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  1. Thank You - I just sent you an email it's from lisachristian@mindspring.com
  2. I don't have a recipe, but I really enjoyed "Homestyle Golden Coatings" by Fortitude. It was great on fish, chicken and shrimp. I got it through a whole bunch of trial stuff that a friend of mine occassionally gets. You can purchase it through 1-866-NOGLUTEN or www.fortitudebrands.com It is one of my favorites, it has a little bit of a spice to it too. Hope this helps
  3. Bob's Red Mill's Brownie mix is one of my favorites... I make them with the cream cheese swirl throughout. I brought them to work for a group snack and nobody could believe they didn't have regular flour in them. Unfortuneatly, I sort of got addicted to them and put on quite a few pounds (I'd eat the whole thing my self). So I limit them to special occassions only now. Personally I like the Arrowhead Mills Pancake mix a little better than the Bob's. It makes excellent muffins too. I made banana nut muffins with little chocolate chips that were so good... I ate most of them my self. I also will make a batch of pancakes using the muffin recipe and excluding the Honey.... I stick these little flap jacks in the fridge and use them to make PB&J sandwiches for when I'm on the go.
  4. Could you please post the info for the support group in Cobb county... I can't find anything on it. The only one I have been able to find is the Gwinnett county group, which is on the other side of the state. http://www.geocities.com/HotSprings/Oasis/3820/index.html Cobb County would be a reasonable drive for me... I work in down town Atlanta and live out in Bremen (almost in Alabama).
  5. I am not sure if my local support group has any listing of gluten free capable restaurants.... I've been meaning to join and go to thier meetings for years now, but it's on the other side of the state from where I am. Gluten Sensitive Support Group of Atlanta/Southeast - http://www.geocities.com/HotSprings/Oasis/3820/index.html Does anyone know of another one for the Atlanta Area (Georgia)?
  6. I'm not sure, but they seem to be very accomidating to requests. It really would depend on what kind of vegitarian you are and how strict... My cousin was a vegitarian for years (until she joined the air force), she omitted everthing except fish. In her case I would say they definately would be able to meet the requirements. Give them a call.... they were soooooo friendly - I'm sure they would answer that for you.
  7. Eating

    Due to my busy schedule and nearly 100mile round trip drive to and from work... My husband and I eat out fairly regularly. Most places (even fast food) will go over and above to accomidate your needs when asked. Just be nice about it and explain that you will be very sick if they mess it up. Yes, occassionally I do still get sick, but it is very rare. Plus, like someone said in one of the previous posts the people start to recognize you. There are several places that I know the chef now or the server will recognize me as soon as I come in. It does help that I tip pretty good when they get everything right (I know from experience that you remember the customer's that tip good or the ones that are really nice to you). Here in the Atlanta area we are blessed with quite a few restaurants (including fast food) that have gluten free menus... Although, I've heard that Chicago & California have even more choices. My favorites: Chick-fila -- Chicken breast with tomatos extra lettuce, waffle fries and diet lemonade (or thier sweet tea) ... other awesome choices too(see the link above in a previous post). McDonalds -- Chicken filet with extra lettuce & fries. Smokey Bones -- St Louis style ribs w/cinnamon apples Ted's Montana Grill -- Buffalo Filet w/mashed potatoes Outback Steakhouse -- My favorites here are too many to list, but I have to say that I go for that gluten-free dessert... The Thunder Down Under!!! Just heavenly. Arby's -- Roasted Turkey w/extra lettuce, tomato, bacon and ranch dressing. Some of them have baked potatoes... I order a plain potatoe and top it with the ranch dressing. My New Favorite - "Shout" - Food,Fun, Flirt (I posted about this one in Gluten Free Dining). It isn't listed on the gluten-free restaurant lists... but believe me this place is awesome and the manager, chef & staff are extremely knowledgeable about gluten alllergies. I always explain my allergy to the person taking my order and in some cases talk to the chef or manager. Yes, I still inspect my food, but it is very rare that I get sick from eating out. I used to go to Wendy's, but they have eliminated some items from thier gluten free menu and I just prefer to eat some where with more options... particularly I want french fries and thier's are no longer gluten-free. Things I avoid now that are supposively gluten-free, but I have gotten sick off of... Smokey Bones Fries, Burger King Fries, McDonalds & Wendy's Salads... All probably from cross contamination. Well, I just got my new updated 2005 version of "The Gluten -Wheat Free Guide to Eating Out" and can't wait to try some more places. If done carefully, you can enjoy a free life with celiac disease... you just have to do some research and become sort-of an educator to the public on celiac disease and gluten allergies.
