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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Do I Really Have Gluten Sensitivity?

    I already did, and I still woke up puffy..
  2. At first I thought I was gluten intolerant after going through I-131 idione treatment for thyroid cancer. (It damages your GI tract). Now after not eating for a whole week due to severe illness and I wasn't puffy in the eyes or cheeks anymore. then while I was in the hospital this week, I ate bread, cake, sushi, pasta and not until thee 4th day did I get puffy again. I did not feel any pain, gas, bloating etc when or after consuming any of this stuff. I was so excited, but I'm so puffy today even though I feel ok, my body is probably telling me something right? What the heck am I allergic/ intolerant to? I hate this droopy puffy eye, puffy face non sense. I also think I get inflamed and feel like I look fatter once eating gluten rich foods.
  3. This is gold. I'm new to all this and have been searching this site for answers.
  4. Med Help

    Omg, I just realized, what if my synthroid and exjade have gluten in them? Does anyone have any experience with Thryoid meds? I don't know what's in mine.... I'm still puffy and feeling gross. Time to live off nothing.
  5. Feeling Frustrated

    Yah that sounds good, I just can't have dairy or nuts or eggs so I need to think of more ideas. You guys are experts, I still don't even have a grasp of grocery shopping. I'm so lost as to what to eat. Plus gluten free stuff is so expensive, well at least where I live.
  6. Puffiness

    Thanks so much! Yeah, well Benadryl does nothing, so I am confused, but if it's autoimmune then obvisouly Benadryl will not help. I am lost. I swear yesterday morning I woke up with allergic shiners along with my existing puffiness. I am going to cut out corn, nuts, and almond milk and see what happens. Yah, I might try that diet, I need to figure this out, I'm losing hope.
  7. Feeling Frustrated

    Okay. Yah I need to add salads etc. I don't know what I am going to do once school starts again. What the heck am I going to take for lunch? I don't know how you guys do it!
  8. Puffiness

    No I don't have feather pillows, or sleep on the affected side any more than the other. I have even tried sleeping with my head elevated, and it doesn't help. I look horrible in the morning. My Dr. refuses to refer me to an allergist, she said all I can do is eliminate things. UGH! I took Benadryl for 3 nights and it did nothing. Yes, my diet is rather pathetic as I am so annoyed that it seems as though no matter what I cut out, I get puffy or sick. I am going to try to cut out the almond milk, corn, and nuts, and see if maybe that works...... Thank you all for the help!!!
  9. Puffiness

    Does anyone have any idea what is causing my puffiness. I get it in my face, one cheeck in particulr, my eyelids become droopy, and I have this little puff above my left eye. This occurs every morning, and sometimes my face puffiness doesn't subside as the day goes. I am off gluten and dairy, but don't have a confirmed diagnosis for my food intolerance issues etc. I have been eating: corn nuts, almond milk, gluten free corn flakes, rice, turkey, gluten free bread, mustard, sushi. That's about it.
  10. Feeling Frustrated

    hmm I'm not eating any soy and I have been only living off corn nuts, gluten free cereal, almond milk, gluten free bread, and turkey meat.
  11. Feeling Frustrated

    Omg, I had the same experience. I am bad at dealing with this, because I already have a chronic illness and other problems. I have been puffy in my eyes and cheeks all week, and don't know what is causing it. I'm off gluten and dairy...
  12. So...there's no way to de-gluten yourself? I'm new to this whole gluten-free world, but have to follow it because my I 131 iodione Thyroid ca tx resulted in GI problems and now Gluten sensitivity. yay.