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  1. I had to have my gallbladder removed because it was malfunctioning. It was not contracting to squeeze out bile. My ejection rate was only 8% based on the Hida scan. I am just wondering how many others have had this problem (not stones). I have found several links to this same issue as a symptom or seeming result of years of untreated Celiac disease. I was given a blood test for Celiac. I don't think it was the full panel, but I had already been gluten-free for 5 days before the test. I had such great results from the diet that I decided to decline further testing with the agreement from my PCP after a negative result. He said I obviously have a problem with gluten otherwise I'd have not gotten such a positive result from the diet, which I had decided to try before seeing him because I was so sick and hardly eating anything. I was desperate for food. And I wanted to go to him with some sort of information since all my symptoms sounded like Celiac. So, just wondering how common the gallbladder malfunctioning issue is with Celiacs.
  2. Before I realized the issues I was having were due to gluten, I ballooned up, it seemed. I have always been a healthy weight, but I put on about 10 lbs for no apparent reason. Then I started getting sicker and sicker after eating. I initially lost weight because I didn't know that the very comfort foods I was reaching for were making me sicker. I eliminated gluten, then I gained a little weight because I was downing a lot of gluten-free, processed, pre-packaged goodies. I didn't feel bloated all of the time anymore, though, thankfully! Then I had a gallbladder issue-gallbladder inertia and after I had my gallbladder removed, I went back down about 5 more lbs. to my "normal" weight. I find it much easier to hover around what is a healthy weight for me. I do not eat a lot of processed food, though. I eat a lot of vegetables. My tastes have changed so much as I've gotten used to the taste of gluten-free foods and foods that are homemade. I cook about everything I eat from scratch. I buy gluten-free pasta because it's not worth me making it (at this point, maybe after some practice), and I buy Lara bars for quick emergencies when I can't find gluten-free food on the go. Because baking takes work and makes a mess, I do it less often, but I do love the recipes I use. I just eat more whole food because it's convenient. That is probably why my weight is leveled off, now.
  3. I had a lot of anxiety over seemingly random things despite the fact that I have a pretty good life. I couldn't figure it out. After going gluten-free, all that stopped. It did take a while before it completely went away, just like with all the other symptoms I had (migraines, tummy rumbling, etc...).
  4. Billiary Diskenisia

    I had my gallbladder removed at the end of October, 2010. I'm glad I did. My Hida-Scan indicated my gallbladder was functioning at 8%. I've read that there is a link this exact problem (called gallbladder inertia in some citations) and untreated Celiac. I recently started a gluten-free diet in December of 2009. I don't think that this condition is reversible. The laproscopic surgery went well and I feel so much better. I would recommend having it done. My surgeon wasn't a gastro, but it didn't matter. Just have some Ensure handy after surgery until you feel like eating. It takes a few days to build back an appetite for your typical gluten-free fare.
  5. As far as testing goes, in your case you seem to have a number of issues. For simple cases, like mine, testing isn't really that important, in my opinion. My doctor did not pursue a lot of testing, either. After having GI problems and migraines for years, everything came to a grinding to a halt-I couldn't "eat a thing" without getting sick last Christmas. Even when I stuck to clear liquids, I complained to a friend, I was still having stomach problems. I thought it was the flu and was just trying to take it easy on it with the clear liquids, but my friend, who was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease, informed me that there was probably gluten in my bouillon cubes. Sure enough. I had been so sick for several days and was starving, so I immediately went gluten-free to see if it made a difference. I was able to eat chips, pop and the ham my mom had bought for the holidays happened to be gluten free, as well. It felt great to eat after weeks of lightly grazing (on Combos and other bread based products, thinking they would be light on my upset stomach). I went to my family doctor after two weeks on this gluten free diet with detailed information on what I ate and any symptoms to get his take on the situation. He said it was probably a gluten issue. He ordered a thyroid test and some blood work, I don't believe it was the full panel, and it all came back negative for Celiac. Of course, I'd been off gluten for the two weeks prior, so that may have impacted the results, but when I returned he said the best test is to see if I feel better gluten free, and if I do with no other complaints and I had no desire to test further, then that was fine with him. He said the end result would be the same: don't eat gluten. I was appreciative of this because I could continue feeling well (no gluten-ing up for further testing), was able to feel well almost immediately and have felt well since then, with the exception of having to have my gallbladder out because of a gallbladder inertia problem, which I find is linked to Celiac disease. I am glad he didn't make me eat more gluten just to have the all so important paper proof of testing. My years of migraines have disappeared. I used to eat Excedrin migraine, on average, every day of the week. If I didn't take it one day, I had to take it two or more times the next day. I was always in some phase of migraine, either getting one, trying to finish getting rid of one or incapacitated with one. Prescribed medications never seemed to help the migraines, only leaving me drugged. I had also developed increasing problems with anxiety over the years. Gone. My stomach always hurt, I often had any range of G.I symptoms and even wearing pants was a daily discomfort. Gone. Don't fret over testing. If you eliminate gluten and you still have symptoms, go back to see what the problem might be, but otherwise, just enjoy the relief of symptoms.