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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. this thread is a bit old, but i thought id throw in my 2 cents for the heck of it. Im currently 18, ive been gluten-free for nearly 3 years. it was rough at first, but my friends were pretty supportive, even though they forget sometimes to this day. i have had people mess with me jokingly, but going through most of my high school career without wheat has openned some peoples eyes. Maybe people in my hs didnt really pay much mind. Then again i am quiet and 6"3', so maybe i was a little scary to those that didnt get to know me. then again i never had drama with anyone either, with the whole not talking much thing. Either way, i know how you feel. I have even sat in pizza hut numerous times just to spend time with my friends, and my friends have eaten pizza in front of me too many times to count, not maliciously of course its just that they dont understand. And i forgive them for that because im their friends and they're mine.
  2. I went gluten-free between freshman/sophmore year of high school. It was definately akward at first. I still sat with the same people, and there were the jokes and stuff, but the thing is just to not take it to seriously. I browned bagged it and after the initial embarrassment, i got used to it. I would take some fruit, a pudding/yogurt, some chip (cheetos, lays, ruffles, never trusted doritos though). The main dish was always something a little weirder, like a tortilla with cheese, mustard, ketchup, and a hotdog inside(now i just eat them for fun) or a gluten-free bagel sandwich or something along those lines. I still get the temptation to buy stuff at school, and sometimes i do. Even if i think its gluten-free, i usually end up paying for it within the next couple days.
  3. 1. How long have you had celiac? Well, I had symptoms at birth and the doctors told my parents to feed me white bread rather than wheat . Then my mom found out about 4 years ago so I've been off wheat almost 3 years now. 2. At what age were you diagnosed? I went off wheat at around 15 years old, but I was never "diagnosed cuz i didnt want to get the standard test...the scope. So i just go by how it feels, and it feels bad when i eat wheat. 3. What foods do you miss out on? Pizza, my friends eat pizza all the freakin time but i resist the urges, especially since my dad makes really good gluten-free pizza for us. I've never tried a Krispy Kreme, its always been tempting but ive stayed clear. Basically i miss almost all pastries. 4. How much does it cost to stay gluten free? I'm not sure $$ wise, a little more, but not to bad. If you mean mental cost then it all depends on your personality. 5. Do you ever wish that you didn't have celiac? Most definately. Although, its really not that bad once you get used to it. yeah you miss the food, but i think it helped my personality for the better, and it adds something interesting to conversations. I think it would also be easier to get a girlfriend if I didnt have the whole not being able to eat wheat thing hovering around me. 6. Does the food taste better or worse or the same as ordinary food? Some taste the same, like things that didnt have wheat in the first place(meats, potato salad, etc...). Some things are completely aweful (i.e. pre-made gluten-free pizza crusts, certain cookies/sweets, etc...). And some things are better (chocolate-O's (i would choose chocolate-o's over oreos any day), most things my dad cooks (he really got into cooking after we went gluten-free ), etc...). So it has its ups and downs, just like non-gluten-free items. 7. Have you ever eaten gluten without knowing it then suffered for it? Absolutely. One time i had these cookies and company that makes them also made some other cookies that were gluten-free, so i thought they would be fine. But low and behold about 2/3 of the way through the bag, i look at the back and it says WHEAT FLOUR . So i didnt end up going to school the next day. Oddly enough, when I think about bingeing on like pizza or something, i seem to get careless and almost everytime, i accidentally get wheat. So i dont think about it much anymore.
  4. Gaining Weight Help

    I know how you feel. i cant even imagine being 100 pounds (well considering im a guy and over 6' tall) but still. Anyways, yeah, i'd say go with nuts and meats, they work as a high density but heathly calories. Keep it balanced with fruits and veggies, and dont over-eat. The quick poundage is nice in the short, but what is really nice is the weight put on by good food and exercise. At least i think so
  5. If something is breaded or coated (i.e. chicken nuggets, fried chicken, etc...) should send up a big red flag unless it is designated as gluten-free. I've never had a problem with McDonald's fries, then again i haven't had more than a mild stomach ache from any other fries. As far as burgers go, well lets just say that the Atkins diet made fast food providers acknowledge bun-free burgers. I went gluten-free about 3 years ago, so i vaguely remember the vacant stares that i got when i asked for a big mac with no bun(mildly humorous to see their faces, but annoying to explain). But now, you ask for something without a bun and they press a few buttons on the cash register and your ready to go. I don't know what relevance that had to the forum, but it had mcdonalds in it