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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Could you give me some advice please?. There is a great tasting beer (tasted well prior to Coelic diagnosis several years ago!) here in Nicaragua called "Tona Cerveza" - a Lager beer. Its the #1 selling beer in these parts. According to the brewers, quote: "Tona is brewed following strict quality standards, using the finest North American and European malts and hops, certified by world renowned laboratories (Siebel Institute of Technology, Chicago and Brautechnische Pruf-und Versuchsanstalt, Munich-Weihenstephan)" Would this beer possibly qualify as gluten-free, as wheat does not appear to be part of the manufacturing process? Does the 'European malts' in the ingredients mean that wheat may well be an ingredient? I may be missing something really important here? Thank you.
  2. For other gluten intolerant folks (like me!) you may be interested in learning about a wonderful new/reliable gluten free bread loaf manufacturer here in Grecia, Costa Rica. The panderia's owner's name is Tom and Tom sells his products direct to retailers- and also has a convenient stall at the local city outdoor market (Grecia) Fridays and Saturday each week. Tom has recently experimented by adding caraway / sesame seeds etc to his recipe for me - which makes ordinary bread taste just great! You are most welcome to contact me for further details.
  3. Your reply much appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Wow. thanks for the very quick reply!! Info very much appreciated.
  5. Anyone know if the product "Hunts Bold Barbeque Sauce" is gluten free? Ingredients simply reflect 'distilled vinegar' as being part of the ingredients. Thank you so much
  6. That is good to know. I have contacted Fundacion De Celiacos to see if hey happen to have a branch here in Costa Rica.
  7. Latin America- Heeelp!

    Dear LivesIntheSun I am sure you might be re-thinking your returning to England - what with the difference in weather? We loved our years in New Jersey but certainly could not adjust to the biting cold. We originally come from South Africa and Zimbabwe respectively. By the way, we tried yukka fried chips the other night at a local restaurant. Simply cut up into cubes .. I would guess around 2 - 3 " in size. As you are a camper I would certainly consider taking along some yukka in my backpack. Forget the good old-style potato chips for flavour ... ! If you ever decide to visit Costa Rica do let us know. We live in the very beautiful mountain area of the Central Valley of C/Rica. Best wishes
  8. Latin America- Heeelp!

    Hello. I moved from the USA (where all products are now labelled to show allergens) some 16 months ago and now reside permanently as a retiree in Costa Rica. My wife has also adopted the gluten-free way of life (with a few minor exceptions like pizza!) - which has made our lives so much easier when shopping and eating out. Fortunately we have a number of flour options other than wheat available to us here in Costa Rica where labeling of products is certainly a hazardous, and a big headache. My wife has done a splendid job experimenting with these alternatives. Maize and rice flour in particular have proved to be a great substitute for wheat flour. I just happen to love flapjacks/pancakes and these can be made with any number of alternative flours. We acquired a bread-maker before we left the US which makes my wife's bread making job just that much easier. However, it does apparently get somewhat tricky when calculating just how much 'Zanthan Gum' is added to the mix! We found that the internet is a wonderful source for gluten free recipes and ideas using alternative flours. As far as eating out is concerned I have adopted the motto 'when in doubt, don't". I would guess that this is a motto you gave adopted as well? Many, many restaurants here in C/R only serve BREADED products ie chicken/pork etc - almost 100% of these foods we have found are prepared from wheat flour. I have found that MALT ('maltee' in Spanish) in particular is a fairly general additive to foods here in C/R. .. a real biggie to be aware of. Also, if you gave any Chinese shops in your area do try shopping there. We have a large Chinese shop in San Jose (capital of Costa Rica) which is a long way from our home - but well worth the trip which we do every two or three months to stock up. They are a great source of gluten free / natural products. Best wishes
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  10. Diagnosed Celiac Disease along with some bone loss/osteoporosis some 5 years ago. Symptoms included reflux, bloating & loss of sleep. A very strict adherence to gluten free diet did the trick! I now live in Costa Rica where (fortunately) maize flour is usually utilized in favor of flour.

  11. I live in the Central Valley (Grecia) here in Costa Rica and wonder if there are any support groups around?