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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Any Celiac Athletes Out There?

    And it gives you tremendous anxiety over needed to take a timeout during a fight...this is more of a fear than the fight itself!!! I fight in Pittsburgh April 23, then in Glasgow, Scotland June 18th. Hope you get over the cold symptoms fast and are prepared for RI. Thanks & GOOD LUCK.
  2. Cd & Exercise

    Kaiti I think your are probably right...a combination of not getting enough carbs & protein can sap your energy. I thing I have taken in the past is Endurox...although now, I am waiting for the company to contact me regarding gluten-free status of the product. It combines carbs and protein in a 4:1 ratio for rapid rehydration and rejuventation. There is a gluten-free product called Carb=BOOM I just ordered that others who exercise frequently may want to try. I think priming your body is vital to being able to perform and sometimes supplementation is necessary for those of us on the go and don't have time to eat 10 small meals a day
  3. Cd & Exercise

    I guess my question is why do you feel less energized when you go gluten-free? I have read several posts that people once diagnosed feel a reduction in stamina and energy and am surprised. Is there empirical scientific evidence that celiacs have decreased energy? I mean gluten is a protein versus a complex carbohydrate. It isn't an energy source, although it is in wheat and other staple carbs in the western diet. Is your feeling of depletion confounded by the disappointment (sometimes depression) that is comorbid with the diagnosis? Further still but a sudden decrease in comsumption of carbohydrates fearing gluten intake? As an epidemiologist and pro fighter, I have a particular interest here, and think there may be covariates that actually can moderate or mask the relationship between gluten-free <--->ENERGY. I would think there should be an increase in energy from not having to endure the GI problems, the increased absorption of vital nutrients, and if you maintain your carbohydrates through rice, etc. an overall spike in energy.
  4. Any Celiac Athletes Out There?

    I think what I've noticed with the performance is that I'm usually prepared conditioning wise and don't notice the effect, but that could have been my denial that I had celiac disease. I don't ever seem to fatigue and that's what the opponent and his corner usually say too...which is nice. It could be mental preparation that overrides the physical though. I keep repeating that I'm not tired, etc. What has happened though is the hidden gluten a couple of times on the day of the fight...eating that protein bar or energy bar and running to the restroom 20 times that day. THis does take energy away though as it's like a fight with my body's shock. Sweating, cramping, etc. I actually felt best in a fight in Thailand this year after being gluten-free for a month...the only gluten I could find there was in processed foods imported from China, japan and the west. I actually gained .85 kg and had to cut weight the day of the fight. I guess I absorbed some more nutrients than what I had been. I was probably eating more too since I wasn't have the reaction to gluten too. I hope to feel even stronger and more fit with some upcoming fights and am staying vigilant on the diet.
  5. Any Celiac Athletes Out There?

    Thanks all. I'm definitely going to order the Larabars if I can't get them @ Whole Foods first. I guess the key seems to be in order to maintain high levels of energy to replace all of the previously gluten-laden carbs with those that are gluten-free and to supplement particularly with the vitamins & minerals we are not absorbing. I'm 34 and a professional thai fighter (avocation), so my career won't be too much longer. but i'll continue to train novice, amateurs and hopefully groom a few pros along the way. It's a pretty demanding style of training and fighting, so I am optimistic that staying gluten-free and supplementing will only help. BTW - right before my last fight I had ingested gluten and had a horrible day preparing for the fight, so it really does affect performance in that regard. Amazing how gut pains can really kill your day over & over for years. One quick question -- how long on average does it take once you are gluten-free for the GI symptoms to begin to wane?? I'm still having some problems, but less frequent and severe at least.
  6. Any Celiac Athletes Out There?

    Thank you for your help on this topic. I just bought Emergen C (Alacer Corp) for liquid electrolyte replacement and vitamins. I just need to find a suitable protein/carb supplement in shake or bar form. Endurox hasn't answered me yet, but I read someone's post elsewhere that they told him it was gluten-free...until I hear though, I'm skeptical. What types of probiotics have you taken, Vote4PresBush04? flagbabyds -- I checked 3 days ago with the Clif company, since I was eating 2-3 Builders bars a day. They informed me that the rolled oats are contaminated since they are processed from a facility that doesn't separate out the wheat. Check the FAQ page and you'll see that they are "wheat free" but NOT gluten-free... I spent a month training in Thailand 8 hours a day, and felt fantastic. THere, most of the symptoms I had went away within a week, seeing as gluten there is scarce. I essentially live on an Asian diet and have consumed mostly rice for complex carbs and yams to avoid wheat products, but the hardest part seems to be finding out if products particularly for supplementation are truly gluten-free.
  7. I am going in for my bloodwork and biopsy in a week, and have prolonged doing this since my mom was diagnosed 6 months ago. I am pretty sure the diagnosis will be positive as I have had symptoms for years now...we thought for a few years it was a combination of lactose-intolerance, too much coffee, vegetarianism with high fiber - all probably NOT the problem. For one, all of my vegetarian proteins were hydrolyzed or texturized and held together with GLUTEN. I wanted to inquire as to if there are any hardcore athletes that are coping with the illness, and if so, what are the challenges to maintaining nutrition and particularly gluten-free supplemention? I'm a fighter, and train hard - aerobically and anerobically. My sport is gruelling physically, and I hope that going gluten-free will improve my stamina and performance. I guess if I have had years of malabsorption, I am optimistic I can only freel stronger. I do worry about gaining weight since fighters compete in distinct weight classes, but hope to contain this. I've been gluten-free for 4 days since I had been consuming protein bars labeled Wheat-free...but are contaminated in processing. I'm still recovering from that experience GI-wise. Thanks.