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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Anyone Have Tmj Problems?

    I have this too. It started about the time I had my daughter, which I think also triggered my Celiac Disease. Mine gets worse when glutenated and lasts longer than all other symptoms. I think because gluten causes inflammation, it makes TMJ worse. I have wondered about the possible correlation too!
  2. Some people seem to have a reaction RIGHT AWAY. Mine is always the same. I eat and everything is pretty normal, then I go to bed and wake up with a horrible intense headache, heartburn, intestinal cramping, D, and pain in my jaw joints. It lasts about 24 hours and then I feel ok again. But, it's always after I go to sleep and wake up. I never start feeling it right away. That's just me though...everyone is different. It is good you are keeping a journal. I am starting that too. It's only been 4 months since I've been diagnosed and I am averaging getting glutenated about 1-2 times a month. I think it'll get to the point where you'll know exactly how your body will react and what you ate. Hang in there!
  3. Pancakes

    Bisquick brand is also really good! Never ate pancakes before being diagnosed, but now I can't get enough of Bisquick gluten-free pancake mix!
  4. Now that I have been officially diagnosed, are there certain blood tests I should have done? My doctor did a routine panel - which discovered the Celiac in the first place. The only things out of the ordinary was my B12. It was 289 - which, although the results say between 200 and 1100/1200 is normal, further research showed the U.S's low end is extremely low. In other countries, under 500 is low and on my blood results there was an asterisk that said up to 10 percent of people with levels below 400 exhibit neurological symptoms. I had been complaining for months about memory loss, loss of balance, confusion, cloudy thoughts, etc. My doctor never brought up my B12 levels! I inquired about gluten ataxia and my doctor replied, "What MEDICAL journal did you read that in? I have never heard of this gluten ataxia. I don't think this thing even exists." I had to figure it out on my own! He still doesn't know! I started taking more B12 and my brain has gotten better. Anyway, is there a standard panel I should get after being diagnosed?
  5. Crazy Newbie Questions

    Does Hunt's ketchup have gluten???!!!!
  6. Jealousy?

    I experienced that a few weeks ago. I'm only 7 weeks gluten-free, but my hubby went to the cupboard and grabbed a bag of the Michael's gluten free cheddar puffs (so good) and I got angry! He can eat anything and he grabs MY gluten free snack! What happens when I am hungry and need a snack? I can't choose from everything in the house like he can! Plus, I am so new that I get nervous eating things that aren't clearly marked or a whole food. I gave him a dirty look and he put the bag back. I didn't mean to do it, my eyes just squinted and my teeth clenched a little - all on their own! I mean, they are only cheese puffs for cryin' out loud. I am buying extra bags of snacks now and keep a couple of hidden bags way in the back of the cupboard. Maybe I'll label those ones "last bag - do not eat." That way my hubby knows that I might actually be left with nothing to eat if he eats it. Anyway, I experienced what you felt and it is probably somewhat normal. I just remind myself that there are other battles I would rather fight in life and I am going to try to share more. The key word is "try."
  7. Crazy Newbie Questions

    Mushroom, thanks for that great analogy! It made a lot of sense. Thanks to everyone who took time to give some input. I survived a weekend visit by in-laws and we ate out several times. Chili's (soup and salad - no croutons off the gluten free menu) have been very good. I am NOT going to eat those Jack in the Box tacos I keep dreaming about!
  8. We're in the same boat! :) If you EVER have any questions or just want to talk, please let me know :)

