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  1. Hi, I am new to this forum, but need advice from people who have been through this. I have had problems most all of my life, the worst was in high school. After much research now that I am a wife and mother, I believe not only have I suffered from celiac all my life, but my husband as well. Also my two boys (my eldest is 3years old and my youngest is 20 mos.) have shown symptoms. I have been aware of this for about 6 months now but due to insurance issues I haven't been able to do much but go gluten free, which has been such a challenge for us. I need to know how to approach a doctor about my concerns about being celiac, and about my children? I have heard that testing to young can cause a false negative? Also since we have been off of gluten how many days before testing should we go back on so the tests will be more accurate? What questions should I bring up with a doctor about this? I just don't want my children to suffer the way I have so I want to do this right. Thank you all.