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  1. Thanks for the replies. Endoscopy today revealed fissures and scarring, although official results next week. I don't think I'll ever get my head around beef stew for breakfast, LOL!! I will have to come up with some preprepared foods I guess... something I can freeze/ zap in the microwave. Fruit and yoghurt is ok, but not in winter. I'm not a big fan of eggs... I can eat them occasionally but only poached - a boiled egg is my idea of a nightmare LOL. Rice porridge it is until I figure something out.
  2. Hi everyone, Does anyone have some gluten-free bread recipes that aren't high in calories? My 'normal' bread was around 120 cals per slice, yet gluten-free ones seem much higher than that. I don't eat a lot of bread anyway, but want to have it when I fancy it! Also, cereal. Oh my God. I am struggling with breakfast time! Rice porridge is ok. But not for the rest of my life! Don't even get me started on the gluten-free muesli... yuk. I workout a lot so I need something that will fill me up, so rice pops/ krispies are out. I'd love to have cooked breakfast, but I have 3 boys under 7 to get ready for school/ kindy etc in the mornings - I don't have time to cook unless it's super quick. Suggestions please! Also, can you get gluten-free sweet chilli sauce?? Thanks, Jo xx
  3. I Can't Stop Weeping...

    I'm so glad I've seen this thread - I too am just diagnosed... still eating gluten, endoscopy on 13th April. I think I spent 4 days depressed, tearful and down right bloody angry that this has happened to me. I've moved past that this week but only because I'm choosing not to deal with it and think about it too much - after all, I have a few more weeks of 'normal' eating before me... may as well make the most of it! I nearly burst in to tears when I took my kids to Subway the other day and realised I won't be able to eat it soon! So far, it's not so much the diet that affects me, it's the thought of the social impact - not being able to eat out easily, having others struggle to cook for me etc.... I know I'll get used to it and one day everyone will understand. Just at the moment, I don't want to be different, I don't want to be a pain in the ass and I don't want to have people look at me like I'm a freak when I'm trying to explain. I don't want to have to take my own snacks to parties, take an 'emergency bag' to functions or struggle on my upcoming holiday. In fact, this whole celiac thing can just f*** right off to be honest!! ((Stamps foot like toddler having a tantrum)) Ok, back to my tub of ice cream that 'contains wheat' while I can.....
  4. Hi all, Thanks to everyone who has replied to my previous posts, I'm new here so you may be seeing lots of questions from me! A bit of history req'd before I get to the point.... I'm 27 yrs old. I visited GP in November after 3 episodes (a few months apart) of stomach pain. Other doctor already ruled out gall stones and ultrasound of abdomen was clear. She ran bloodwork for food allergies, including TTG IgG and IgA. Both came back very high and I was told I had celiac disease. That doctor gave me an a4 printout with what I could eat and sent me on my way. As you can imagine, I was confused!! I googled a LOT and went back to GP to ask for an endoscopy. She has now thankfully referred me to a gastro specialist. While waiting for my appt with the specialist I began to notice more discomfort in my stomach (aches). This often seems to be linked to when I consume alcohol though... not always, but mostly. My periods have also stopped (but I do have low body fat - could be the reason). I've had brain fog for as long as I can remember (and my memory is terrible!!) but just assumed this was due to tiredness, not enough sleep etc. Anyway, appt with specialist was last week. She says she is certain have celiac and has put me on list for endoscopy within next 6 weeks. I came out of appt kind of shell shocked... I guess I was hoping it was all a mistake or something. Also, I'd been told there was a 6 mth wait to see her so was not mentally prepared for it if you know what I mean. I've done a lot of crying, a lot of reading and am still not even NEAR to accepting this is my life now. Back to my actual point.... in the last month or so I have really felt quite terrible. I feel like it must be in my head some of it.... why would all these things just come together all at once? They don't seem to be related and I can't tell if it's celiac, a combination or just something else. I will try and list things in some kind of order: Previous to November 2010 3 episodes of stomach cramps (bed ridden) Blood blisters in mouth November to last week No periods Mild stomach pain Tiredness Since last week BAD brain fog Chest pain/ tightness Ankle pain (injury during exercise) Heart palpitations (never had before) Aching Depression Now, can all this be linked or have I just had a real bad week? Maybe I'm just coming down with something else? It's easy to blame celiac for most things, lol. I exercise a LOT so doing my ankle in has really hindered my mental faculties I think.... I'm not getting my endorphine kick and, with 3 small kids, I rely on my exercise for my 'time out' when I can just 'not think' about anything much. However, the chest/ heart things are freaking me out. I have never had this before and I am very fit. Yesterday I went on the bike at the gym and after less than 3 mins my heart felt like it was in my throat. 