  9. How Do You Do This?

    Thanks! This helps. I will print it out and carry it around with me!
  10. 1)How long is the longest you've gone without getting glutenated? I am just wondering. I have only been able to achieve five weeks. I've only been gluten free for seven weeks, though. I went one week gluten-free, then got glutenated, then began again. 2)When you accidentally eat gluten, do you feel like all the time you spent being careful was a waste of time? I have Celiac Disease and I felt like the week I spent successfully being gluten-free was a waste because I destroyed my intestines anyway after accidentally ingesting gluten. If I go five months gluten-free, then accidentally get gluten, don't I destroy my intestines and couldn't I have been eating gluten all along because I end up in the same place? 3)When you accidentally eat gluten, do you ever say "what the heck" and go eat a doughnut or something you miss? The damage has already been done, right? Somebody help tell me why my thinking is faulty! Sorry, I am a newbie and trying to work all of this out in my head. My gastroenterologist told me I need to be, "gluten free or mostly gluten free" and I will be fine. Uh, MOSTLY gluten free? Think I need a new doctor? Thanks for your help!
  11. For the last seven weeks (diagnosed Celiac Dec of 2010, began diet 1/1/11) I have been eating anything that says gluten free, no gluten or doesn't have wheat in bold or listed as an allergen on the ingredient label. Now I am finding out that wheat free is not the same as gluten free! I am so confused. How am I supposed to memorize every single possible derivative of wheat, barley and rye? This is too much. I have only had one reaction, as far as I could tell, about one week in. Since then, I think I have been fine. I can't make EVERYTHING from scratch. I am only 29 and have spent the last 4 years of my 20's sick. I want to go out and eat socially and I don't feel I can remember all of the things that contain gluten. How do you do it? Thanks!
  12. Here is the article: http://www.menshealth.com/weight-loss/gluten-free-weight-loss Thoughts?
  13. Antibiotics

    Are sinus infections and Celiac related? I keep having recurring sinus problems and infections. It started 4 years ago right at the time I 1) had a baby 2)started my first year of teaching in an old dusty building. At first, I thought it was just the combination of germ infested high schoolers and me being a new teacher with an unseasoned immune system. I kept getting worse and extremely fatigued. After 3 years, my NP said I had allergies and gave me Singulair and Fluticasone nose spray. But, it continues. I asked my doctor to run a test to determine if I had allergies and he called and said my blood work came back positive for Celiac. Didn't even know he was running that test. Went to gastro, had biopsy, Celiac confirmed. As I sit here now, I have a sinus infection and just got antibiotics. I am beginning to think the Celiac was discovered on accident. How many of you who have Celiac also have sinus infections? I love the school I teach at, but I feel like the 65 year old building is making me sick. Or, is it the Celiac? Anyone have any insight? Thanks!
  14. Feeling Guilty About Missing School? Teachers Please!

    I am a high school English teacher and I can totally relate to you! I miss school very often because of my Celiac and I feel terrible. Especially since I get along with my students so well and they work really hard for me. It is not the same when there is a substitute! They always ask why I am sick so much. I've only known I have Celiac for about 2 months now (after being sick for 4 years), so I am not comfortable discussing it yet. I am still trying to figure it out. I'm not sure it is appropriate to tell my students. It's not their problem and I don't want them to worry. In your case, I think communication is really important. If a student came to me and shared that he/she were having a medical problem and that was why this student was missing school often, I would do everything I could to help. Nothing in life is easy(especially for teachers), so don't worry about making your teacher grade late work. We are here to help students no matter what their situation happens to be. It might help if you set up a system, like a special folder or a special place you turn in your late work so it stays organized and doesn't get lost. Other than that, just keep communicating and working hard. I can tell when a student is working their butt off and when they are trying to get extra time and get away with stuff. In my classroom, when a student is absent, I have a more advanced student take an extra set of notes and I put the absent student's name on any worksheets or handouts and stick them up on the bulletin board behind my desk. A student can see it right away and grab it without asking. A system like this may be helpful for you too. Please, please keep focused on your school work and don't let anything get in the way of your education! Wishing you good health!
  15. You could always do any type of Ka-bob (I don't think I spelled that right). That way you can get meat and veggies and try all types of dipping sauces. It's simple and healthy. You can mix it up, too. Shrimp, steak and sometimes chicken - if you feel in the mood.