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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I'm not usually a big eat-outer - but in the last two weeks I've had two experiences. 1) PF changes has a new menu and gluten-free menu. It includes some wonderful new items and lunch prices. We can get the cheaper lunch combo also:) 2) I went with a friend to Saladworks and asked questions about Gluten and allergies and They looked at me like I had 6 heads. They have a menu online but there seemed to be so much mixed ingredients and the dressings were very colorful also. I opted for a tea and a good chat with a friend. I emailed corporate and asked a few questions. Someone called back the next day and answered and asked a lot of questions. She said that I can asked any Saladworks to make my salad from the ingredients in containers and dressing bottles to ensure no CC. The actual restaurant emailed me 2 days later and offered gift cards and said they have talked to all employees about allergens and about offering to make a salad from ingredients in containers. I was impressed:)
  2. Communion

    Talk to your pastor. I am Catholic and my church offers bread and wine. I receive just the wine. My pastor offered to purchase rice wafers for me. If your intent is to receive communion - God knows that. He does not want you sick.
  3. Milk

    Is it typical to develop other intolerances after being gluten-free for a while?
  4. Milk

    A little while ago I posted because after being gluten-free for a year I was beginning to feel lousy again. Someone asked if it could be milk and I promptly answer no... Never had a problem with it. But it remained in my ears. After not finding answers I eliminated milk and major dairy stuff (ice cream) and stomach issues went away. I eliminated it for a week. The next week I had dairy and stomach issues came back. I have alway been a big milk drinker. What does this mean - have I developed a lactose intolerance. Or could this be temporary? I'll go off it if it keeps me out if the bathroom:) But I do love my milk!!
  5. Tostitos

    Thanks guys for all your input. I actually just talked to some people at frito lays and they were quite Un-knowlegable. They kept mixing up whether 'gluten free' or 'no gluten ingredients' meant made on the same line. They kept putting me on hold and asking another person. One person came on and said that frito lays is going to start labeling gluten free - which will mean less that 20 ppm or close to it (she added the close to it). That they will not be in a dedicated facility they will just be tested. I thanked the girl for clearing it up for me and made the suggestion to add "no gluten ingredients, but made on the same line" at least on the website. That all makes me nervous - I think I'll stick to other brands for now. It is frustrating when I check before I eat and then get glutened because I didn't check far enough. I've been gluten free for a year now and I still make mistakes. It just stinks to feel lousy over stupid chips!! OK... enough boo-hooing.... But I did learn a few things, so that is good. If I'm going to try a new product, don't just check online, also call ask to speak to someone knowledgeable about the nutrition of the product not just a customer service rep. OY!
  6. Tostitos

    No... I'm fine with milk.
  7. Tostitos

    I bought Tostitos Hint of Lime chips. I checked their website and it had a symbol - that meant "NO Gluten Ingredients" So I ate them. Got a reaction - huge headache and stomach pains. I checked back on the website to make sure I wasn't crazy and noticed that on all the Tostitos (Frito Lays) snacks they had lots of different symbols. On the Plain tostitos it had a Gluten Free Symbol, but on the Hint of Lime it had a No Gluten Ingredients Symbol. What is that all about? Why 2 different symbols? I have a call in and waiting for a call back. But I was wondering if anyone could explain. Does the No Gluten Ingredients mean they are made on the same line as Gluten Ingredients? Just a Guess. Here's the link to show you what I mean: http://www.fritolay.com/our-snacks/tostitos.html Thanks, Diane
  8. I am Catholic, but I talked to my priest who offered to buy rice host. But he also said that God knows our intentions. If our intention is to receive but we can not - God knows that! Intention goes a long way. We receive Communion in the form of Bread and Wine and in receiving one we believe we are receiving the body and blood of Christ. I know beliefs differ from one Christian religion to another - but I hope this helps.
  9. OK, this is weird. I've been gluten-free since last August. Yesterday I was out in the sun for about 3 hours - cool but sunny day. (first time in prolonged sun this season). I was not wearing sunblock (stupid me) but I was outside from 10 am to 1pm. I got burnt to a crisp - some areas are swollen they are so red and sore. My children and husband were outside same as me and they were not burnt at all, not even tan. I've never burnt so bad in my life. I look like a fried on a beach for days. I know I should were sunblock no matter what - but I forgot - But I can't imagine why I burned so badly in such a short time. I am not on any medication. Could a gluten-free diet cause this? Am I missing a specific vitamin? Why am I a lobster? Does it sound familiar to anyone or am I weird? Feel free to tell me to wear sunblock and stop whining Diane
  10. Jealousy?

    LOL!!! Clenched teeth and squinted eyes!!! Been there, It is uncontrollabale at times. Gets better once you do it a while. Now we have certain shelves for sharables and ask first items. Nobody touches my Udi's muffins though!! I get nasty:)
  11. My latest breakfasts are smoothies. I put the following in a blender. Yogurt (vanilla or something I like) banana, strawberries or any other fruit I like (Kiwi, blueberries etc.) Then a good handful of spinach. If you use bananas you don't taste the spinach at all and it helps with staying full. Blend - and it's yummy. (My kids haven't figured out why it's green yet!) I drink on the way to work.
  12. What To Do About Weddings?

    Thanks everyone for all the helpful advice. You guys are great!!!! I think I will call the cater, and maybe throw some snacks in my bag just in case!
  13. I have just been invited to 2 weddings. This is the first since being diagnosed. What do you guys do about it? Do I eat before and not worry about it? Should I call the place where the reception will be and ask what they normally do? Do I talk to the people who invited us. I don't know what is the proper thing to do. Any advice would be wonderful!! Thanks! Diane
  14. For anyone that lives in the Philadelphia area- I found a wonderful restaurant! Mama Mia Tratoria in Langhorne- they have a great gluten-free menu and if you want something else from the regular menu they will talk to you about what changes they will make. I thought my Italian days were over when eating out! Plus coupons are easy to find online.
  15. Starting is daunting, but just make the decision and go for it. I sat in barnes and noble for a day - because I'm too cheap to buy all the books - and read and took notes. Bought gluten free for dummies. Do research online - this forum is filled with info, print things out and put it in a notebook. You'll make Mistakes at first - but it gets easier. In the beginning you need to look up products or call companies all the time - but as time goes on you develop your own safe lists. If you have a gluten intolerance and going gluten free makes you feel better - you won't feel like your giving up anything but pain! There are lots of alternatives out there for the times you want something specific. I do not have a definite medical diagnosis - but I do wish I had one. If you think you want a medical diagnosis get the bloodwork now before going off gluten. If you just want to go for it- you'll know by the way you feel. Good luck!