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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Eating Out In Vancouver Bc

    Hi, I can only find oldish threads about eating out in Vancouver BC. Going there this weekend with my 6-year old celiac daughter (and the rest of the family). We know we can get at our hotel, Rebekka is very excited about their gluten-free scramled eggs with little green thingies;) ! but I don't want to eat every meal there;) Can anyone give me some recommendations. Preferably places you have tried... Thank you everyone Dorde
  2. Eating Out In Vancouver Bc

    Hi, we are heading to Vancouver for a few days with our 5 year old celiac daughter. Any recommendations for restaurants? Thank you Dorde
  3. Hi, our Rebekka didn't gain weight from she was 6 months 18 lbs until 18 months old, still 18 lbs. at 18 months she got diagnosed with celiac. Getting on the gluten-free diet slowly helped, but our biggest help was talking to a nutritionist. We wrote down every food she got for a month, she looked at the list and helped us find find the potential gluten containing foods. I really recommend it, this can be a jungle and when it applies to your little one that can't really tell you anything it is really hard. Rebekka is now 5 years old thriving eating and GROWING. good luck Dorde
  4. Hi, i have just joined the 21st and now have an android smartphone.. Curious what your favorite apps for gluten-free living are. I already have find me gluten-free Thank you
  5. I am thinking school. She starts Kindergarten next week. Normally she will have full access to bathroom, it is mostly for in a pinch. This year she will not have lunch in the lunchroom, but i guess i will figure it out for next year.. I was thinking you would say wipes, that has been my preference so far. I will be talking to her teacher on friday thank you
  6. What is the general opinion on which is better to use, when you don't have access to water? for gluten purposes Dorde
  7. Toilet Issues

    For a happy update i can happily say I talked to my girl's GI doctors NR. I like her a lot:) Well she had seen the x-ray and really felt that putting Rebekka on Miralax would be a good next step. And I am making an appointment to go see her in person so we can really make a plan. I told Rebekka and she got very happy that maybe we can solve this. Again thank you to all of you for advice, we would not have gotten this far. Dorde
  8. Toilet Issues

    Thank you guys, you are great at giving boosts to a mom that needs it! Calling her doc this week.
  9. Anyone know of a good doc to discuss celiac and whatever comes with that in the Seattle area? Not super happy with the one we have..
  10. Dining Out Success!

    Ooh I also wanted to say congrats on a great trip and what sounds like no gluten accidents.
  11. Dining Out Success!

    I feel like we keep getting different information on Red Robin. Maybe it depends on which restaurant? I haven't dared yet..
  12. When my girl was diagnosed she had just turned 18 months and they did biopsies on her for confirmation even though the blood test was pretty clear. She was a trooper, I was the one balling in the waiting room. I was very quick and the severeness of this really hit when the dr. said that her intestines were already showing obvious signs of celiac. It is hard to put your little one in that position, but worth it in the end, she is much better off knowing for sure. Good luck!
  13. Toilet Issues

    Hi, got the results from her x-ray and they show signs of constipation. She has not been on the iron since christmas. Next step is talking to her specialist for the precise course of action. Am I right to think we may be heading in the right direction? I came to pick her up at camp today and she had a different outfit on and I felt like crying cause I feel so bad for her..
  14. Toilet Issues

    Getting an x-ray of her system tomorrow, i really hope this is the right path.. Dorde
  15. Just want to recommend the Manini dinner rolls and fresh pasta. My picky celiac LOVES these rolls, the only bread she will eat without complaining. I buy them at Whole Foods, not sure if you can get them other places.. Dorde