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  1. G'day everyone. I'm having a bit of a dilemma at the moment, well not me, my girlfriend. a few months ago she was diagnosed with celiac and sinse she started a gluten free diet her health and mood has improved dramatically. I want to do and do do all I can to help her, always cook gluten free meals, we even bought a new toaster so she wouldn't get any cross-contamination. The only real problem is that her faith is really important to her. Not that that is a bad thing but she is Catholic and is used to taking communion every week at mass. The problem is that the wafers (that symbolise the body of Christ) are made from wheat and contain gluten. Unfortunately there aren't really any gluten free options as the bread the Jesus and the disciples ate on the last supper was made with wheat and the wafer is supposed to be the same as that so my girlfriend can't take it. We have been at university the last couple of months so it is only the last few weeks, when we moved back home, that this has become a problem. She knows that God will forgive her for only taking a blessing and not taking the bread but she sees the wafer as 'food for her soul' and feels horrible that she can't compoets mass the way she is used to. She even tried once just taking the wafer and had such cramps for therest of the day I have never seen her so depressed. And this Sunday gone was the first time she had not taken the communion and she cried for the rest of the mass and the car trip home. I know there is a company that does gluten free wafers (I found their website already) but we live in rural Australia and it is not really feasible, on top of that she herself feels it won't be the same and did not take kindy to it when I offered it as an alternative. So after that sob story (I'm sorry) my question is this. Someone else surely must have gone through something similar to this, either yourself or someone close to you and I could really use some help or ideas or something I can tell her apart from that it's going to be okay. Any help would be amazing. Thank you.