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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Why Get Tested?

    There's a couple reasons I would want an accurate test. First off, it will let you know how careful you need to be. Do you have to be hyper-vigilent about cross-contamination, etc. Second, because Celiac is genetic, if you have children you will need to have the tested periodically for it. If you find out you don't have Celiac, then there's no need unless you see symptoms.
  2. Gluten "test"

    If he's not sensitive to gluten he won't have a reaction to it just because he hasn't had it for 4 months.
  3. I would guess there is another intolerance there. My DD is also sensitive to sunflower and we would have never guessed it unless we did a food sensitivity test. When she eats it she has a horrible time falling asleep and will wake up several times in the night.
  4. We are in the process of getting a diagnosis of Celiac for my 2.5 year old. She started breaking out in a pretty classic DH rash at about 18 months when exposed to high quantities of gluten. Now she will break out in it from a single goldfish cracker. We absolutely will not put her on gluten for weeks and weeks to do the blood test of gut biopsy. She's a wreck on gluten besides just the rash, and there's no way we could do that to her (or us!). She has rested negative for all allergies and is positive for the gene. Our gastro. said that we could feed her gluten for a couple days though and then they could biopsy the rash and they would give us the Celiac diagnosis that way. It would help to have the for sure diagnosis only because we have some skeptics in the family who are still holding out hope that it's something else. Her rash usually clears up within a few days of exposure when it's just a single, tiny amount of gluten. I don't know what will happen if we feed it to her for a couple days. She's so tiny, but it would be so nice to just have the diagnosis stage done with and not have to mess with it again down the road. Thoughts?
  5. @#%$!

    I'm so sorry! My DD has the same type of problem. She has potty accidents (just pee thankfully) all over the place within minutes of being glutened.
  6. Night Time Sleep

    My DD is 2.5 years old. On gluten she takes forever to get to sleep. She is irrational, can't calm down, very distressed. She will wake up multiple times in the night and take a long time to get back to sleep. Lots of crying no matter what we do. Off gluten she takes a few minutes to get to sleep. Sleeps all night. Wakes up happy.
  7. My DD is a disaster on gluten. Her behavior does a complete 180 when she is exposed.
  8. I was going to say the same thing, butt paste shouldn't be used with cloth diapers! CJ's butter is great though and is cloth diaper friendly.
  9. Just so you know, my DD reacted to gluten via breastmilk. I know I'm just one person and not a study, but it is possible. Also, because she has DS they may try to wisk her away after birth and start testing and such. I would INSIST that this be delayed at least an hour so that you can have lots of skin to skin time as that has been shown in study after study to be super important to developing a good breastfeeding relationship. Don't even let them wipe her down first and bundle her up if possible. Just go straight to mom's tummy and breast.
  10. My DD has some reactions almost immediately and then they continue for 24-48 hours. If it was a lot of exposure she also will develop a rash on her backside and legs usually the following day that lasts for several days.
  11. We use Vital-zymes and they are made by Klaire Labs. My DD loves them. As far as probiotics go, the more strains of bacteria the better.
  12. My DD's is really loose. She is potty trained and uses a little potty that I have to dump out. It's almost always a mess to clean out because it's not solid like it should be. We just recently went 100% gluten-free with no cross-contamination, so I'm hoping that will get better soon. As gross as it would be, pics might be helpful so we could all compare and figure out what's normal!
  13. My DD is 2 and she started showing symptoms around 12 months old that got increasingly worse around 18-24 months.
  14. I would start with a food journal for him. Try it for a month and see if the behavior or stools tend to happen based on what he's eaten.
  15. Debating The Next Step

    Why would they question Enterolabs results? Getting in to her ped is a pain. He is so well liked that it takes several months to get an appointment and then you end up waiting at least an hour past your appt. time to get in. We mostly just see a naturopath that is a friend of mine, but she doesn't see any need to do any further testing or to verify a diagnosis of Celiac. I think the real reason I want it confirmed is because my mom is questioning the diagnosis. She has some other reason for every symptom my daughter has and some other explanation every time she gets better or reacts. Ugh.