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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Kansas City Gluten Free People?

    Sucks, good luck with the transition! Let me know if you ever have any questions. I don't cook, so I've been to most of the restaurants on the list as well as some not on there. Here are the places (from the list) that I've ate at and definitely had a reaction. I've only eaten at the chains when I'm travelling (a lot), so it may have just been a bad location, and once it's happened I never go back. Applebees Avenues Bo Ling's Carrabbas Chili's Godfathers Holy Land Minsky's (plus I'm not a fan of the owner) Ruby Tuesdays
  2. Kansas City Gluten Free People?

    After thinking about it for a bit you're right, it would be nice to have a good real bar spot that also had gluten-free food. Might be worth poking around to see if there's any interest in it, especially at some bar that isn't doing so well. I'll let you know if I dig anything up. I'm not sure about the food at the 119th street Houlihans location but I'm sure it's just as good as the Fairway spot. (I purposely avoid 87th street because it seems like it's ran by a bunch of kids) This is their official gluten free menu, with the normal legalese: http://www.houlihans.com/menus/GlutenFree.pdf
  3. Kansas City Gluten Free People?

    If Tanners or Paddys ever did come out with gluten-free menu I doubt I'd ever trust it. I'm friends with a couple ex employees, but no way would I trust them to handle my food with any care! Post celiac diagnosis I switched over from Tanners to Kona and Houlihans (Fairway) for my hangout spots. They're definitely pricier, but it fits the intent and I can still eat with relatively little stress. Enjoy Jack Stack!
  4. Kansas City Gluten Free People?

    I usually eat at the Jack Stack in Martin City. They really know there stuff when it comes to gluten free, at least now. http://www.jackstackbbq.com/images/art/JSBBQ_Allergens.pdf Bristol is the one down off 119th. You gotta get out more! Over the past year I'm seeing a lot more restaurants pick up on the issue and try their best to accommodate.
  5. Kansas City Gluten Free People?

    I'll have to check those stores out, thanks! Interesting response from Bristol. First time I asked about it the waitress went to the kitchen to double check. She came back out and said the chef knew exactly what I was asking and would prepare mine separately. Haven't had any issues and probably eat there every month or so. But yea, if you're concerned it's not worth the stress.
  6. Kansas City Gluten Free People?

    Late response, but I figured I'd throw some of my regulars spots up here: Kona (even have gluten-free soy sauce) Chipotle (burrito bowl, and they change their gloves if you ask) Houlihans (plaza only, not 87th!) Drunken Fish Ingredient Longhorn Jack Stack!!! Outback Bristol Fogo When friends want Italian we always go to Brio. They have a good plate of carpaccio that I always get. Also, I haven't really searched around much, but the best gluten-free section I've seen in a grocery store is the Hyvee in Mission. From my experience in KC, most everyone is really nice when you bring up gluten. Not all the restaurants I go to have gluten-free menus, but I always make sure to bring it up. Plenty waiters and waitresses go double check with the managers when you ask about a specific selection. (key part of this is asking about a specific selection) It's the people that don't understand what you are referencing and don't seem to care that you need to be careful with. FWIW, I travel across the country a lot and I've found KC isn't actually that bad of a place to be for a gluten free life.