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  1. Hi everyone... I am new here and this is my first status display.. Not sure if this is the place i ask questions.. but i have had celiac over 10 years.. and new problems just keep coming.. my new issue is that i was just given mycelex troche and i am not sure if its gluten free.. i looked it up and there was questions but the pharmacy said it was ok (but im not sure since she looked at me like i had 10heads when i asked her to double check).. can anyone help me ... thanks...also any one have ...

    1. chrissygirl0668


      Hi this is chrissy and I am brand new to this also, they say we are born with it and it can stay dormant and then just show up. it's hard and confusing what we can and can't do. I, unfortunately, have the skin portion of celiac which is derm/hermititis. don 't get it, buying all gluten-free products, still wasn't feeling well noticed all gluten-free products have soy in it and that is why i am still so sick. there are a lot of different stories here and different symptoms,...