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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I am a 45 yr old Disabled Veteran of the United States Army. I have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). I was adopted at the age of 3 months. I have 3 children. 1.5 grand children. 1 grand biologically and another who will be completed upon the marriage of my eldest daughter. (psst...we still count her even now) I met and married my husband while we were both in service. My husband and I both do or did a lot of volunteer work in the community. We are the proud owners of 3 dogs, and 2 cats, 1 hamster and 2 birds. We have our own little zoo around here. I love to do genealogy research, sew, crochet, and also civil war re-enactments. I make all of our "costumes" I love making the civil war dresses for my youngest and my self. we love to camp although we now have to do the spoiled type (camper) as our health no longer allows us to tent camp. I love to bake and cook. Adjusting to the gluten-free way of life has not been easy but getting easier for me.
  2. Vitamin D...

    UPDATE***** Just received the VIT D suppliment...I IS VIT D3 by the name of Cholecalciferol 400 Unit Tabs. I am supposed to take 2 tabs in the morning with a meal. Thank goodness this VA Doctor is on the ball with his research. Most aren't. I guess I should count my lucky stars and blessings that he is. Hopefully this will help. But I also have a question along with med. Do you think it would be ok to use the tanning bed? I was given a membership to a tanning salon. Or is this a no no with being Celiac? Thanks for any and all replies.
  3. Vitamin D...

    Thank you. I will do some research when I find out what they send. Thanks again for the information.
  4. Vitamin D...

    Thanks for that information...I will look into it. My problem is that I have to take what the VA(Veteran's Administration) Doctors send me. I am a disabled veteran and my only source of medical comes from the VA. I will look up the med when it gets to me. Then I will go from there.
  5. Well Glad that I had the Dr run a Vitamin D panel. Results are in and it was almost non-existant. Great. I live in PA and we are in the middle of winter. Said they are sending out a Vit D supplement. Hopefully this dr will remember that lovely list I gave him for my records of the do's and don'ts. Will have to check to make sure there are no fillers that contain gluten.
  6. After attending a gluten-free Support group meeting...I ordered a wonderful book from the gluten-free Mall. 2011/12 Gluten Free Shopping Guide. I believe it is $24.95 + shipping. I can't wait to get it in. This might also help you. Not sure.. But good luck
  7. Gluten Free Bisquick

    I made the gluten-free Corndogs with my youngest last night. All I told the older ones was that we were having Corndogs for supper. My DD and I just looked at each other with huge grins when they all wanted more than what we had made. Then we told them.....They were not expecting the corndogs to be gluten-free. I loved the simplicity of the recipe...I got it from General Mills Company website... http://www.liveglutenfreely.com/Recipes/ try this for the little ones.. you can even make them ahead and freeze I would assume if you wanted to use as after school snacks. But I am finding a lot of recipes from going to the gluten-free product websites. Try and enjoy.
  8. Bread Machine Experiences?

    Hi, my DH bought me a Hamilton Beach bread maker for christmas. I love it. It has a gluten-free setting and my bread turns out wonderful. The only thing I do is follow the directions for the machine and add what the package states. I put liquids in at the beginning and make sure they are room temp or short cycle through the microwave. Then add the dry ingredients...then the yeast. Nothing to it...pretty much set it and forget it until the bread is done... Just my opinion. Good luck with which ever you choose. Suzi
  9. Anyone From Pa.

    Hello fellow PA'ans... I live in a small town named Gillett PA. About 15 minutes from Elmira NY and 10 minutes from Athens/Sayre PA. Where I live it is very hard to find gluten-free products at reasonable prices. I did however find two stores that are willing to work with me. The first is a small amish store who carry the Bob's Red Mill brand. The second is a mininite wholesale store. The people who run these stores are wonderful people and will order in anything for you they can. So rather than spend mega bucks on baking needs, I opt to order from them. I am a disabled veteran and only get my medical care through the VA. This is probably why it took so many diagnoses of the incorrect ailments and why it took 11 yrs of pain, testing, starvation and many other unmentionable things for them to say "the blood work was negative but with the change we have seen in a matter or 6 weeks, we still believe you are Celiac." The doctor told me that my entire auora, and personna had done a 180* change. He has a daughter who is Celiac and says that me going gluten-free has made him believe that not all tests are accurate. I would really like to find a support group in my area. Or atleast some other Celiacs. If nothing but to bounce info between us. It is hard being "alone". PM me or email me with gluten-free in the subject line. Email is lilsissuzi@yahoo.com
  10. Hi Kimmy, I am in PA but up near Elmira/Corning New York. I was also looking for someone near me who has some experience with Celiac. I am newly diagnosed as well. If you are interested in emailing, my email addy is... lilsissuzi@yahoo.com please put gluten-free or Gluten Free in the subject line.... Thanks Suzi
  11. I have had problems with my eyes for years. But my question to you is.. while wearing eye makeup ie...mascara and eyeliner, my eyes water, itch and then peel. would any of you consider this to be a "product" or reaction to gluten in my makeup? If so, any suggestions on a new makeup line to use? Remember that I am on a very limited budget and am also recently dx'd. My antibodies test was neg. but doctor said there was too much of a change in my appearance and general health not to be Celiac with just the elimination of Gluten from my diet. I have been gluten-free since Dec 1, 2010. This was after 11 years of pain and suffering and beind dx'd with everything under the sun. Including being told by a dermatologist that I took too many baths, and was also allergic to my spring fed well water that contains no addatives. So now I will be making an appt to speak with my primary care physician to remove all of the non-relavant dx's from my records. I am a disabled veteran so this should be a wonderful journey of red tape to accomplish. lol I welcome any and all comments on this and any other helpful advise. I also would like to add that the entire household has gone gluten-free to aid me with my health. Everyone seems to enjoy the changes in most everything edible with the exception of the store bought gluten-free bread...
  12. Skin Question From New Member

    I am new here as well. I also am newly dx. My Dx was elimination and also blood test that was done fasting but doc said he believes after 6 weeks of gluten free and the major changes in my health because of the elimination that I have Celiac Disease. I too, have the lesions and was told by the same doc that it is part of this disease. Mine are from just annoying to out and out painful and to the point that I have to have them lanced. I had been told that I was allergic to my water (Ha. I have a spring fed well) to I was allergic to all of my cleaning supplies, and the worst of all....yu need to bathe more. Duhhhhhhhh which is it? I am going with the doc who after 11 yrs of going from 1 doctor to another, in 10 of a visit told me what was wrong.I am much happier and healthier since the major change. The entire household is also healthier and losing some weight that we all needed to lose. So in all, I would say it probably is part of celiac disease. Hope all goes well for you.