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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. hi all, its been awhile,just wanted to leave an update on the protein issue,back in april 2012 protein was found in the urine it was 1.3 grams 24hr.tests were done to rule out other conditions that could cause the issue,all can back fine.so its just a kidney malfunction no biopsy was down becasue the protein went down to 853mg 24hr,and gfr is still high in the 90's.creatine /bun is still good, also nothing is getting worse,i see him every 4 months for blood and urine work to keep things in check taking 40mg of micardis for the blood preasure that seems to help the protein levels.anyone here ever have an issue like this. thanks kryptonite
  2. hi GFinDC, thanks for the reply,i hardly eat as it is lol ,you know how that is.i think i have tried everything under the sun.i guess i will follow his orders,and see him in 3 months.i am stumped about this.but its all ok if you can deal with celiac you can deal with this issue also.,have no choice. will post back in 3 months with report. hope nothing else happens btwn now and then lol. take care kryptonite
  3. saw the kidney doc this week all blood work was great creatine was also good also.he had told me that i am in pretty good shape,because there is no loss of functions anywhere,as of now.he has me on a med that will hopefully cut down the potein passing threw.i am to see him in 3 months he said if the bloodwork is the same we are good.same with the urine work also.biopsy will only be needed if blood is off and more protein is in urine. he also mentioned that it is possible that since i have celiac that this is why this is happening.bottom line he said people with celiac have a greater chance of developing kidney issues this doc is out of yale new haven in ct. hope all is well with all kryptonite
  4. ok got some news here.all the blood work that i had done which was out of this world to rule out every disease known to mankind,turned out to be all normal,so i am left with a kidney biopsy to determine what the disease i have i guess.anyone here have one done and do i really need this to be done feedback would be helpful. thanks kryptonite
  5. hey this might help ,i have had always problematic stools,btwn the color and the floating stools,loose, etc .before i was diagnosed with celiac in 2008.still to this day i still have those issues. i have tried digestive enzymes,for awhile those made my stomach upset. i am a big fiber person to flush out the bowel,you might want to have your enzymes checked out liver,pancreas.i did any they were low. i take a probiotic once a day and that seems to help a little.anyway try not to worry to much just make sure you dot all of your i's. food for thought kryptonite
  6. ok saw the kidney doc yesterday i went to get lab work done that he had ordered.get this 15 different blood tests. after 12 vials of blood. have ultrasound march 8,he does not expect to find anything wrong because my blood work from my intern has no flaws cmp was fine and cbc was on jan 5.he wants to rule out other conditions.he thinks the kidneys are inflamed and thats what is causing the spill my numbers with the 24 hr test were 1,000 over a 24 hr. kryptonite
  7. hi GFinDC, thanks i will post what ever happens here so we all could have this to look back on. thanks kryptonite
  8. hi ravenwoodglass, i will let all know what the outcome is here but it seems to be the start of CKD as with all the stuff you and all have been talking about . cheers, kryptonite
  9. ok got back my 24 hr test results,looks like i have leaky kidneys,the protein lose is not that much my doc said so i am now reffered to a kidney specialist.i do not know what happens from here. kryptonite
  10. hi and thanks for the info my blood sugar is runs around 79-90 so thats fine my blood preasure run 125-135 systolic 80-86 dystolic so that should be ok there doc said no treatment for the tests. doing a 24 hr collect now for micro albulmin. thanks kryptonite
  11. hi, i had the micro blood in one urine test and that same test was sent out to confirm the blood and it came back neg.there was something else that tipped off the test to say blood but it was not.anyway stay on top of your health,i am just so body aware of things that whwn i see something i act on it right away.so now i am going to do a 24 hr collect tonite and tomorrow. to see how much is splling into urine. thank you kryptonite
  12. hi frieze, yeah this sounds like this is going to be a take care of the kidneys from here on in.blood work was fine cbc and cmp,but the urine the creatine and bun where elavated.go figure.anyway any other thoughts are welcome . thank you kryptonite
  13. thanks for the feedback i am just trying to find out what could be the cause of the spilling of the protein.i read that some celiac people have kidney problems maybe there could be a link here. Kryptonite