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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have my appointment on Thursday morning, so I am hoping I get a bright, fresh and REASONABLE doc. But just in case I don't get what I am hoping for, I want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row. Right now my plan is: Ask for genetic testing first, so I A) don't have to do a gluten challenge right away and B)it gives me some information that may help my mom, who despite having her colon removed (because of supposed UC) is still having lots of problems. We looked through her med records and from what we could find none of her docs ever looked at Celiac as an option, even though many of her symptoms matched it. I have decided that no matter what, I do want the scopes, just so I can rule out anything serious. I don't really believe in invasive testing if it can be avoided but I think that in this case it will put my mind at ease regarding UC, Crohns and other things. I will be doing a GC before this happens and I will do both the colonoscopy and endoscopy. My question to you all fine people is, do you have any advice if she starts telling me that there is no way I could have it? Do you think it would be a good idea to print off some research articles to take with me or should I just be pushy? I don't want to look like a hypochodriac or one of those people who go to the doc for attention. I asked her the last time "why do you say that?" And her response was "just from the tests", which I only had a Ttg, IgG and IgA done all while gluten lite. She acted like it didn't mean anything that I was GL at the time or that she didn't believe me. I know I can't let the nerves get to me and that I just need to do whats right for me, no matter how pushy I need to be but I sure could use a confidence boost before I head in there! Thanks guys for being so great and supportive. Other than a few homeopathic friends I have, you guys are the only ones who get it.
  2. When I tried my first 100% gluten free diet my constipation got worse because I wasn't getting enough fiber. I have heard FiberCon is the best supplement to try. Anything with that cilium husk stuff will bloat you up more before working. You can also try some magnesium oxide supplements as well, as they draw water into your colon. Just play with the dose until you find one that works well for you. Also, I have done a mag citrate clense (2 bucks at the drug store)a few times and it usually helps a bit. Then you can start with a nice fresh colon! I hope this helps a little! Good luck!
  3. This almost makes me want to canel my drs appointment on Thursday!!! It explains why it seems my system can handle small amounts but when I load up I feel horrid. I may or may not get answers in the coming months but now at least I know that there is someone out there, exploring the fact that this could be a spectrum type disorder. I'm still going to go ahead with my plan to ask for genetic testing first but if it comes back negative for Celiac, I still have at least some medical validation for me to do what I know I should do, whether I have the scopes done or not! Thanks so much for sharing this!
  4. Beware that some forms of magnesium can draw water into your intestines as well, so if he starts having some D it could be due to the mag. The original reason my doc put me on it was for constipation and I started to do some research to see if it could be a deficency and I found out that breathing/heart problems can be connected to a lack of mag in your diet. It is definately an interesting connection. I'll have to see if I can find the link again and post it somewhere here. My allergist said that I don't have asthma but that I am asthmatic in certain situations, like cold and humidity. So now I'm wondering if I am maybe a little more than just asthmatic. Interesting!
  5. Has anyone had breathing issues with Celiac? I get short of breath really easily but my allergist said my lung function is above normal. I even smoked off and on for a few years. I do notice that when I don't take my magnesium it gets worse, which I guess could indicate a malabsorbtion issue but I don't have any other malabsorbtion symptoms. Any thoughts or experiances?
  6. Yeah, I self talk a lot but I still just use a "low carb" response when asked why I pass on bread/ chips etc. And since I'm pretty health concious, people see me reading a food label and assume I'm looking at calories and fat, not the ingriedients list. It works quite well.
  7. I totally get the lack of support. That's why I don't want to just go gluten-free without something to back it up. But I also refuse to make myself misrable for the sake of a diagnosis. So I'm hoping I can find some answers in the genetic tests.
  8. I'm really not worried so much about getting an actual diagnosis as I am wanting an easier way to prove I'm not crazy. The testing doesn't bother me, I just don't feel what my doc wants to do is okay. One test at a time, basically because she's convinced that celiac is not a possibility. Yet I have not even had a full celiac panel done! I'm frustrated and I'm tired of stressing about it. I just want to go completely gluten-free now and say screw the docs but if I do I also don't want to deal with the questions and not have a "conventional" reason behind it. I know I don't need one for the sake of other people but it would make life easier.
