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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Is mannitol gluten free? I've tried to call the company but can't get through. It's in my sublingual b12 tablet. Thanks!!!
  2. Thanks you frothe tip on the doctor, that was really the only reason I wanted a diagnosis so I could get some guidance, but looks like you all are the pros! Thank you all for sharing. Awww...raven, that makes me so sad, I totally understand how you feel. A virtual hug for you. I'm not that young just waited for tummy to get better and had kids "later in life" Gonna turn 40 soon... sigh Beats the alternative though. I went on my gluten free shopping today, I got some bread it was pretty nasty, but I ate it anyway. Since all of these things are lower in vitamins and fiber, so you just supplement? How do you get all your fiber in a day? This whole lifestyle change thing is hard.
  3. Thank you so much and yes it's worth a lot! -- I think/hope I'm on the right track. Oh YES --- The reason I've started looking into all this is mainly I have to try and take my kids more palces as they get older and if I'm always running off to the bathroom or cant' go anywhere because of D then well that's no life at all. "I'm sorry momma can't see your ball game because I have the runs.." you know it just doesnt' fly. A lot of my anxiety is what if I have D while I'm out. Like right now in my life I am MEGA stressed but I haven't had D (as of yet knock on wood)... it's the gluten... gotta be. Thank you for the advice I will avoid those triggers too
  4. Awesome info, thank you! I still have a little tingling in my feet,and a bit of palpitation am taking a stress complex and didn't know that folate increases B 12 level readings so that may explain why my test was high when it was previously low. I ate some gluten (my roast was shot up with a solutionI think was the culprit) and I was in the bathroom several times as well as jittery nervous etc... I feel tons better without the gluten. I just wondered if I needed a dr for more guidance, but it sounds like they dont' know what they are doing anyway so I might as well just go with it. So my symptoms were/are: jittery palpitations anxious/anxiety diarhea with no sense/prediction of when it was gonna happen (oh for about 11 years) stomach pain/cramping diagnosed w reflux and put on nexium for years - still had D - D got better when I started probiotic and natural digestive enzyme/acid controller pain under rib/below ribs when i ate bread my heartrate accelerated tired/short of breath with slight exertion I have three times in my life that I (can remember where) I was BAD sick vomit, d, virus type that when I 'recovered from bed', i still had all these symptoms. I think this sounds like classic gluten issues form what I've read. I am offically diagnosing myself. if anyone thinks I am right/wrong please advise.
  5. Thanks for the help - should I worry that I have no diagnosis? Will this cause issues later on? I've been reading about thyroid and seem to have some of those symtoms but tests came back okay too. Just so frustrated! Today I feel better (not like I've just been glutened) So what is the challenge? Off for 3 months and then eat it? Do I need a gastro docotr for this? I just can't seem to get medical help as blood tests are always "fine" which is good but still...
  6. Lol! Okay I now see the error of my ways... I have two little ones and it's hard ya know... but I'm new to it all. (I do eat a lot - I have mini meals) I did, I felt really really good for a bout a week/half (even during my period sorry tmi) but now that it's over I felt last night glutened and this a.m. but feel a bit better this p.m. So I shouldn't bother with another blood test just go with how I feel, which is what i think I will do. I just hate that i dont' have a gastrodoctor or any doctor to tell me what to eat or what to do or anything... I bought gluten-free diet book, but that's the only books I have and then I read I coudlhave other autoimmune things or vitamin defecincies... I'm sorry I just hate not knowing what to do... I guess just eat better and call it good huh? Did anyone ever hear of that adrenal fatigue thing???? Sorry I'm just at a loss...