4 weeks ago I was running 21kms and feeling on top form. My Mum is a cardiac nurse and from what I've described she says it's nothing to be worried about... either it's not my heart or I could be getting a faster rhythm because of another source initiating it... hormones etc. Either way, I'm not having a heart attack. So now I'm anxious about that too, which probably isn't helping. I just feel like I'm a healthy 'being' but my body has given up on me. Does anyone have any insights or ideas or anything to offer?? Thanks Jo xx
  5. Hi everyone, So my bloodwork says celiac, awaiting endoscopy in next few weeks, so still eating gluten but trying to get my head around all things celiac in an attempt to be in some way prepared for going gluten free. My history is that celiac was detected after a food allergy screen due to 3 occasions of stomach pain. Other than that, no symptoms to speak of. Since blood tests, periods have stopped (malabsorption or low weight - not sure), I'm aware of bloating, always thought my memory and brain fog were just the way I am.... maybe now not so sure. Anyway, a few questions I need help with please; 1) Is amount of gluten eaten proportionate to the body's reaction? I.e. If I ate something with a trace of gluten, would my body react the same as eating a bowl of pasta? Please note I do not intend to do this... I'm just assuming it will happen by mistake! 2) How much MORE at risk am I of getting some kind of related cancer than a regular person? 3) Aside from bloating, which does not happen all the time, I do not really have many symptoms. How will I know if I've accidentally eaten gluten? Once going gluten-free, do you become more sensitive to it? Or will I just never know? And in a case of really bad timing, I'm due to go back to my homeland of the UK for Easter with this new diagnosis. 4 weeks of living with friends and family who, as yet, don't know about this and I will have to not only try and explain what it is, why I've 'only just got it' and yet also educate at the same time. DREADING this. Feel like I may as well go back with 'freak' tattooed on my forehead. I don't know enough about it to answer their questions, I won't be able to eat what they make, I won't be able to dine in restaurants where we will be taken. I won't know where to get certain products and I certainly won't have my own toaster/ utensils/ pans to use at everyones houses. What do I do (apart from cry??!) Thanks, Jo xx
  6. I'm not getting put to sleep! If I was having a GA that'd be fine. No budget for that apparently!
  7. So after positive bloodwork following non specific symptoms (occasional stomach pain), I finally saw the gastro specialist this week. She says given my results she is certain I have celiac, and is scheduling an endoscopy for me within the next 6 weeks. Dreading that. I've had to take the kids for screening tests - that was NOT fun. Results next week. So these look like my last few weeks eating gluten containing foods. Suppose I should make the most of it. Not THAT bothered about the gluten free diet, but am bothered about how others are already treating me.... people already saying 'you'll have to bring your own food' to meals etc. Am frustrated that they won't even try to cater for me... I mean, you wouldn't serve meat to a vegetarian would you? I've tried to explain that it's not difficult really, there are plenty of foods without gluten. But I am generally met with disinterest and the 'it's not my problem' attitude. Which is true, it's not their problem. But I don't want it to be MY problem either. I am very much sulking about it at the moment.... it's not fair, why me? etc etc I'm 27 years old, I am the healthiest, fittest I have ever been in my life, I've lost 25 kgs over the past 3 years and NOW I'm told I have a disease. And it COULD even have been my weight loss that has triggered it. You can't bloody win can you? So I've not had a period since November, specialist says celiac might be making me infertile if I'm not absorbing all the nutrients required etc... thankfully I've had my kids and I'm not planning any more, but wasn't expecting to be told that. I don't think anyone at my age expects to be told news like that. I'm having further bloods done - iron, folates, Vit D, Vit B12 and bone density - to see if that's potentially what's happening. Not hugely fussed about not having a perios, but not excited at menopause yet either!!! Sorry for the whinge.. just had to get it off my chest! Jo xx
