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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. You are right.. Interesting re the vomiting. I had this symptom but didn't think it was related. MY SO thought it was the flu or something but it would happen intermittently not for a few days or a week as the flu or virus would cause.
  2. Orange County Ca Celiacs?

    Hello everyone.. I live in Anaheim Hills. Wolicki was kind enough to let me know there are a lot of members in Orange County and I see she was right! I did see a Meet Up group in OC I did contact the person who runs the group via email but she never responded?
  3. I've had severe hair loss (I've lost about 50 to 60% of my hair.. If you're having malabsorption issues the best supplements to take are administered sublinqually, if your body can't absorb vitamins it won't matter if it's from food or supplementation. The doctors weren't sure what and still aren't my problems are but do say I have a problem with absorption of vitamins. I now give myself B12 shots & take sublinqual B's & sublinqual D3. I regrew all my hair but had a set back & began losing hair again & began to have a LOT of Beau's lines on my fingernails. I checked & the vitamins I was taking didn't have Biotin which I hadn't realized unfortunately. Hopefully, my hair will start come back this time! Good luck.
  4. Thank you Lisa! Very much appreciated.. I left out a few symptoms that I thought of after I posted this, I have heart palpitations and I had liver enzymes in my last blood test although I am NOT a drinker or anything close! I'll be seeing a doctor in my area... thanks for encouragement!
  5. I have been experiencing some severe symptoms for many years & in the last 5 years they have become more serious. I've gone to doctors but they've never tested me for celiac disease but I am beginning to believe that is the problem. I have the following symptoms: malabsorption - to spite taking supplementation (the doctors have verified I do have this issue but haven't determined the cause) insomnia muscle pain joint pain diarrhea (have been treated for IBS) severe hair loss general fatigue mouth lesions (which have improved with B12 shots) finger nails have many deep Beau's lines particular thumb nails I have had some testing- intrinsic factor which came back normal. I have one of the genes for MTHFR, I did think that was my problem and have been supplementing with folate & B12 but the hair loss & other symptoms haven't been eliminated although the fatigue is somewhat better. I also have been tested for thyroid & anemia (iron) both came back normal. I also was treated for GERD because the doctor thought the mouth lesions were from acid reflux, the medication made my symptoms worse. I also had H. Pylori and was treated. I've had IBS for many years and after the H. Pylori was treated it improved but I still have problems with cramping & diarrhea. My symptoms have been at their worse for the last five years. I was in the Caribbean and came down with a sinus infection. I saw a physician and was treated with a heavy dose of Augmentin which caused me to have severe diarrhea. Afterwards my symptoms worsened. Afterwards I saw a physician (that has a nutritionist in his office) and was given probiotics as well as other supplements. My symptoms improved for awhile but now I feel very ill again and my hair loss is worse (I've lost about 60% of my hair). The nutritionist suggested that it was possible that my problems were due to celiac disease but I was never tested. I moved across country and now am living in Orange County CA. To be honest I've worn out with seeing doctors and trying to find out what is wrong. Not sure what to do or where to find a physician that can help me. Any advice would be so very much appreciated.