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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Event Date: Every 3rd TUESDAY of the month City: Bryan State: Texas Time: 6:30 - 8:00 PM Location: St. Joseph Education. Annex (corner of East 29th & Broadmoor). For more information, contact Denise Fries at (979) 846-8395 or email Megan Tichy at mtichy@mail.chem.tamu.edu.
  3. Event Date: Every 3rd TUESDAY of the month City: Bryan State: Texas Time: 6:30 - 8:00 PM Location: St. Joseph Education. Annex (corner of East 29th & Broadmoor). For more information, contact Denise Fries at (979) 846-8395 or email Megan Tichy at mtichy@mail.chem.tamu.edu.
  4. Julie - Is it zantac? Nathan was on that at 3 months too - and he hated it and screamed alot whenever we had to give it. The prevacid solutabs were much better tasting for him and seemed to help just as well. We are currently finishing up a box of prevacid suspension that makes 30 mL! It was way too much to cram down him when he was 3 mos. But now he takes it like candy. I just don't think it is as effective. For one thing it is such a large volume that he would end up spitting some of it back up. So we are going back on the prevacid solutabs tonight. Good luck w/ Eli! Poor little guy, Nathan never moaned in his sleep just squirms and kicks alot, and last night it was back to that. Squirming, kicking and waking every 1.5 to 2 hours.
  5. I tried Nathan on Alimentum last night. He did great with it! It is so different than the other formulas! One thing concerns me - and that is that I'm using the premixed stuff. No need to add any water. Is this still gluten-free? I think it must be - the ingredients had no red flags that I could tell and he did great with it. Since it is specifically for babies with protein intolerances this tells me he very well could be celiac. I am starting to believe it is GER as well as food issues - so I'm trying to solve both problems. I checked out the link from an earlier post and there is a rare form of GER that causes weight gain due to "comfort feeding". So the doc was incorrect when he said larger babies can't have acid reflux. Hopefully with the prevacid, supplemental alimentum, and strict diet for me - Nathan will start feeling better by next week. One sign he is doing better is he has slept 4 hours straight 2 times now. Thank you all for the ideas and support. Will try these things too, thanks! To answer your q's: He is a one stool a day baby - they are still very soft and seedy b/c he is mostly breastfed. Nathan is a sweet and happy baby whenever he is not in pain or hungry or tired. His smile lights up the room and his giggle is to die for. We are looking for a new pediatrician - but there are very few to choose from here.
  6. Thanks Michelle. I am so glad that you posted that! I get alot of criticism for sleeping w/ Nathan. "He should be in his crib" is always the argument. Esp. from the doctor. He is 6 months old. He also nurses during the night and rarely ever has a problem w/ spit up while he is lying in bed. He does wake to eat quite frequently and the doc said he may be smelling my milk, which is one more reason he "should be in the crib". Getting him to sleep is just so difficult these days. And oftentimes the only way I can do it (even for naps, like you say) is to nurse him. But it makes it hard for the sitter during the days to get him to sleep for his naps....she can't nurse him. Thanks for the advice on pumping too. We may try awhile on breastmilk only.
  7. I thank you for your help and suggestions And I agree with your point of view on crying it out. Nathan has had 2 sets of immunization shots but was already colicky before them. As a chemist - I am aware of the issues of mercury in thimerosal. And would never ever give him an immunization that contained it... especially w/ the link to autism. But I will look into the web link that you sent. Again, I appreciate all of these suggestions so much! I am somewhat lactose intolerant, so I have avoided all milk products since pregnancy. I had a bit of dairy in a chocolate treat and to be honest w/ you - he is so fussy every night - I just couldn't tell if it affected him. But I say better safe than sorry and have avoided milk along w/ peanuts, cabbage, tuna, and of course gluten... Good luck with your 3 kiddos!
  8. Thank you for the suggestions. I listened to his tummy and it is terribly rumbly! The football hold does not work - but I know why. He hates any pressure on his tummy and will not even stand for one second to be lying on his tummy. Before you can count to 3 he has rolled onto his back. Never will he roll onto his tummy. Too uncomfortable for him. But he did not wail when the doctor pressed on it.... We do a warm bath every evening. He loves it - but resumes crying as soon as we are done. The Nutramigen question is a good one - from what I understand all Enfamil is gluten-free. So that is what I have been giving him once per evening (so I can pump milk for the sitter). Thanks again! Alimentum? We may need to give that a try. We started the Prevacid each night just in case it is GER. As I understand it is going to take at least a week on it to see if it helps at all. Thanks
  9. Yep we have tried them. They just help with upper gas, not lower. His seems to be intestinal. Thanks!
  10. I clicked on this topic because I bought some mascara 1 month ago that I thought would be gluten-free, and I reacted to it badly!!! Guess what... It was Clinique. I was so surprised, b/c with all of their hypoallergenic info on the product labels I thought it would be fine. Several people had recommended it. Wheat is nowhere to be found on the ingredients label. Anyway - at the time of purchase I asked the saleslady if she could tell me which cosmetic items might contain wheat and she said she would definitely look into it and asked me for my phone #. Then she never called back. My guess is that she found out that she had sold me items that do in fact contain gluten. Either that or she never found the information. I may try the Bare Escentuals or one of the others mentioned. I have done well with Mary Kay in the past.