  8. I am sooo excited!!!! Just by chance my husband and I met some friends at one of Atlanta's "HOT" singles restaurants "Shout". I was so worried if there was going to be anything I could eat, but everyone else in our group was already there having a drink and I'd feel like a smuck if I said "I think I'll go home" . So, I did my usual sneak to talk to the manager dreading that he would say there was nothing except the "plain salad"... but to my surprise, he knew all about "Gluten" and So did the majority of the staff!!! This was like a dream come true . It was so wonderful, The manager went and spoke to the chef to verify that the items I was interested in were gluten free and told me to just tell my waitor that I have a gluten allergy and everything will be taken care of. To my surprise, they said the majority of the items either were gluten free or could be prepared gluten free on request.... All you have to do is ask your waitor or waitress. Well, After some debate over my multiple choices I ordered the Tea Smoked Samon wrapped in potatoe with curry sauce (yes the sauce is gluten-free).... It was completely gluten free, the waitor said (without me asking) "Miss, I will ensure that the chef prepares your meal on a clean gluten free pan". If you are in Atlanta this is a MUST. It is located in "Colony Square" sort of catty cornered across the street from the Woodruff Arts Center & The High. I am sooo glad we found this place . Depending on what you order it can be a little pricey and the meals are portions for one. Even though it is geared towards singles it is still a great spot for couples and business partys. It is seperated into four seperate areas a Japanese SteakHouse Ichi-Ban style, Bar, Outdoor patio and upstairs terrace (suposively this is where the celeb's go), But they have Sushi, Steak, Chicken and Pizza (not gluten free of course ). So go see a play, watch the symphony, tour the high and end it all with a great dinner in an absolutely wonderful restaurant.... The atmosphere was so fun!
  9. Getting your family to go get tested is a bit harder if they are not having symptoms. Coming from a divorced family - both my parents claim "it's not from my side". I finally got my mother to at least do a blood test. It came back negative, I tried to explain to her that it still does not mean she is free and clear. It just means that if she does have it that it isn't active. I wish a more difinative test could be developed. I had most of the symptoms all my life, but it was after a bad horseback riding accident that landed me in the hospital a little over two years ago that they symptoms when crazy. I know I recieved the Thyroid issues from my Dad's side, The acid reflux from both sides and unfortuneatly both sides of the family have had things that could be linked to Celiac. Good luck.
  10. Anybody Need A Roomate?

    Oh my goodness - I know where you guys are coming from. It gets so frustrating sometimes . I am sooooo sorry this happened to you too ! I have gotten to the point that I keep "Think Thin" gluten-free meal replacement bars in my purse at all times (brownie chunk is the best). I always eat prior to going to any get togethers (or I bring my own in a sealed container). Overall my family is decent about it, but they don't really understand . My husband I know understands, because he has seen how sick I can get. Yet even he sometimes thinks I am just being a pain in the ass. I do understand that he gets frustrated since I'm the one sick not him, but it's not like I've banned bread from the house. He has one area in the kitchen where he can have his bread... and I still buy him cookies and stuff. It's just easier to cook one meal gluten-free than two seperate meals one Glutened & one gluten-free. Getting him to use a clean knife for the PB & J and Butter is still an on going issue. I don't know how many jars of PB or sticks of butter I've thrown away. Eating out is always a sore spot too with both friends and family... It makes me feel like the picky kid that says "but I don't like that" all the time. Chief difference is "I CAN'T have that" . However, I think the hardest thing really is the people I work with. You know the last minute "lunch meeting" with the boxed sandwiches for lunch. Or the out of town business trip where the company your visiting has already picked the reasturant. Everyone gets to eat except for me. That's why I've stopped going out to eat with most of my lunch buddies at work... it's easier. Why can't everything be gluten free! Thank god I finally found the gluten-free protien/meal bars that actually taste good. They are my catch all saftey net.