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm a newly diagnosed celiac - blood tests positive, despite very few symptoms, now awaiting specialist appt and biopsy. My GP has been useless - knows less about it than me apparently, so I feel like I am in limbo while I await further help from specialist. Anyway, I've been noticing a few things, which I'm not sure if they are related to celiac or whether it's my weight and/ or lifestyle (further details below). My issues are: a) My periods. Used to be every 4 weeks on the dot - could set your watch by them. Started to become irregular 4-5 months ago - 5 or 6 weeks between them, now it's been 8 weeks since I had one. And no, I'm not pregnant! Blood blisters in my mouth - I know ulcers are common with celiac, but I get blood blisters come up on the lining of my cheeks just randomly. It's not when I've bitten my lip - they are just instantaneous. Becoming more frequent in occurence. c) Bloating after alcohol/ high fat foods (i.e. cheese) - I've always felt that my problems are related to the fat content of food - things like pastry and fried foods give me heartburn etc. Lately I've noticed that if I eat cheeses/ mayo/ cream etc then I often get bloated afterwards. Same goes if I have 2+ glasses of wine. Problem is that I tend to have both the fat and the wine at the same time, so hard to tell which, or whether both, make me feel bad. I generally don't tend to drink alcohol except for Fridays when a group of us girls get together with nibbles and a bottle ;-) Anyway, I also know that there is the possibility that this is nothing to do with celiac and more to do with other factors. These include: a) Weight loss - I have lost 25kg over the last 3 years (INTENDED! Not due to celiac) and have heard that this can affect periods etc My body fat is low and my BMI is around 19 c) I do a LOT of exercise d) My general diet is Low fat/ Low GI/ Low Carb so the nights of excess could be upsetting a stomach not used to the foods?? I want to point out that I am not on a gluten free diet yet - thinking that if I need a biopsy then there is no point! That said, I don't eat much bread/ pasta etc - my main gluten input would be from cereals.... not really sure on whether the quantity of gluten eaten has any affect on scale of symptoms? Sorry it's long, contradictive and probably not very interesting, lol. Just hoping for some pointers - my body seems to be giving me signs but I'm not sure what it all means! Thanks, Jo xx
  9. Thanks for the replies.... I guess what I'm really wondering, is that given my lack of symptoms, does it matter? Do I have to be gluten free?? If it only makes me symptomatic a handful of times, is it worth the whole gluten free headache??! And to what extent do you have to be gluten free? Only a handful of products in my pantry are gluten free.... can you eat gluten in small amounts? I.e. if the packet says 'May contain gluten' I've been back to the GP who has now referred me for a biopsy (think I need pursuading that this is a reality) and I will ask the specialist about screening the kids. I'm thinking there is a good chance my youngest has it (he's almost 3) as he is very skinny and small for his age.... not gained much weight in the last year or so. He often has loose stools, although doesn't complain of pain or anything much. My Sister is getting her bloodwork done today so will learn next week....
  10. Hi everyone, Yesterday my Dr told me I have celiac disease. I was tested for food allergies as on 3 occasions over the past year I have had some awful stomach pains.... I wasn't expecting results to show anything. I feel that my issues are more related to fatty foods more than wheat.... anyway... My results for Tissue Transglutaminase IgA and IgG were high. I can't remember which way round they were (Mum's a nurse and taken results to work to ask someone), but one was 69 and in the 'high positive' reference range and the other was >800, where 'normal' was considered to be <20! In fact, their reference range only went up to >80! So, these clearly are high results and indicate celiac according to my printout. However, wouldn't someone with such high results have real bad symptoms? I dont. I have eaten gluten all my life (I'm now 26) and never had issues before. I don't have loose stools, no vomiting, no malnutrition, no trouble keeping weight on etc. The only issues are that I've had these episodes of pain (last about 4 days) which I can't really pin point on anything. My sister has been diagnosed with IBS and now I'm concerned that I'm doing myself damage without knowing. And what about my kids - should they be tested? My Doctor just told me to go gluten free.... not even mentioned a biopsy or anything. What should I be thinking? Thanks!