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    Converting regular recipes to gluten free. Bob's Red Mill all purpose flour and xantham gum are my buddies.My non-gluten related interest include rose gardening, Bruce Springsteen and my children's high school sports. I also enjoy entertaining and serving gluten free menu without others realizing the difference.
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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Anyone Else In Central Upstate Ny?

    'Willi Wonka Chocolate River' as my 13 year old liked to call it has cleared up and behaving itself for the most part. Gave us a scare a couple times though when it creeped back up the bank. Things are finally moving along with a new crew working on the house. I will even have my very own gluten free kitchen pantry cabinet. With 4 kids it is hard to keep them out of my gluten-free snacks and especially the fruity pebbles.
  3. Anyone Else In Central Upstate Ny?

    Hi all, I am from Conklin, NY. Did anyone else get hit by the June flood. Boy it is hard being gluten-free in a FEMA trailer. Major break out of DH going on and it is miserable. Almost back in the house though
  4. Sounds like the doctor I had as well. Are you from the Binghamton area? I am fighting with his office to get the images from a capsule endoscopy that he performed. Wonder why? My advise, get a new GI.
  5. Hi all, I haven't been on recently because my son has been getting progressivly worse sense January. He vomits more than he doesn't. After a follow up endoscopy and another biopsy for celiac with full blood panel the answer was still negative to celiac. GI said he believes he may have cyclic vomiting syndrome with abdominal migraine. I have been doing alot of research and he just doesn't fit the bill. He is progressivly getting worse and not responding to medications. Brandon has vomited approximatly 51 days so far this year. Vomiting episodes alway accompanied by ab pain. He has had ab x-rays at ER and they said he has to poop and has alot of gas (give me a break), ab CT scan did show slight enlargment of a gland (still not sure what one), brain MRI report said normal, AB/Renal ultrasound said mild fatty deposits in liver. He has gained weight through all of this. Face is fat and mid body fat, sounds to me like it could be some form of Cushing's. His thyroid tests normal except for elevated total T3. Oh, he is also retaining fluid. We are being referred to Cleveland Clinic for metobolic testing. I am at my wits end. Can't seem to put this puzzle together and I feel like time is waisting away waiting for Cleveland. Has anyone else had any experience like this? Also, I have lost faith in local doctors, they seem to have tunnel vision now, especially the ER doctors. The kid was vomiting blood, pediatrician told us to go to ER, the wanna be ER doctor said it was not his area of experteas and suggusted alternative medicine and not to bring him back unless he vomits a cup of blood or more. Needless to say I told pediatrician who in turn has filed an official complaint. Our new pediatrician is the only local doctor I trust, he is looking at every possible senario. He also ran celiac blood panel again, still negative. Skin prick tests negative as well. So anyway the official dx's that we have thus far is major acid reflux, 4 esophigus ulcers now cleared up, pyloric ulcer cleared up, definate lactose intolorance. Any suggestions or insight would be a big help. Afterall, it was the internet and this site that helped me figure out that I have celiac. As a side note, through all the stress of my son's illness, I cheated, had some beer and broke out with DH. Stupid me. Differential diagnosis to cyclic vomiting are many, including partial intestinal obstruction and ureter obstruction. How would one go about getting an independant analysis of films? Sorry for the long post and I thank you all in advance for your caring and understanding like always. Laurie
  6. Ev in Michigan, I had typed a rather long reply to you and one of my kids hit a button on computer and it is now lost. Sorry for that. Anyway, Here is my advise from experiance, don't let your doctor just write you off with an anti-depressant. I was stupid enough to let that happen and I did not need an anti-depressant. Same doctor told me 10 years ago that I had iflammatory bowel disease, then he disappeared for a few years, came back and now all his patients have irritable bowel disease and he prescribes Effexor. I trusted him and took it and I have to say that it was hell!!! That is when I started researchin and looking for answers on my own. Now I know that I am gluten intolorant, and most definatly celiac, the stupid doctors won't do a biopsy. My advise, DON'T GO FOR THE ANTI-DEPRESSANT!!!!! FIRST INSIST ON CELIAC BLOOD PANEL AND BIOPSY. You would not be here on this site if you were not seeking answers. I have found this site to be a live saver. I was diagnosed via EnterLab. Trust me, I have ingested gluten sense the results and low and behold the symptoms come back each and every time that I eat and/or drink something with gluten. When completly Gluten Free I feel AWSOME. So anyway my advise is don't do the drugs, trust your body and continue to ask questions and insist that your health care provider perform the correct tests. Good luck and keep us posted with your struggle to find an answer.
