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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Yes, I am feeling alot worse too. I am only gluten free for a week now, as newly diagnosed a week ago today for Celiac. I quit cold turkey and my body is freaking out. I get gushes of dizziness too. It is unsettling to have our lives one way one day and the next day it is completely different. A major adjustment. We will make it through this.
  2. Some symptoms I am experiencing the past week (found out a week ago today that I am celiac): - severe diarrhea one second, constipation the next - internal bruising in stomach (like my tummy is bruised inside, weird) - burning eyes (like tired feeling) - bursts of energy that come and go - feeling VERY dehydrated - shaky - day 6 of headache (two of those days were migraines) - pain in stomach - flu-like symptoms - itchy skin - restless sleeping (tossing and turning/diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome today, starting new meds) - insomnia got worse - skin on stomach sensitive to touch Is anyone else going through this or gone through this? I feel crazy for feeling all this, but I know I am. Any insight would be great
  3. Restless Leg Syndrome

    Since posting this, I looked around online. I found that it can be associated with Celiac Disease, fibromyalgia.....both of which I have. Interesting. My doctor checked the basics. I asked about zinc particularly today, as someone asked about my zinc as per the DH issue (I have a scalpal issue). He said my iron was normal but my Vitamin D was EXTREMELY low. I am on 56,000 units every other day for 8 weeks and then will get retested. Since Zinc wasn't checked, I am assuming magnesium wasn't either. We will see with the new medication if I will finally get a nights sleep. It has been YEARS since I have. I suffer from chronic insomnia as well. Would love more than anything to get a full nights sleep. This is what I found: (taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Restless_legs_syndrome) Underlying disorders The most commonly associated medical condition is iron deficiency (specifically blood ferritin below 50
  4. Do you have any problems with your gall bladder? I ask because, I only found out a week ago I have celiac disease. In May is when everything began hardcore crashing down on me. I got VERY sick with massive stomach pain, severe acid reflux...to the point I would vomit....bloating....hunger, but couldn't eat, etc. It took several trips to the ER and one ER doctor discharging me with 'acid reflux' and me demanding my regular doctor to come to see me and being admitted. I refused to leave because I knew I didn't have just acid reflux. I was very sick. All my tests were coming up normal, everything. Even a scan. They ended up giving me a hydescan (sp?) where they inject the dye to my gall bladder. Sure enough....it wasn't functioning at all!!! I was booked for immediate surgery. Weeks later I was still sick....they found I had hernia. Another surgery. Weeks later....STILL SICK....I continued to put all my clues together over the past years and here I am. My friend suspected I had celiac, I researched.....went to doctor, had all the classic symptoms including the not so common ones and my tests came back positive. My issues ironically starting becoming more obvious when my gall bladder failed. I am not sure of the connection, but maybe you are having the same type of isssues???
  5. Anyone From Washington State?

    awwwwwww, LOVE the Oregon Coast. Heaven to me!!! One of my good friends lives in Vancouver, WA.
  6. i was diagnosed with this today. is this common with celiac? I will begin a new medication tonight to help me with it.
  7. Thank you for your replies. I have my first official follow up with my doctor tomorrow, as my results were read over the phone to me. I will be going in depth with everything so I will bring this portion up with him as well. He prescribed some medication to me a couple years ago for this issue (thinking it was a sulphate allergy reaction), so he is already familiar with it. If it is DH, then I guess there is another approach to take. I will update when I get back tomorrow afternoon. Thank you
  8. Anyone From Washington State?

    Thank you everyone. I will also check out the web link and the support group that was suggested.
  9. Chia Seed

    Anyone try Chia Seed?
  10. Thank you for the reply. Now to find the best one for me.
  11. I only found out I had Celiac 6 days ago!!! I have been HORRIBLY sick for YEARS now, but my doctor and I never put all the clues together till now. Anywho, about 5 years ago I started getting a HORRIBLE rash on scalp. Almost like psorriassis (SP?). It hurts, itches...BADLY!!! I have since then seen changed to organic shampoo and the problem isn't 'as bad' but still there. I get flaky almost like dandruff. My head is a mess. I am constantly in pain, with teeny blisters. They travel down my neck sometimes. Because I only found out 6 days ago about the celiac, could it be Dermatitis Herpetiformis this whole time? I of course don't know much about it. Is there medication to take for this? I see my doctor tomorrow, so I will discuss it with him. Just wanted to post about it to see what everyone thought.
  12. Anyone From Washington State?

    I am in Bellingham. Kind of up here...haha I just found this forum yesterday or the day before. I love it so far and I am thrilled to have found sooooo many answers to so many questions I have. In weeks time, I will begin another whole ballgame. I have more chemical testing to get done at Swedish
  13. I bought the Silk Pure Vanilla Almond Milk the other day, I will try that instead. Thank you.
  14. I am trying hard not to drink coffee. Unfortunately I suffer chronic migraines to begin with. I am 6 days into gluten-free and am on day 5 of of migraine. The pasy 3 days no coffee. I am trying REALLY hard not to drink coffee, but my head is making it hard to not cave today. With three little girls running around, I am needing to go get a coffee today Normally, I make my own mochas at home, we buy whole beans, grind them, etc. Do you think that would be the safest? Being SOOOO new at this I don't know what to do.
  15. I don't understand the difference between all the types of sugars and sweetners. Can someone explain please. I am allergic to aspartame and also want the BEST for my body. So confusing. Thanks in advance. Christa