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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My husband just found some gluten-free foods made by Namaste Foods. Has anyone ever heard of them, if so did you like them? He bought the pizza mix and brownie mix. He really bought a lot, wish he would get just one to try. According to the package it is free of gluten, wheat, potato, soy, corn, dairy, and casein. Also says sugar-free pizza mix. He also bought some gluten-free MiDel chocolate cookies, I only had a couple and had right-sided pain afterwards and now having severe pain in my back. The last time I had these symptoms was after deliberately re-trying oatmeal, which I will never do again. If these products make me sick I am never doing processed food again no matter what the labels say.
  2. Mariann, Are you able to use coconut milk? I have some but afraid to use it, I seem to react to all dairy, even soy and rice milk.
  3. Dear Barbara, I was thinking just like you until the word "milk chocolate" jumped out at me. I'm not sure about dark chocolate.
  4. I use Garnier Fructis(sp?), it is gluten free. I used to use Nexxus and my head was always itchy. After I looked at the list of ingredients and found it contained wheat! Natalie, I'm sorry to disagree with you, I do not have a definite diagnosis of Celiac, but I can't tolerate gluten in any form. I don't want to be disrespecful of your doctor, but they have a lot to learn. A lot of my symtoms were non-GI and I was under the care of one of the best allergist on the east coast and he never considered testing me for antibodies, even after I told him that I thought I had a wheat allergy or intolerance. The only thing he did was a scratch test which was neg for wheat. Had he done a Celiac Panel in 1993 I could have avoided 10 years of hell. I finally got so sick that I couldn't walk into the hospital on my own, was referred to a GI doc who diagnosed me as gluten intolerant, possible Celiac. As far as doctors, I had to educate my dentist because I have had some nasty reactions from sitting in the dentist chair and being" zapped" with gluten. I recently gave my family doctor a list of gluten-free meds to keep in my chart. He was very impressed and asked where I got it. My GI doc, who I respect ,didn't know if Prevacid and/or Nexium were gluten-free and he prescribes them every day! I don't think this forum is misinforming people. I find people who have suffered for years have more knowledge of this disease than most physicians. I have been a nurse for years and I don't believe in" bashing" doctors, but a lot of us have been sick for a lot of years and have been at the mercy of doctors who think that Celiac is very "rare" and is found in only thin people. I hope that they are getting better educated in med school. Sorry to be ranting tonight... Judy
  5. Natalieb, I've always had a problem with my eyes, redness, pain, sensitivity to sunlight, etc. I have suspected sjogren's but I never followed up on it. Would you mind telling me what kind of Dr. you went to and what tests he performed? I would like to get this resolved, they have improved on a gluten-free diet but problems have not gone away completely.
  6. Vany4, Are you sure Darvocet is gluten-free? I have been avoiding it because one list said it was not gluten-free.
  7. I am mostly German, my ancestors are listed as pioneers who settled Pennsylvania. When asked about our ancestry in grade school my grandmother said tell them "Pennsylvania Dutch" which was not Dutch but German. When doing our family tree for my kids, I did learn of an irish/english great grandmother which explained a lot.
  8. Hi everyone, My symptoms started following a simple thyroidectomy that went bad. I was in ICU for 4 days. I won't go into detail but after that I started to have symptoms.
  9. The stool test for oand p is for ova and parasites, it is common to do these especially if you are having diarrhea.
  10. I would suggest showing them articles about the girl who couldn't take communion because the Catholic Church wouldn't let her use a rice wafer. This stirred up a lot of controversy and more people became aware of the disease because of it. Some stories explained about how even a crumb of wheat could cause severe damage and the little girl said "I could die from it". just a thought...
  11. Dear CoolCat, I don't know anything about Canada for which I'm sorry, but do you have anything like Social Security Disability for which you could apply? I know it is hard to get in the USA, although some people seem to get it. The fact that you are under so much stress and you have a cooperative physician might help. Is there anyway that they could accomadate you by changing to another job, perhaps behind a desk to get you through the year. I know how a controlling boss can be, I still have nightmares about mine and I haven't been around her for several years. Please let us know how you are doing.
  12. Brenda and Dessa and all others who are concerned: There are 2 web sites that I have found which answered some of my questions www.diabetic.com http://diabetes.about.com
  13. Dessa, I have recently been diagnosed with "D" and am trying to learn everything I can. I was curious about your high insulin levels, how did you find this out? I can suggest a way to lose weight that is working for me. If you are having a meal with meat and vegetables, don't eat any rice or potatoes. If you "must" have rice or potatoes then eat them with vegetables, no meat. Keep meals 3-4 hours apart and eat fruit after 3 hours of eating meals. This is working for me, I have lost 20 lbs. Of course avoid processed food, which is kind of second nature with celiac disease. It's not fun having both of these diseases but there is a way to do it. Also if you have a meter, test often, after fasting in am and 2hours after meals. Some foods have a higher glycemic index and will raise your blood sugar faster like rice, grapes, watermelon. Good luck.
  14. CoolCat. Were you diagnosed with celiac disease? If you have a definite diagnosis then I think your workplace would have to accomadate you, there is something about that in the American Disabilities Act about that. Can someone help me out here?
  15. Suzanne, I may be wrong but I think tropical sprue develops if you live in the tropics, Im not sure of the etiology (origin), maybe parasites. I really don't think it is the same as Celiac or non-tropical Sprue. I'm sure someone on this board knows the answer.