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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for the ideas, I have no problem cooking and am quite an accomplished Gluten free cook, I am realising that I may have to start cooking everything from scratch but do not want to as I have far more enticing things to do that spend 3 or more hours a day cooking as I eat alot of food, usually 5 or six meals a day of decent proportion. If it honestly comes down to it I will just drastically reduce my food intake to make up for lost time.
  2. Hey everyone, I am struggling to find meal ideas that I will eat, I have Crohn's disorder so I cannot tolerate fatty foods such as dairy and many types of meat, Veal is ok, as is turkey and chicken. I am also intolerant to Gluten (obviously), and Soy. I usually just eat corn based foods during the day but either too much reliance on corn or too much emotional toxicity is making me intolerant to it as well. Wondering if anyone has any meal ideas that don't involve all the things I have mentioned, not recipes or anything like that, I don't want to spend all my time during the day cooking. Would love any suggestions. P.S. Please no suggestions based on eggplant or anything like that as it will not be helpful to me.
  3. Oh So Over It All

    <3ppm!! that is excellent, last time I checked it was 20ppm, also I am aware that the FDA states that they approve the 'gluten free' label provided it is not misleading or false (paraphrasing but pretty close),and that most companies strive to be responsible, but I still believe there should be a legal definition as we have here. Also I know that when my body has been attacked recently (auto immune response or just bad chemical reaction) my body will have trouble tolerating many foods (especially processed foods and complex sugars). I just have mass trouble processing or expressing my thoughts properly at the best of times (made even worse by gluten allergy but that's another issue altogether).
  4. Food Stealers At Work

    I know this is not nice but just leave some decoy muffins or something (gluten free or not) in there but remember to lace them with a decent amount of laxatives. This effectively stopped the food stealing problem I had at my workplace within a matter of days and has only resurfaced once for a VERY brief time.
  5. Hey all, I felt like I should post this somewhere just in case it helps even one person to not have to figure it out the way I did. Please read if you have the two. People with bipolar disorder have a chemical imbalance with the neurotransmitter "Serotonin", Serotonin is responsible in the brain for controlling many things such as mood, sleep and sexual desire, it is widely recognised as your 'mood stabilising chemical". Celiac disease (as you should know) is an autoimmune disease in which the body temporarily destroys it's own ability to absorb nutrients. Because Celiac disease destroys the Villi which take up nutrients to our body and brain it destroys our ability to absorb 'L-tryptophan' which our body uses to make serotonin and keep us stabilised. This would not be that great a problem for most people but people with a chemical imbalance already may become very temperamental due to greater lack of serotonin that normal. Also when the body attacks itself it is stressing itself and therefore produces 'epinephrine' (adrenaline) and norpinephrine (noradrenaline) which also diminishes our ability to produce serotonin and puts major stress on the body if done regularly. Bipolar disorder also normally puts increased stress on the adrenal gland and receptors. A typical treatment for this event is to try taking pure L-tryptophan (which is bio-synthesized into serotonin) as a supplement to help replace diminished serotonin, but too much serotonin is not a good thing either so if you do choose to try this do your research and start low. Also people without bipolar who feel that they get depressed or angry a lot more after eating gluten can try this method too. Sorry if it's a bit 'all over the place' my ADD makes it very hard to process or write my thoughts in any rational way or even stay concentrated for too long, but I really hope this helps someone Peace out!
  6. Oh So Over It All

    Thank you all for the replies, posting this really did ease my frustration , Eatmeat4good, I am guessing you live in America where there is no legal definition of gluten free. I am lucky in Australia in the way that to have those two magic words on the labeling it must contain "less than 20 parts per milliion" gluten (which still affects me a fair bit). America and all other countries needs this and something very much needs to be done. Thanks for the link Ravenwoodglass, appreciated, but you are 100% correct as at the present time I seem to be developing more allergies/intolerances every month and have trouble knowing which of the foods I'm eating is making me sick, I usually have to test everything individually at least twice to know what's affecting me. This is the reason I am not doing the things I love right now. I pray it will be okay somewhere in the future. The latest intolerance's include fish and once again lactose. GlutenDude you are so right about the fact people have far worse things than what I am experiencing, thanks for putting that back in perspective for me. thank you all
  7. Celiac And Work....