  9. So I was reading that if I do the genetic test, I don't have to eat the gluten. I have been gluten light for over a week now and although I'm still tired and am still constipated, it's not AS bad and I have had 2 good weeks with enough energy for the gym. Plus, I have GAS! For the first time in months, I can feel things moving, I burp and toot and its fantastic!(Sorry if I'm over enthused, but when you feel like you have had bricks in your abdomen for 6 months, you get excited about these things!) I originally wanted to just try it for a couple days and then go back on gluten full force so I could get tested the right way but I don't really think it's worth it. My brain is starting to go and I since I work with young kiddos that have moderate disabilities, I can't have that. I forgot to walk a kiddo out to a parent today at dismissal and the gym teacher had to do it for me...boy, was I embarassed! It was fine, but for the sake of the safety of the kids, my co-workers and myself I can't let this fog get anymore dense. So I have concocted a master plan! (insert evil laugh!) I am going to try and make a deal with my rather devilish-condecending gastro, who has this insatiable need to scope me for UC/Crohns and NOT Celiacs: Do the genetic test first. All of them that would show the possibility of Celiac/gluten intolorance. If they come up negative, I'll agree to a scope. If they come up positive, I'll go gluten free, leave you alone and we'll all be happy. Think it will work? Or am I just kidding myself?
  10. Good luck. I am having just about the same issue. A few years ago I cut my carbs to lose weight and started to feel like a miliion bucks. I added them back in and ever since then, nothing has ever been normal again. If I can't get answers from my GI in 2 weeks I want to try my allergist. I have seen lots of people on here talk about being diagnosed by their allergist.
  11. Sleepytime Tea is my favorite. Chammomile blend I think is what that one is. I also drink Yogi brand Kambucha and Detox. Plus just your typical Lipton stuff but that is usually of the iced variety! Mmmm.
  12. 36 hours with no gluten (that I know of). I had cake this afternoon around 2:30 and by 5:00 my vision was blurry and my mind was fuzzy. At dinner I had a deep fried stuffed mushroom and a slice of bread, along with my salad. It's now 8:30 and I've been nauseas since 6:30? It was about halfway through dinner that I started to feel it. Can other food intolorences cause this stuff? Maybe it's glucose? Because also for the past 36 hours I haven't had much refined sugar...actually I haven't had any, now that I think about it. I had 2 mini mounds bars, that cake, fruit and fruit dip. The saga continues. Oi.
  13. So I got my med records out and looked over them. The only Celiac thing that was tested was the following: Immunoglobulin A 172 TTG Antibody IgA <3 Gliadin ANtibody IgA <3 I had been told on one of my previous posts that there were more than just that. I know at the time of testing I was on basically a gluten-free diet. If I ate it, it was on accident. I wasn't eating many processed foods and for the most part it had been that way for months. That was all from September. In November I went back and she said she would do some more indepth testing for it but I can't find it in the records. I found CBC w/differential, ANA w/reflex titer and ESR all for the november date. Would any of those be indicative of anything? Do I need to ask for the other tests or is this just considered a negative result? Is it worth trying another round of gluten-free and be really strict or should I just go for the biopsy? I mean, the docs want to scope me anyway so why not? Plus it rules out UC and Crohns. I have been doing gluten-free for the past 48 hours and I'm not as bloated but I also was so misrable Monday night from the bloat I downed a bottle of mag. citrate. So, I'm thinking it could be residual from that? I'm not sure. I definately had more energy today even though I got less sleep last night. Any ideas? I know the biopsy vs. elimination diet is a personal choice but given the above results what would you do?
  14. The knotting is exactly how I feel. I used to be able to feel the digestion process after I ate. Now I eat, there is no movement and when it's time to go, it's TIME! Find a bathroom NOW! Even though I have no dx yet, this is my exact problem and I'm glad I was directed to this thread. I am on magnesium oxide pills (by the doc) and a high fiber diet that is NOT helping. I'd like to know about this Aloe Juice...I have been drinking hot teas everynight, although I don't know if I can see a difference.
  15. Docs In St. Louis Area?

    I have heard of Baht from a few people and they seem pretty happy. I guess it is a place to start if the one at Barnes doesn't work out. I have an appointment with her on the 24th. Thanks for the info!