  7. Patty and SB4480, Thank you both for your replies. Update to my plans for the prep and proceedure; Doctor's office called today and the C-Diff and Giardia was negative. Good news in some fashion, but still no answer to the puke fest (as my son calls it) and the never ending D. I believe deep down that he does in fact have at the very least gluten intolorance like his mom. I pray every night that is not the case. Kinda hoping that he is cheating on the dairy free diet. But, I really don't believe that is what is happening. Anyway, the prep that he has to do is after lunch on Saturday (proceedure is Mon.) he goes on liquid diet. Also has to take 1 ducolax on Saturday evening. Sunday is strict clear liquid diet and suppose to start drinking 10oz bottle of Magnesium something or the other at 2pm and begin visiting the BR. Spoke to nurse prac. and she said that starting the magnesium at 4pm would be ok so that my son can still go on his first trip with the ski club. He has missed out on alot lately. My husband and I plan to send him off on the ski bus in morning and pick him up in the motor home on the mountain at 3:30. I knew there was a reason for letting my hubby get that darn motor home . Personally I like hotel vacations more than that darn motor home . Anyway, Brandon will start the prep once we hit the road. It is a 3 hour drive to the children's hospital where his GI doctor is. When we get there he can drink or shall I say choke down the second bottle and spend the rest of the evening in the hotel potty room with his portable DVD player. On a good note, Mom and Dad won't miss the girls on Wisteria Lane love that show. Looking for a bright side to all this, can you tell. Now for the eating issue. Brandon has requested a 1 inch thick T-Bone Steak from the local butcher as his last supper before the prep begins (kid after my own heart). So he gets that meal on Saturday for lunch, yum . Here is my problem, what the heck can I feed him so that he doesn't feel starved on Sunday??? He will be skiing and probably rather hungry at first. The kid doesn't like chicken broth. Jello would work but would he feel full. I do understand and know that once the prep kicks in he more than likely won't even want to eat. I just feel so guilty, like I passed on these horrid genes to my child. Any suggestions to help make this weekend easier would be greatly appreciated. It is so much easier to deal with, you know trying to find the answer to your health issues; but when it comes to your child, God it is just so much harder. The guilt is so overwhelming. I apologize for this post being so long. I have found great strength and comfort here before during my struggle to finally figure out what was wrong with me. I am so hating myself right now for possibly passing on my poopy genes to my sweet little boy (eventhough he would say he isn't so little anymore). The poor kid lost 9 pounds last week alone with all the vomiting, thank God he had a little extra to loose. Thank you all for your support. It is people like you that give me the strength to keep fighting for an answer. P.S.- Sorry my last post was so long. Thank you for listening.
  8. Stephanie, My son is 13. He has to drink the phosfo soda as well. I hear there is a cherry flavor, have to find out about that. He is going to be under general anisthesia because of the endoscopy being done at same time. Thank God that he won't realize exactly what they are doing. For the rash that developes, when I do prep myself, I start off by using Balmax. It is diaper rash oitment for babies. Helps to coat the skin and rash doesn't get as bad if applied after each visit to throne. I wonder if the fleet soda stuff can be made into a slush, maybe that would go down easier.