    I have never gone for a follow up visit about my gluten allergy because I feel as though I am best to manage it and my doctor said he thought the same. Also please be aware that when your body is weak after eating gluten you may not be able to tolerate foods with complex sugars or even just high sugar such as mango's or even chocolate. My opinion is self observation of how you feel and elimination diets are the best way but that's just me.
  8. Hey everyone, I haven't posted here for ages but I need to at least share my feelings with someone who might actually understand where I'm coming from. I was diagnosed with gluten allergy like a year ago (after nearly dying) and at first it was easy, I thought once I had explained things to people they wouldn't ask me 538 random stupid questions about my intolerance's (which are the last fuc*ing thing in the whole world I would ever want to talk about) and half of them are "can you eat this, can you eat that" and people even ask me if I can eat specific brands of products as if to imply that I know every ingredient in them off the top of my fuc*ing head for hells sake. I no longer go anywhere or do anything involving food and refuse to go camping or on serious offroading trips (my two favourite past times) or anything like that with people for serious fear of cross contamination or just getting sick in the bush. Last week I told my sister that she can't cut cheese on the same board she has bread on and when I asked her what she thought would happen she just snapped at me and said sarcastically "you'll die"..... Fu*kwit. Also last night when I was not feeling well and had diarrhea my great Auntie decides to tell me "but you haven't eaten anything bad for you" like she would fuc*ing well know. The worst part about all this I feel, is that it is not gluten or any other things I'm allergic/intolerant too that causes this, it is the fact that gluten and other things are used unnecessarily in a lot of products and that because of this factories that process no wheat still have cross contamination all over them and then get away with it because their products contain <20ppm gluten which still affects some of us a LOT! Sorry about the length and rude words but I don't really care right now. Thanks for reading I guess
  9. Sick And Tired Of Doctors?

    This is what was done, the eye thing is known as eye-radology and about the no proven way for diagnoses by looking at someones eye, "Only 10 to 20 percent of all medical procedures currently used in medical practice have been shown to be efficacious by controlled trial. -- U.S. Office of Technology Assessment. This lady only knew my mother, and still kindly fitted me in before Christmas and only looked at my eye to satisfy herself that I was a celiac before she gave me unnessecary treatment.
  10. Sick And Tired Of Doctors?

    I should have said directly around the pupil of my eye (not the pupil) and she did show me someone elses eye who was also having a gluten intolerance with the same thing but worse (it looked like major stress town). It doesn't matter anyway because I wasn't being charged for it .
  11. New Diagnosis

    Hey MMrea, I have also recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease, I'm not too sure about the cancer but can tell you that coeliac disease in nothing to be scared of. Also it is hereditary so having your children tested is probably a very good idea. Please try not to fear this as it is not worth fearing, also there is no need to be confused, the internet is full of excellent information about coeliac disease just do a few google searchs. The gluten free lifestyle isn't the easiest to adjust to but once you figure out the ins and outs of it it is quite simple. Welcome to the world of gluten-free. Lincoln
  12. Poll: gluten-free Diet - Easy Or Hard

    I haven't even been on the gluten free diet for a month yet but have to say I find it quite easy, however speaking to one of my friends who has never attempted to cook anything more than pre-cut chips he said that I would 'pretty much have to have a chef with me constantly', naturally I was very puzzled by this until I realised that having a lot of cooking knowledge does make it significantly easier than not having any at all. But I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't cook gluten intolerant or not.
  13. Hey guys, After reading of many people on this forums frustrations with doctors (and having a few of my own) I feel it necessary to detail the experience I had today. My mother usually goes to a woman who gives massage and accupunture and in their conversations my coeliac disease came up and the woman suggested I see her for Homotoxicology treatment. Anyway I get there today and after she introduced herself she took a photo of each of my eyes (through a special lens) and then when it came up on screen she said "ah yes here we are, you see here (pointing to the centre of the picture of my eye) here's the gluten intolerance" among other things she could even tell that I get pains in between my shoulder blades, have slight leaky gut and that I have a high adrenal capacity (which is why I'm so charged all the time). She gave me supplements and probiotics and even inflammatory medicine for the inflammation. I believe it would be worth it for anyone (especially those recently diagnosed/self diagnosed) to try and track down a Homotoxicologist, just thought I'd share this with you all.
  14. How Not To Make My Dh Flare Up

    That's pretty much what I thought, DH really sucks though lol