  11. I'm Hypo-Thyroid & Celiac too. I was very skinny thru my late teens/early twenties and then just started packing on the pounds (60lbs in 10 yrs). I was diagnosed with both of the issues within a few months of each other about two years ago. I did lose a little of the weight initially just by going on the gluten free diet and taking thryroid replacement therapy. That all stopped though when I discovered the very fatty/sugary delicious gluten free treats. My down fall was "Bob's Red Mill - Gluten Free Brownies" (Giradelli Cocoa & Cream Cheese).. They are heavenly . All the weight I initially lost came back, plus a few pounds . Thankfully, I now have resorted to freezing the left overs. However, I am still struggling with my weight. Add to that the 5-10 lbs I gain when I am glutened and it was pretty depressing. However, I seem to have stumbled on something that seems to be working great... yes it is another "life style" change. I've lost 20lbs so far... Just 40 more to go . I based my "life style" change on info from a personal trainer/dietitian and principle concepts from the book "Body for Life for Women" . I eat 5-6 meals a day (3 meals and 2-3 snacks every 2-3 hrs, nothing after 8PM), Strict portion control (you don't need as much since you are eating more often). One day a week I do whatever I want, but the rest of the week I avoid - breads (easy), white rice & refined sugar. I eat whatever low fat protiens, low starch fruits & veggies I want. Plus, I'm taking my vitamins daily, lots of water and exercise 2 - 5 times a week. I shoot for 5 days a week, but sometimes I can only get it in 2 times a week. I feel better than I have in years... Just as long as I avoid the gluten. Hope this helps.
  12. If your child liked regular pasta's - try the Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta. My husband can't even tell the difference in the pasta - Although, It does take a bit longer to cook. Also, Hot Kids Sno-Crisps are a good treat. Arrow Head Mills makes an excellent gluten-free pancake & muffin mix. All kids love smiley pancakes made w/fruit or chocolate chips (add an extra egg & extra cup of milk than the directions - otherwise it's too thick and doesn't puff up). There's lots of fun treats out there....
  13. Wow! I have to agree with the teachers. It keeps the child safe and it lets the teachers know what they are dealing with. I could give dozens of reason's why... but I think most have already been stated. It just seems like common sense.
  14. Thank you both for your suggestions - I know it will definately be put to good use. I will find a folic acid supplement right away. As far as the vitamin's I have just been taking centrum over the counter (I called and it's gluten free), an Iron supplement (to combat my fatigue), a liquid b complex (also to combat my fatique) and a calcium/vitamin-D as well. I will admit that although I am on a gluten free diet, but frequently eat out ordering gluten-free items... I still end up getting sick about once a month from cross contamination. That is something I will have to change. My schedule just makes it difficult to always cook. I never knew about the crawling & math connection... that's amazing. Thanks again!
  15. I am 30yrs old - diagnossed w/Hypo-Thyroid 2yrs ago & w/celiac disease about 1 1/2 yrs ago. I have been maintaining a gluten-free diet and taking Levoxyl thyroid replacement. My husband and I are looking at our 10th wedding anniversary next year and no kids (atleast none w/out fur). We haven't really "tried" yet, but I am wondering what I should be doing to prepare my body to be at the most optimum. We are planning on really "trying" in the next year, so I feel I really need to take this time to get my body to that "optimum" point. I have never been pregnant, but several members of my family have had both miscarriges & difficult pregnancies. Your suggestions and past experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lisa "Pugs-N-Apps"