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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Celiac Vitamins

    Well actually they do, which is why I am querying if others have used this product. They do show a label and the contents with Supplement facts, showing an address and web site and phone number, so I think that they are legit. over 50
  2. I have recently seen a web site for celiac vitamins and wondered if anyone else knows about or have used this website? CeliAct or www.CeliAct.com, these are vitamins specifically designed for celiacs. I would really appreciate knowing if anyone else has encountered this info, which seems legitimate.??? over 50
  3. Does anyone know if imported (Greek) figs would be likely to have been dusted with flour? I have opened a package of figs and they are quite white all over them and it feels like a flour, rather coarse and grainy? What about soaking and washing off the powder? Any thoughts? over50
  4. Weight Loss

    over50 Is there a good gluten-free bakery near where you live/work? It should be gluten-free though and not just a bakery that is baking gluten-free there is a big difference. A good bread? Glutino make good bread, Kinnickinick make some great breads too. Others say that Ude is the best, though I've not tried it yet. Mostly I make my own. Generally most of the frozen breads need to be lightly toasted or micro-waved briefly in order to make them more moist. In any case I freeze the bread I bake, or the bread that I buy from the gluten-free bakery, so that it stays fresh, otherwise it will dry out very rapidly. Good luck.
  5. over50 So even if it's rare it can still be an actuality for some people, maybe myself, who knows. Do you still have trouble eating chocolate? The only time that I've not had a problem with it is when eating a chocolate cake made in a gluten-free bakery, and that is day after day, otherwise any other chocolate, no matter how well made or dairy-free still affects me.
  6. Weight Loss

    over50 I too have been relatively underweight most of my life, though there have been some times when I weighed a little more, but never overweight! Obviously I have been Celiac all my life but didn't know it until last June! Eating small quantities of food is a good idea, couple that with healthy snacks and you should see some improvement. Issues regarding eating and quantity have come more into focus in the past few months, to the degree that the specialist suggested using a motility drug to empty the stomach faster, this seems to have helped as I am now eating more normal-sized meals and though I rarely feel hungry at least I'm able to eat more normally. As to weight gain, I was 106 lbs in Nov '10 and now in March '11 have gained nearly 6 lbs which feels better. Eating protein is the key as others have stated. My dietician suggested eating two eggs for breakfast + some sort of cereal (rice porridge for me)snacking on bread and p/butter, protein shakes (gluten-free of course), protein bars and protein at each meal. I think it's working! It is really essential to not eat junk food, quality foods are what your body requires. You don't state your age, but if you continue to consume protein you will boost your energy but you really need to be exercising also at least 2-3 times per week. That will help with appetite also. Good luck.
  7. No I don't know if this is true, but I sure would like to know for sure since I seem to have intolerance to casein having been tested for lactose intolerance and that was negative. Where did you see this and could you quote any of the information? Most interested to learn more, I will do some research myself.
  8. over50 I have been gluten-free for 8 months and find myself still being intolerant of a lot more foods than before being diagnosed. It seems to be the name of the game...sigh... My question is do you have your own (new) toaster and not the family one? and the other thought is that when you go out to a coffee shop you don't know what the cups have been in contact with, so even a straw may not be sufficient for you. Perhaps you need to take your own cup with you and just get it filled that way you know nothing is cc. This whole situation just takes time and difficult though it is, patience! For my part being older means that the healing will take longer, in your case if you are young quite likely you will be able to ingest other foods in a shorter period of time. Good luck, and if you can afford to get tested it does help to know definitively what indeed is wrong with your system.
  9. over 50 I too have had that miserable feeling, to the extent that I resorted to smaller meals and spaced them out but still I would get that full bloated feeling. Finally my gastroenterologist suggested trying Motilium and it has helped immensley. I now can eat a full-size meal and I have started to put on a little weight. I was down to 106 lbs and am now at 110lbs, aged 64, so I need extra weight for sure to avoid osteo. I certainly would say that it was all part of the Celiac condition, so hang in there and hope your doc can suggest something that will aid you. I'm not sure how long I'm going to keep taking this drug, but hopefully it won't be for too too long (whatever that means!)
  10. I posted earlier today but cannot find it in the forums. Can anyone tell me where they purchase gluten-free nuts and dried fruits as I also cannot ingest dairy and need nuts for protein and ultimately for weight gain. I would be happy to find somewhere in Canada offering some reasonably priced products as they are out of sight in the healthfood stores. Any info would be appreciated.
  11. Rapid Weight Loss

    over50 What happened to the rest of your query? Anyway, I was diagnosed 7 months ago and am wrestling with the weight issue too. I am nearly 65 and had gone down to 106 lbs until recently. I am eating a lot of protein and have managed to gain nearly 4 lbs, but it has taken since Nov to get this far...You don't say how old you are which could have a bearing on your condition. Are you still consuming much healthy protein, and what is your weight situation at the present time?
  12. I have been gluten-free for 7 months now and am still having days where I feel bloated and generally uncomfortable. I am very careful about what I eat but still need to boost my weight, b/c I don't eat dairy, I need to find nuts that are gluten-free and affordable as well as dried fruits that are affordable. I have looked on gluten-free mall and the nuts and fruits are in small packages and are EXPENSIVE as they are in the local healthfood stores here in my hometown, which is in Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC Canada. Does anyone know of a venue that sells nuts and dr/fruits in larger quantities at 'reasonable' prices? If I have to order from the states so-be-it, but 'twould be easier to order from Canada. Any info would be most helpful..Thankyou.
  13. over 50 Yes the symptoms do seem to vary, at times it is very difficult to tell whether it was cc or simply foods that I am intolerant of now that I've been gluten-free for 7 months! I tell myself to write down a food diary, which I did when seeing the dietician at the hospital but haven't done so since, but it's a good indicator of what is going in and may help you too. Remember though that everyone is different and also may have other diseases/complications that you don't have, it makes it definitely more challenging to know what to eat and what not to eat. Keeping food snacks that are gluten-free with you at all times should obviate the need to go and eat at the wrong places. You need to be extremely cautious when eating out. Wherever you live there should be a Celiac organization that can help you with the basic information, just look online. Good luck with the diet, life will get better for sure.
  14. over50 I have been gluten-free now since June 2010, and also have found out that other foods bother me, which they didn't seem to before. Perhaps it is that the body having dealt with one intolerance then starts dealing with the others of which we were not aware before. I have had days of feeling really unwell alternating with days where I feel fairly reasonable. I envy those people who feel better after a few weeks. I'm still trying to get a handle on my weight as I've only gained 3 pounds in all this time. I suspect that various foods will be off my list for a while, such as raspberries (way too acidic) and also strawberries, tomatoes, maybe soy, though haven't confirmed that yet, chocolate (groan, sigh...) I also cannot handle dairy so that is out too. Your response sounds pretty much par for the course, though indeed each person with Celiac is dealing with different symptoms from each other. I would stay with foods that agree with you, keep cutting out those that do not and avoid as someone else suggested foods that could be too greasy. Our systems are now very delicate and it seems that many substances can upset that fine balance. Take care.