  11. I cannot see how it could be celiac-related, but my son has been severely colicky since 2 weeks of age. I have celiac and maintain a strict gluten-free diet, and did so all pregnancy. I have removed items from my diet that get through the breastmilk and bother him like peanuts, peanut butter, cabbage, tuna... He is breastfed with one formula feeding per night (so I can pump for the sitter) and we have tried many different formulas. He is currently on Nutramigen (again only 5 to 9 ounces each night). His growth is remarkable! He is already 21 lbs 8 oz. That is off the charts. You'd think he is overeating, but he eats 5 oz. every 3 hours on average (I know because I pump). So, long story short the doctor says Nathan is just fine. He sees no infection. There is no reason to be concerned about reflux or anything intestinal because he is thriving and growing at such a remarkable pace. Sometimes he just lets loose and wails, eyes closed, back straight or arched, kicking and punching. If I leave him alone in his crib or swing it escalates to something that sounds torturous that stops and starts like AH, AH, AH! After ~ 2hours he will pass out from exhaustion. It does happen more at night but has happened in the day too. I just don't know what more to do for the poor little guy and the doc's advice was to set him down, close the door, and walk away because he needs to learn how to soothe himself. Anyone else have experience with something like this? What kinds of things did you try?
  12. This statement just concerned me because some doctors think that they can send samples of tissue from the colon in order to diagnose celiac disease. This is not true. Make sure that if you are wantng to test specifically for celiac, the doc runs a duodenal (small intestinal) biopsy (not a colonoscopy, which is a scope of the large intestine). If you are testing for celiac, the procedure you want to have done is correctly called an endoscopy, which goes down the throat.
  13. Nasty Cold

    Thanks much. Here's what I learned from Vitamin World: Thank you for contacting Vitamin World. Pre-Natal Complex (#8989) is free of gluten. If you have any further questions, we can be reached toll-free at 888-645-7135/618-457-8100, 7 days, 24 hours. We look forward to serving you in the future. Sincerely, Catherine Product Information ----- Also if expectant moms want a cough syrup they can take - I learned that Alcohol Free Robitussin DM is fine for pregnant women and it is gluten-free. I took two doses of Robitussin CF which is alcohol free, but it contains pseudoephedrine - not a good idea: "No well-controlled data for pseudoephedrine but suggested possible association with gastroschisis in 1st trimester exposure and for sympathomimetic drugs in general, they are teratogenic in animals and possibly associated with minor malformations, club foot and inguinal hernias in human pregnancy." - www.safefetus.com
  14. Nasty Cold

    I want to be able to take something like dimetapp - maybe something that will help me sleep? But I'm 4 mos. pregnant (finding gluten-free drugs is challenge enough). Does anyone know what I can take to relieve my symptoms this weekend? Runny nose, congestion, headache, chills. Doc said previously that I could have Tylenol, reg strength every 6 hours... we don't have that, but we have tons of ibuprofen in the house. Also...What pre-natals do you take? I have "Pre-Natal Complex" from Vitamin World, but they do *not* clearly say "Gluten free". The "other ingredients" are: gelatin, acacia gum, maltodextrin, vegetable magnesium stearate, silica. The website gives me *no* info, and the sales associate wasn't sure. I didn't know what else to buy - I'm waiting on the company's response. I was taking an adult multivitamin with folic acid that was clearly labeled gluten-free, but when I went back to get more they were no longer there Thanks a bunch!!
  15. Lisa, THAT IS SOOO COOL! Thanks for posting the info about these tests. I know how to run ELISAs, and I work next to tons of Chemistry labs, so if I had the money to buy these things, I'd be doing it too! You go girl! Out of curiosity - which of the three (R7001, R7002, R7003) are you running? Even the one with lowest sensitivity detects 10 ppm - which should be plenty sensitive enough (under 20 ppm). But I wonder if the R7001 would pick up something that the R7003 missed. I hope dip-stick testers can oneday be purchased at drugstores the way diabetics purchase insulin testing devices etc... Maybe I should start up a lab and do this testing for people, and publish all the results here The Organic Chemistry Lecturer salary stinks. Who's in? Anyway.... Thanks!