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  1. Hey everyone! I've been gluten free for the past month and a half, and so far that's going well! However, my hair texture has drastically changed, even though I haven't changed any of my hair products. I've always had straight hair with a little bit of wave, and all of a sudden about a week ago my hair switched to being curly. Has this happened to anyone else? It's freaking me out a little bit.
  2. Thanks for your responses! My dr is great; he's young, really knowledgeable and up on the new data, and openminded about everything. The scope is done, and it was pretty easy. I guess he took a whole bunch of biopsies, so we'll have to wait and hear back about that. He doesn't think that I'll need to do the colonoscopy after what he saw with the scope, and he said he's still 99% positive that it's Celiac, so I've started a strict gluten-free diet as of today. Hopeful it work quickly!
  3. Hey everyone, I'm new here, as you can probably guess. I went gluten-free (or at least I thought it was gluten-free, but it was probably more like gluten-low) in the Fall of 2008 after a suggestion from my college's health center after I had a bad bout of canker sores (12+ at a time) which wouldn't go away. I had started having problems in 2007, when I gained 30lbs in 2 months, and started having some GI issues, but nothing that was too bothersome besides the weight gain. I was bothered by the weight, but chalked it up to the freshman 15x2. However, the canker sores were so unbearable that I could barely speak. And so I tried gluten-free. Needless to say, I thought I was gluten-free, but by that I mean I didn't directly eat anything with gluten in it, but for example, I thought it was okay to peel the cheese off pizza, which I've now learned is a no-no! My canker sores went away within 3 days, and I didn't have anymore GI issues. Anyways, this September I started having D almost every day, or every other day. The canker sores came back as well. I don't know if I became way too lax about the diet, even though it wasn't strict enough to begin with, or what was happening. After a couple of months of D, I restarted eating gluten since I figured that couldn't be my problem. I went to my PCP over Thanksgiving break, and she ran blood tests on me, which showed negative for the Celiac panel, but also showed low IgA total serum. Also, my results showed low CO2. She sent me to a GI doctor who strongly suspects Celiac, due to the fact that I did have a good response to the diet, and due to the fact that most of my family on my mom's side of the family have Celiac (which I didn't find out about until recently). He did more blood tests, and I came back positive for ASCA antibodies, which I guess are supposed to be positive for Crohn's Disease (he ran an IBD panel), but he said he has seen as positive for many Celiacs patients? He still suspects that Celiac is the culprit behind all of my issues. Has anyone else has positive levels of ASCA antibodies? I'm having the endoscope procedure tomorrow morning, which I guess is technically this morning. I'm a little nervous, I must admit. I guess if the endoscope doesn't show Celiacs then I need to have a colonoscopy later this week to check for Crohn's, especially since my paternal grandmother died of colon cancer. Hopefully I don't have to have a colonoscopy though, since I'm only 21! I'd rather wait a bit before that's really necessary... Does anyone have any tips or hints about what to expect, and how to make this whole thing easier? You guys seem to actually know what you're doing, and I really have no idea!!