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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hilton Head Island Restaurants

    I've been going to HH since I was a little kid. Actually haven't been back since being diagnosed but some relatives took the trip and I had them do some investigating at some of our favorite places. Because HH caters to TONS of family tourists during the summer, many, many restaurants are gluten aware. You are right in that most of the nicer places will accomodate. Some of the more "chain" type restaurants may be harder. One Hot Mamma's has a gluten-free menu. (Brand new menu so its not on their website yet.) Its a great BBQ place. Wise Guys is another one with a gluten-free menu (lots of nuts, however, if there is a a nut allergy in the family). Mellow Mushroom also has gluten-free pizza that is supposed to be amazing. I still remember having their gluten filled pizza and it was great if this is an indication of anything. If you check out the gluten free registry for HH, this will be very helpful. There is also a Fresh Market which is like a Whole Foods that sells lots of gluten-free food. Kroger also has a good selection. Have fun!
  2. I realize this is an old question, but has anybody ever tried any of these. Especially the newer flavors? Heres a link: Homestead Stores It has wheat grass in it...I know theres been some debate on if this is safe for celiacs. Anybody?
  3. Hey man, I can relate to you a bit. I'm 21 and have had my fair share of medical issues. Had a couple of tumors removed from the back of my head in the parotid gland over the past few years. I've had to deal with being anaphylaxis to nuts, peanuts, and coconuts my entire life. While I can't say that my experiences are the same as yours, I understand what its like to deal with having a social life and coping with stupid medical issues that are out of your hands. Pertaining to the gluten thing, at first it seems like you are trapped and stuck. I was bugging out at first. However, I lead a very active social life at college now. Sure, you may have to do some research at restaurants before you go out, but there is almost usually something you can eat when you are out with friends. Big dinners are the only thing that scare me and if the restaurant can't help me out, I eat beforehand and have a drink or two instead. Everybody who I am friends with knows my deal and are pretty cool with the idea. It also makes for easy conversation with the ladies, especially when I tell them how this diet has allowed me to keep fit. Not saying its easy bro, but its really manageable. I look at all my medical problems not as curses, but character traits that make me more aware and cognizant of my surroundings. At the end of the day, theres always worse stuff to have to deal with. Hang in there dude. Gets better.
  4. I have never met anyone in person who has Celiacs that is a guy. But I agree with what people are saying. I know a lot of my friends have stomach issues but would rather just grin and bear it then have to deal with going to a doctor. To be honest, I was the same way until the pain just got to tough to deal with. Sucks to feel like there are fewer guys to relate to with the disease, but I think more and more males will be diagnosed in coming years.
  5. Living W/ Gluten Eaters

    I do the same thing. I live in an apartment with four other guys. I always just put some paper towels down when I am cooking. Separate pans are also a must. I was sharing my wok with my roommates and they used a non gluten-free sauce in it. Even after I cleaned it, I got a little sick. Try to get condiments that "squirt" instead of ones you would stick a knife into. If you can manage it, try not to be cooking at the same time. When more than one person is in the kitchen, silverware and other things tend to fly around in and out of different pots and pans, which creates cross contamination risks. Once you get a system down, its pretty easy. I've been gluten-free here all year and have not really had any major issues.
  6. I did a search but the last thread on molasses was old and nobody had much of a definitive answer. I did a google search and didn't come up with much. Does anybody know? Is all molasses gluten free? Or just specific brands?
  7. Almost all hard ciders are safe. Strongbow, Woodchuck, etc. If you want a really nice one, go after JK's Scrumpy Organic Hard Apple Cider. Its got vanilla and maple syrup. They sell it at Whole Foods if you live near one. Great stuff.
  8. Subway

    SO. MUCH. BREAD. The appeal of a quick Subway salad is great, however, all of the bread there is too scary for me.
  9. Recovering From A Glutening

    I have found nothing that works. I also try not to eat anything until feeling better. I'll have to try the antihistamine thing should I get glutened again.
  10. Clear soda is often the way to go (as opposed to coke or juice), but unfortunately unless you know the specific brand of chaser, its tough to be sure. You'll have to test out whether or not any distilled spirits are for you or whether you have to drink alcohol distilled from non-wheat sources.
  11. Chocolate

    Peppermint Patties are also gluten free.
  12. This is a big issue, especially for a single guy (or girl) in college. Its pretty awkward having to bring up Celiac when talking to someone at a club or bar. I haven't noticed any issues but I will have to be more aware of something like this in the future if I feel sick.