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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Daughter's Tests Negative

    Kaiti - I can't tell you what the tests were. They were the 4 or 5 recommended by CSA in their pamphlet. I showed it to the pediatrician and he kept the pamphlet so I can't name them. I know one was Igg -- as far as I know, they're the top ones that I keep reading about. Wish I could answer your question better. Lynne
  2. Daughter's Tests Negative

    No, she wasn't gluten free before the tests. Had tests done on the same day we started trying gluten-free. Her dad is gluten-free. Thought it couldn't hurt to try it. And the results were very interesting. If she was gluten-free all day, she was fine. If she ate gluten, the next day she couldn't get out of bed. So, then another gluten-free day, and she was better the next day -- not perfect but much better. Could attend school at least. Then the second day, she was fine. Ate gluten, back to bed. Lynne
  3. Well, the doctor informed me today that my 13 yr olds blood tests were normal. Yet we seem to be able to control her fatigue like syndrome with food. Why are the tests so inconclusive so often? Lynne
  4. With the trigeminal neuralgia, he says his teeth often feel like they belong to somebody else. And as far as sinuses, he thought that's what his was. He's had four sinus surgeries in the past and his last one was six months previous to when the TN started. He went to her first and she scoped him and said there was NOTHING wrong with his sinuses or ears and she sent him on to a neurologist. But like I said, his is more a constant pain when it's bad. He uses Trileptal three times a day everyday and then hydrocodone for pain when it's bad. Hope all you members with the sharp ear pains can figure it out. Lynne
  5. My husband who is GI has been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia which is a facial nerve that affects the ear, jaw, sinuses. I'm thinking this would fall into the peripheral neuropathy they attribute to celiac disease/GI. He takes an epilepsy medication to control it. Some days it's much worse than others. Some days it's non-existent. Typically trigeminal neuralgia comes and goes. His comes and stays and can be very severe. Hide your head under a pillow and pray it stops -- kind of like migraines. Hope this isn't what you're starting to experience because it's NO fun. But this whole celiac disease/GI thing isn't either. Lynne
  6. Now, can anyone tell me the difference between lactose and casein?? Can you have a problem with one and not the other? How do you differentiate the two? My husband has a gluten intolerance but something else out there is giving him additional problems now and he's wondering if it's dairy. TIA, Lynne
  7. The "cyclic" nature of this interests me too. I have a 13 yr old dd and last June she had a bout of a fatigue syndrome I'll call it. It last two weeks. She then got it again in Dec. for two weeks, February for two weeks, and she started again this week. BUT, I decided to play games with her food this time around. She was ill on Monday night, Tues. All day Tuesday I fed her gluten-free. On Wednesday she went to school and was fine. On Wed. night she wanted pasta. I fed her spaghetti. She was in bed most of Thursday. So, I fed her gluten-free on Thursday. She went to school on Friday. Now tell me it's not the gluten in her food! But I was amazed at how quickly she seems to react to the better. Is it really possible? When I took her to the doctor in June, they couldn't find anything. Took her in December, they couldn't find anything and asked if it could be "mental" stress, etc. I told them no. Took her in February, couldn't really find anything and asked AGAIN if there was anything going on in school. "Does this happen when there's a test to take?" But he sent us to an infectious disease specialist at the local teaching hospital. She thought maybe it was cyclic neutropenia. Because there IS A LOW WHITE count each time, although the values do vary. And also, the differential is similar each time (whatever that means.) Found an article the other day that says leukopenia can be a symptom of gluten, which is very similar to neutropenia. So the gluten could be causing the white count situation. Sooooo, when the took blood on Tuesday, I requested the panel of blood tests be drawn for celiac. Haven't heard about that yet, just that her blood this time is similar to the previous times! As a starting point, my husband has been having gluten problems severely since early December, that's where I got the idea to play with her food intake. Thanks for listening. Lynne
  8. We thought gluten was my husband's only problem, too, but there seems to be something else in his diet that is continuing to cause problems. Can you tell me if corn, soy, peanuts are the same as gluten in that it's a sensitivity and NOT an allergy? Because he's been tested for the allergies and they're negative, but there's still something there. We discovered the gluten sensitivity by ourselves by process of elimination but he does have an appt. in a month with a GI who has celiac patients. TIA, Lynne
  9. Does anyone know if Adolph's brand meat tenderizer is gluten-free? It looks to be but wanted to be sure before I put it on dinner!
  10. Doctor In Vancouver Bc Or Surrounding Area?

    Don't know if you've found a doctor in Vancouver but I've just been in contact today with one and he's supposedly an expert in gluten intolerance. He's at Sage Clinic. His name is Arjuna Veeravagu. He's a naturopathic physician. The web site is www.sageclinic.com Hope this helps.
  11. Citric Acid

    Over on Celiacforums.com they're saying citric acid CAN be a problem. That it can be made from mold grown on bread. And there's a link over there that I went and read because my husband had a reaction this weekend from a store brand strawberry jam and that's the ONLY thing in it that could have done it. This is getting way too confusing for me. My husband's reaction is mouth ulcers and he was doing so good and now for the last week, he just has this horribly painful mouth that we can't seem to get under control. I'm lost!
  12. Cross Contamination

    You're all talking about 3 Lays chips that are made on dedicated lines, could you tell us what they are?