  7. Oh - i also ate some hagan daz vanilla ice cream with hershey's choclate syrup and smucker strawberry squeeze jelly, some kool aid, eggs and sausage... a lot of these things have natural flavors... ???? thanks again for the help
  8. So my blood tests came back negative, everything checks out except cortisol was like a wee bit high. My B12 was actually a little high as I have been supplementing it with sublingual. However went gluten free and felt AWESOME! So just decided that was it. However, last night I felt a bit "glutened" today the same. Trying to figure out where I got it, if it all... if not I need to have adrenal glands checked I guess. Yesterday I had soup (that i made with beef broth swanson's in abox not organic or low sodium but didn't say contains wheat, and tomato paste.) a wendy's chili and baked potato & sweet tea, roast (with beef broth) carrots, green beans apple sauce (mott's cinnamon, not the natural or organic, mini M&M's and some cranberries...also have a cold and have been using puff's plus with lotion. Any ideas where the gluten came in? I'm missing an ingredient I think or else it is inded NOT celiac. On my blood test my TTG was like +2 and weak positive was 4. My next question is should I gluten up for a months and take the test again? And last question: anyone ever read about adrenal fatigue (drs may not recognize it as it could be BS)? They say gluten bothers you but it's not celiac. Just wondering http://www.womentowomen.com/adrenalfatigue/adrenalglandnutrition.aspx Thanks for your help!
  9. Anabella - no test results yet? How about you? Waiting waiting waiting... It's just gotta be the gluten too much makes sense now! I've been gluten free for a few days and am feeling lots better. My vitamin had wheat in it, changed to a sublingual B12 and and feeling better in all those aspects too. I used to also get sick after cleaning house, always thought it was because my hubby was germy - now I read cleaners have gluten.. could it be? If it is positive I could have had this for 10-15 years!!! or more, I remember being constipated as a child a lot... is that a memory lots of kids have??? Will taking B12 and eating lots of eggs skew an anemia/b12 test? So does all vitamin E mean what? I have a "holy grail" foundation I'm using and I really don't want to give it up (but I would)
  10. Thanks - yes I do have low b12 I know for sure... am getting other levels checks. Thansk for all your help!
  11. Also just wondering... I can be sitting and doing nothing and then my body just kind of has a mind of it's own I start feeling anxious or my heart jumps or palpitates... is that a celiac thing or just my stress over waiting to hear something? Also, how long before you are back to normal ie - like you were before it all started?
  12. Thanks for the advice - yes I am going to go gluten free, as because Sat and Sun I ate gluten, Tuesday a.m. I have D. It just makes sense. I have low B12 and am otherwise quite healthy despite my weakness, fatigue, palpitations, jitteryness, hair loss, ridges in fingernails and anxiety. These symptons REALLY majorly appear after I have had some sort of tummy virus or am sick, but the D remains a constant and tends to also appear around my time of the month. It could be hormonal too but it's gotta be the gluten. question is there one symptom that all celiacs have or is it just that varied?
  13. Thanks for the info - stopped for 2/3 weeks - I tried to eat some this weekend.. told the dr about the lapse, even it says I am little I'm done with it as bad as I feel so as long as it's a 'little positive' that works for me. If not, hormone issues it is!
  14. I got a celiac panel done today, food allergies, along with thryoid and glucose. Pleased with new dr. she leaned more toward thyroid, but thought I was on the right track wiht the celiac... since I glutened this weekend my heart keeps "popping" I guess that's a palpitation and feeling fuzzy/out of focus and weak. If it's not gluten then I don't know what the heck is wrong... feeling frustrated. IF it is gluten it means I've had this for about 20 years, cause that's when it ALL (tummy troubles) started.
  15. Thank you all so much - yes I am keeping open to other possibilities, but I had an endo done about 10 years ago and my tummy was pardon the expression hamburger meat, (dx gastritis, no test for gluten) so if my blood tests are postive, I'm calling it a day and going gluten free. I'm eating a little gluten yesterday and today ate pizza last night woke up all jittery and palpitational... yea. ;( Daily chores are making me tired/out of breath too. joy. Do your symptoms increase with lifes stresses? Also does gluten vary your hormones as well. So do I need to always be on the lookout for other AI issues even if I do go gluten free? Thanks again very much, I appreciate your experience and expertise.