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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Dating Frustration

    First of all, I am very concerned for your health. I am an advocate of the transparent issues. I would suggest you complete your process of diagnosis(the biopsy is what is used professionally for diagnosis of a very serious illness like celiac disease). It is very important you take yourself seriously enough to see the difference between having any digestive disease, including celiac disease or an allergy to gluten. Knowing well what you have will empower you to explain to your dates about your disease and your needs as a human being; you may be projecting insecurity at this point which your dates will pick-up. If they ask you what do you have and you respond vaguely they are not going to take you seriously. Now, if you can explain to them clearly: "I have that because I was diagnosed with"... they will know what to expect. If you are more confident about your health condition, you will attract confident and serious people to your life. Wise
  2. Oh, oh, oh... In this economy, regular, so called "normal" people or non celiacs struggle trying to make enough money for a slice of bread, but what can we say about the celiac community? Are you struggling trying to get a slice of gluten-free bread? I got a cut in my salary for six months out of a year and my refrigerator is suffering( where I live state employees got a cut for part of the year although soon we will see the fat cows again). I cannot imagine for celiacs that are unemployed how hard that should be!!! Here where I live I can pay from $6. to $9 for a very small personal pizza. God in heaven!!! This is more expensive than gas!!! A "normal" person pays $2.00 for a personal pizza!!! We have a disability and a lot of businesses are taking advantage of that and that should not be happening. They cannot make profit, in base of a disability!!! I cannot understand how rice pizza costs more when wheat is more expensive than rice, in the market. That does not make sense. Have you seen the Pamela's cheese cake? Oh, Lord,it is extremely expensive and not that big. Here they are selling it around $17. That is astronomical and an assault to our pockets. Is there any way we can write to our senators to ask them to ask businesses not to take advantage of us when they overcharge us for a gluten-free product? Many times we pay two to five times what non celiacs pay for their food. That is NOT fair. What do you think? How are you handling yourselves in this economy? Do you use, i.e. coupons for gluten-free products? How can I get gluten-free coupons for food products through the internet? I get very sad when I think of starving people that choose to get sick because they are too hungry. I cannot stop thinking about the homeless celiacs that end-up in a shelter. In US people do not talk about celiacs and shelters. Maybe in other countries celiacs do not have so many problems trying to get gluten-free food. In Italy at least they get free gluten-free flour. I knew that in Europe people protested because of the high costs of gluten-free products and companies heard them. Now they lowered the prices of gluten-free products in Europe. Why can't we protest here in US? I want to hear your opinions. Wise, diagnosed with celiac disease in 2006 DQ2, DQ8 diagnosed with osteoporosis, asthma, hypoglycemia with multiple food intolerances
  3. Hello, everybody, happy new year!!!! Thank you for answering, my god, I would never imagine that you would have so many answers for me. For some of you, I know, I understand you, but I cannot support self-diagnosed people, I think that they can do more harm than good( they can do a lot of harm to themselves) I am going to be explaining myself. A person that is self-diagnosed is not going to take the disease seriously, because unconsciously the person has doubts about it. Let me tell you... when I gave my support group a wonderful idea that would benefit the entire celiac community(related to community work pro celiacs)the group leader(who is self-diagnosed with no osteoporosis or celiac genes, I suspect she does not have the disease)rejected my idea saying that that was not the purpose of that support group, because the purpose was to "create awareness" about the disease. This self-diagnosed people do not feel a sense of purpose, this is psychological. Other thing that I have to mention because I have to be honest with this forum , hoping that the moderator that reads this does not crucify me ... the first time when I joined the support group and I introduced myself, the leader of the group asked me, using irony, ohhh, do you have celiac??? And the other person that was registering the new people asked me the same question in a very offensive way, too. I did not get it at first, but I realized later, that it was maybe because I was the first Hispanic of the group, being in a state that is famous for its laws that don't favor immigrants. Yes, in the revised edition of Celiac Disease, By Dr. Green, he mentioned that they have seen Cubans and Puertorricans being diagnosed with celiac. It happens that I am from Puerto Rico, born and raised there, but I decided to come to US to do graduate work and I decided to stay in the states. I have been reading a lot about my disease and Puerto Rico and I discover that Puerto Rico is one of the places in the world with high incidence of diabetes type 1( link with celiac?) and I dicovered also reading a book on gluten-free diet that an American doctor on a trip to Puerto Rico, in the beginning of the 20th century, had noticed that when the country men in the island ate wheat, they got sick(another link with celiac,I am not talking about tropical sprue). Leaders in support groups should understand that when people are diagnosed, they look for support groups, looking for "s-u-p-p-o-r-t"; this disease is not easy, you lose a lot of the social contact, because of the nature of the disease that isolates people. If we look at the studies linking social phobia with celiac disease, you will understand this well. One of these days I will get into one of the forums to discuss this study done in Europe. Again, thank you for your answers. A big hug to everybody. I love you. Wise
  4. Thanks a lot, Shauna, your reply was helpful. I was tested for all these foods that I mention and I do not tolerate them. I always have asked myself if I grow my own tomatoes, I would be showing intolerance. But if it is showing in allergy testing, then, I am supposed to be intolerant. Wise Diagnosed with celiac disease in 2006 Both DQ2 & DQ8
  5. Have you have any problems or doubts with your support group? I personally do not like the fact that somebody that has not been diagnosed with celiac disease runs a celiac disease support group. I have seen people that runs a group because they "feel better" when they do not eat gluten and when I want to express myself in the group they say that I am being "too negative" when saying that I still have symptoms after being on a gluten-free diet. These people do not have the same symptoms that I have; sometimes they look perplexed when I talk about my experiences. When I ask them, they tell me that they are self-diagnosed, do not have osteoporosis,do not have celiac genes, etc. I feel really bad, because these people should check themselves if they have celiac, gluten allergy or any mental illness. I am in a helping profession(with a graduate degree) and I am scared of these people and I wonder if they are doing more harm than good. Wise, Diagnosed with celiac disease in 2006 DQ2,DQ8
  6. This question may appeal to any M.D. that is looking at our posts, or to any of you that wants to throw your two cents. How do I know if any of the other foods that I cannot tolerate are taking the place of gluten in my small intestine(and are creating the same physical effects in the small intestine damaging it)? In my case I do not tolerate corn,potatoes,tomatoes,oranges,avocados, watermelons, tuna, seafood, carrots, celery, oats, etc. When I used to eat corn, i.e., I felt like when a "hole" was forming in my abdomen( that is why I do not eat it anymore, also it gave me diarrhea). Thanks for responding. Wise, diagnosed with celiac disease in 2006 DQ2,DQ8