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  1. Hi Cat. I'm new to forums, been gaming online for years though. Don't really know anything about posting, so have no idea what this will look like! I found out I was celiac in '84 when I almost died of starvation even though I was eating a "normal" diet. I've been there, done that to just about every thing related to Celiac. The main points I've learned are; NO CHEATING. This article sums it up nicely; http://www.celiac.com/articles/22237/1/Better-Education-for-Celiac-and-Gluten-Sensitive-Patients/Page1.html Also, find a good Naturopathic clinic for the AMA still doesn't have a clue about celiac. Then follow a rotation diet until your gut heals some or you risk losing the foods you are eating now. Lastly, find a local support group. Both for celiac and for mental health. NAMI has many good programs for those with neurological problems. Good luck to you.