace and Love A
  5. I hear you Blake! I have been taking Meds (anti depressants) for 8 years with the symptoms you have described! I kept telling docs all my symptoms were physical and started with the migraines you suggest and got worse. I almost always had my migraines in the evening - is this true for you? Day 5 gluten free and I am still with brain fog and feeling crap. Hope to pull through and be feeling good for Christmas. Today I am starting on dairy free also. Basically I just need to feel better - coming off meds after 8 years and to feel okay for me would be the most awesome thing imaginable. I wish you well.
  6. Experienced/ Educated Advice Needed.

    Thanks both - really appreciate. Just waiting for the brain fog to clear and muscle spasms to calm down. Really hoping to find some balance and have decided to remove dairy also - Is there any cheese I can eat? I know just from life experience that my gut reacts badly to milk so will exclude that as of today. I hope that this is just an issue of changing parts of my diet - would be amazing if I could feel good for Christmas! Best wishes
  7. So Frustrated! What Would You Do?

    Hi Ox - Day 4 of gluten free and last night was hell! MAJOR Anxiety. I hope that you stick with things and carry on until you are better. Putting the lill ones on gluten free diets wont hurt them, and may save you! - just a thought. Stay strong A x
  8. Experienced/ Educated Advice Needed.

    My first post - and bordering a plea. I will spare you the details - I just hope some people have similar symptoms and are feeling good now! 2002 - At university - noticed I had much worse hangovers than friends, would last 2 days (now 3!) - aged 20 2002 - First Anxiety attack - strong physical pain, confused, disorientated. Continued almost daily for 3 months. 2002 - spent 6 months being tested for cluster migraines, tumours, stress, neurological diseases 2003 - Self diagnosed with Anxiety and began citalopram (anti depressant) - helped reduce physical pains 2003 - 2008 - coped with daily physical symptoms - sharp head pains, numbness, pins and needles, bad stomach, joint ached, muscle spasms endless list that supported anxiety. - Still on anti depressant but changed to Sertraline - 100mg daily now for 7 years! - Thinning hair = MORE anxiety! 2008 - broke arm whilst lifting weights in gym - humourous snapped doing a bench press - unheard of. Aged 26 2008 - contact with mother after 18 years and discovered she was a celiac - no further thoughts. 2009 - Mother gave 'Eat right for your blood type' - Blood group O avoid wheat. 2010 - Still taking daily 100mg of sertraline - still battle feeling crap most days. Aged 28 Past two months - past blood in stool. Decided to alter diet and loose some wheat. Last week went on cabbage diet and after 3 days felt great! Although hungry. Ate a chinese curry - FELT Crap! Now - Back on wheat free diet and after 4 days I find myself in A&E last night for the first time in 4 years with an almighty panick attack. I have become an expert at controlling these but this was BIG and didn't want to be surpressed. Needless to say vitals were fine. Today - tired, weak and confused - with muscle spasms going crazy between my eyes! My doctors have been crap. Every diagnostic I have made and have NEVER in 8 years of every 2 months been given anything apart from medication and advice to see a councellor. Hence my Generalised Anxiety Disorder AKA unsure name tag. I have had enough and just want to feel free from back aches, head aches, cruddy feelings, anger and mood swings. I read somewhere about withdrawal from gluten - could this be it? Has anyone else been diagnosed with Anxiety, given meds and then to find that they have an intolerance to wheat and then recovered? Not so short but please if you are knowledgable and have an opinion please share. Kind regards