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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Embarrassed But Need Help

    I mostly stay away from Milk. I never eat ice cream either.... You know.. this just keeps getting worse & worse. I feel like I can't eat anything! I mean, what am I supposed to eat? How does everyone cope with this? I really need to be tested for lots of things I guess. Sorry, I feel really discouraged right now........... On the plus side, I got some Flax oil & I think it's working!
  2. Embarrassed But Need Help

    thanfully there are many Wal Marts nearby. I really appreciate all the info!! I love yogurt but lately it's been giving me stomachs so I quit eating it. I have tried soy yogurt but I can't stand the taste!!! I guess I haven't found a brand I like. I'm so thankful that beans & lentals are so cheap!! I can get them for only $.88 a bag. I think it's so unfair that people with food allergies & those who want to eat healthy in general must suffer with high prices! It's crazy. p.s. I sure hope I'm not allergic to anything esle.... gluten & dairy are difficult enough as it is!!
  3. Hooray! So it's safe! Thank you so much. I will check out their web site too. Sorry everyone, I'm forgetful & lazy & just tend to come in here with questions & lotusgem, you made me laugh... actually my name is "want to be gluten free" get it? lame, I know....
  4. Embarrassed But Need Help

    Thanks for your replys. It is very possible that I have thyroid problems; it runs in my family. However I have never been checked. I do take vitamines: multi, C, B-complex & E. I do not take iron. Would iron help? or could it make things worse? I don't really eat that much fruit but I do eat an apple every day. I am allergic to milk so I stay away from it & buy soy milk which I do have often. I love beans & lentals but I don't eat them that much. I don't make that much $$ & this diet is difficult for me to afford! But I'm working on it & I know I need to include more fruit & lentals in my diet. I didn't even think about flax! I need to try it. Wow! I had no idea about caffeine. I always figured it was REALLY BAD for you...
  5. thank you LUAP makes great sense, especially the carb thing. Maybe I do eat too many carbs!!
  6. What alarms me is the veggie broth that is in the ingreidence. I am pretty sure it was the starkist brand. Even when the container says it's in water, the broth is still listed!! I love tuna............
  7. I have been eating well, drink lots of water & exercise & take vitamins. Butit is difficult to go # 2 however I do go every day. But it's painful & not easy. I don't understand! I've been gluten-free for months! Could this be a different problem? At first I susspected my vitamins so I stopped taking them for a while to see but there was no change. I don't know what's wrong with me!!!
  8. Thank you so much for explaining!!! Regarding the yogurt.... sometimes (usually in fact) after I eat it my tummy does hurt. I don't know any better way to describe this but here goes: I've noticed when I eat certian foods (especially back before I got off gluten) I was always gasy & my tummy even seemed like it was too. It would always make weird noises like it was full of air trying escape. I'm sure that was from my body not digesting gluten?
  9. For about the past 5 years, my hearing has gotten really sensitive to loud noises. If I'm in a crowded place or even if I am at the movies, I can hardly stand it. I have to keep ear plugs with me at all times. Since I have gotten off gluten, it's been better but not 100%. Has anyone else had this problem? Is it related to Celiac disease??
  10. New To The Gf Life Style

    Hey, thanks for the support everyone! In a lot of books & websites they say to have a support group to help you. I find that is ture! It's tough doing this alone. I appreciate the advice as well. I have so many questions it's overwhelming. Right now I'm just trying to read as much information as I can to better educate myself with this. I figure: the more I know, the easier this will be. (I'm trying to stay positive )
  11. Hi, I'm new here. Great site & I have found many of the posts helpful! I find that since I've gotten off gluten, I am always hungry! Not to mention my budget is hurting...... I'm not having a great start to this life...