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  1. Thanks for the information everyone. I have eaten Kinnikinnick breads and other products before, but I was not sure how the flours should be combined. I think I can find most of the flours at local stores. Has anyone tried Namaste all purpose flour? It is available here and it is tree nut free.
  2. Hi, I am new to this site and tried to find this topic in one of the other threads and couldn't seem to. Hope this is not repetitive. I am looking for a good all purpose gluten free flour that is also nut free. I have been wheat free since 2008, after a diagnosis of a wheat allergy. However, with the continuation of many symptoms I have recently (6 months ago) eliminated all gluten. I was diagnosed with a tree nut allergy a few weeks ago. I have not been doing any baking, and am now looking to do some Christmas baking. I know that people often use a variety of flours mixed, but I am not sure what the ratio for that mix would be. I had used the Bob's Red Mill all purpose flour previously, but see that it is possibly CC. Any suggestions? I am in Halifax, Nova Scotia and so am somewhat limited in my retail options. Thanks