  9. Well my son is going to have a second biopsy for celiac on Monday and they are also going to do a colonoscopy. The poor kid does ok for about 10 days to 2 weeks then begins vomitting for a week. Here is what we have discovered via testing in the last 6 months: celiac negative in August severe acid reflux 5 esophagal ulcers Giardia in August Dairy intolorant diagnosed in December Bacterial overgrowth diagnosed in December My son started a strict dairy free diet in December. It is possible that he may have had dairy by accident over the holidays which may have triggered the vomiiting. I just don't know. Is it common to vomit for a week straight from one slip up? The diarehia has not cleared up either. Could it be celiac or gluten intolorant, could it be bacteria overgrowth........ It is so frustrating not knowing. The poor kid was racking his brain trying to figure out what he ate that he wasn't suppose to. Anyway, my question for other parents is this: Any suggestions on clear liquids, no red of course, that he can have for a day and half during prep for colonoscopy. Don't want him feeling like he is starving. He lost 10 pounds last week from vomiting. Also, any suggestions to make the prep smoother would be greatly appreciated. Is the prep harder on a child than on an adult, as in like crapping, etc.?? We plan on driving the 3 hour trip to the hospital in the motor home. That way he can still go skiing with his ski club and start the prep on the road. We will be staying in a hotel once we get to Rochester, the poor kid would become clostophobic if he had to spend hours in a motor home b-room.
  10. Scott, Thank you very very much! By the way, what is Scott's screen name on the forum?
  11. Nancy, Trust yourself and the way that you feel. Tell your GI doctor that you would like the endo and a complete celiac blood panel done. Not sure how accurate a mini gluten-free challenge is, try it for a couple of weeks and see how you feel. Personally, I got my diagnosis from Enterolab after years of suffering, going to doctors that hadn't a clue and doing a gluten-free challenge on my own. As for the husband rolling the eyes, been there, done that, get that. Although, he isn't condescending, he still does not quite understand. Hang in there and seek out the answers you need by asking the right questions, researching and not giving up. It is very discouraging especially when it seems like no one understands. Hang in there and don't give up until you find your answer. Stick around here, lots of great advise from many people who have had similar experiances.
  12. Olive Garden

    To me at least, it sounds as though Olive Garden's response was in the form of a 'Legal Disclaimer'. Personally, I avoid Olive Garden, to my husband's dismay, simply because they specalize in Pasta dishes which, even if you order a salad or steak, there could be the possibility of cross contamination. I do not believe they have a specific gluten free menu and would not want to chance it. I do, however, recommend the Outback. They have a Gluten Free menu and I believe the founders wife has celiac so they understand the gluten-free diet. I have actually gone to the Outback and the server brought my shrimp appitizer on the bread after ordering from the gluten-free menu. After bringing this to the server's attention the manager came over and our $70 meal was on the house. I am now their best customer
  13. I am not sure which forum to post this under so I figure the moderators will move this to the proper location. Anyhoo, here is my question: Who started Celiac.com and is responsible for maintaining this wonderful website? I would just like to say thank you to whomever you are. You have provided a source of great knowledge and encouragement to all of those who have been fortunate enough to stubble upon you in our quest to find answers, support and encouragement. I could not survive a gluten-free life without you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your efforts, and those of all the members of the forum are forever appreciated. Because of the advise of others here and reading there trials and tribulations, I, after 15 + years have finally gotten some answers. And more importantly, my son will not have to suffer the way I did because I now know that you have to question your doctors, ask them for certain tests and be vigilant in finding the answers and causes to the symptoms. Laurie
  14. The most excited that I have gotten was one day after reading about Philly Swirls here on the wonderful forum, I run up to the Mom and Pop grocery in my town to pick up some bread (NO NOT FOR ME OF COURSE). Anyway, as I pass the rather small frozen food cooler, out of the side of my eye I see none other than Philly Swirls. I literally yelled out "No way, I don't believe it" I bought up the four boxes they had, keep in mind I had never tried them, and proceeded home to become addicted. I jumped back into my car, drove up to the mom and pop store and asked to speak to the owner. The poor cashier must have thought she did something wrong. I explained my gluten issues to John (he went to school with hubby) and asked that he keep them in stock. Four days later I run up to the store again and the cooler is jammed packed with Philly Swirls. On a sad note, John put them on sale one time and all those people that can eat whatever they want bought them up. As a side note, John keeps an extra box in the back cooler just for me. Talk about getting excited Next step, get some good gluten-free bread products in my little store.
  15. Yvonne, My son has the same symptoms along with actual vomitting. He had a Hydrogen Breath Test done for lactose intolerance which came back positive. This test can also detect bacterial overgrowth. It takes about 2 hours, other than that it is an easy test, you just blow into this tube every 30 minutes. Good luck and I hope you find the source of your symptoms. I know how frustrating it can be.