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  1. Juice Stop Smoothies?

    I had googled wheat grass and barley grass and found some info saying they don't contain gluten, but wasn't sure if I should believe it. Ugghhh....no smoothies then. I know I can try to make my own, but it's just so much easier to grab one from the smoothie shop!
  2. Juice Stop Smoothies?

    Does anyone have a Juice Stop where they live? I know it is a chain around my area, but not sure if it's nation-wide. They make awesome smoothies and I've been craving one so badly now that I'm pregnant. Their website doesn't have an allergen listing, but they use a lot of natural ingredients so I called the nearest location wasn't very satisified with the answers I got. There are 2 ingredients on their menu that raise possible concerns for me- wheat grass and barley grass. They didn't know if those had gluten in them, so I'll have to try to catch the store owners sometime. But has anyone here successfully had a smoothie from here? If there is gluten in wheat grass or barley grass then I'll probably avoid going there due to possible cross contamination in the blenders, but if not it would be a wonderful thing to have in the summer heat!
  3. Last summer I made this cake and it was amazing, but it was before I was gluten-free. (link to the recipe below)I loved that it was so light and fluffy. Is there a way to make it gluten-free and still keep the lightness of the cake? I've thought of making cupcakes and using the frosting and cocunut, but don't know if it would be as good. I'm not a very experienced baker so any ideas would be wonderful!! http://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/key-lime-coconut-angel-cake/0696b5c6-7663-43c6-b44c-760e43f30ab2
  4. I'm a few weeks pregnant and last pregnancy (was not gluten-free) I had AWFUL morning sickness and had to be on Zofran to be able to leave the house for a few weeks. I'm hoping it won't be so bad this pregnancy, but am preparing in case. I called the company that manufactures Zofran and the answer they gave me was that there is not gluten in the ingredients but they can't guarantee it hasn't come in contact with gluten in the manufacturing process. Anyone have experience with taking Zofran?
  5. I'll have to look for the peppermint Lifesavers. Are all Lifesavers gluten-free? I've never heard of the Bob's brand of peppermints (or if I've eaten them I've never paid attention to the brand name). What stores carry this brand?
  6. My husband and I just found out we are expecting our child and feeling so blessed and excitd! But the nausea is starting to appear. My last pregnancy I was not gluten-free yet and what worked for me was peppermint candies or other hard candies. I went to the store to try to find some gluten-free peppermint candies and all the brands I found said they were processed in facitilites that process wheat. Anyone know of candies that would be safe???
  7. I'm going on day 4 of diarrhea. Yesterday it seemed to be getting a bit better, but not anymore. I may have eaten something wrong to cause this, but I'm not sure. I've taken the questionable foods out of my diet, taken out milk for now (except for some greek yogurt with active cultures) and spent yesterday eating rice, veggies, rice Chex and banana. I have not taken Immodium because I may be pregnant. During my first pregnancy I had diarrhea and my midwife said I couldn't take anything. I've had to switch to a new clinic now and called there yesterday and a midwife said I can take Immodium, but when I google it online it makes me nervous to take it. Any ideas to get rid of this without taking medicine?
  8. I recently began getting heartburn and am looking for suggestions on gluten-free antacids. I don't have any in my house right now and am just looking for brands that others are using. Gotta get some relief!!
  9. Thanks for the replies! I'm feeling better over the last 24 hours- and I have eaten some of the cake in that time so I don't think it's that and I have continued with the vitamins so maybe it's not that either. It's my son's birthday party today so we'll see what happens when I eat the frosting. Keeping a food journal isn't a bad idea. Thanks for the ideas as to what can be some common culprits in those foods- gives me a place to start at least!
  10. I've been feeling sick lately- some loose stools and feeling so queasy. But I absolutely cannot figure out what could possibly be making me feel this way. The only new things I've eaten lately are wal-mart's extra virgin olive oil, Americolor food coloring (I called the company and they told me it's gluten-free), a new Spring Valley vitamin (labeled gluten-free), King Arthur gluten-free chocolate cake mix. I'm stumped. Just curious as to whether any of these products are labeled gluten-free but actually contain trace amounts and anyone else has reacted to them.
  11. I also have a 2 year old son that we're not sure if has celiac. He began reacting with horrible vomitting to certain foods around 6 months old and we think it was either gluten or soy. He had gluten a few months ago and there wasn't vomitting, so we're not sure what to think. We just kept him gluten-free because he was also dealing with c.diff. for awhile and didn't want to do a gluten challenge while he was dealing with that too. We will do a gluten challenge with him this summer. Genetic test for him showed 2 copies of DQ8- so the genes are there anyway. There are a couple cases of celiac in my husband's extended cousins. My acne has definately cleared up. I went gluten-free for a few weeks over the summer and thought the acne got better and then began a gluten challenge and the acne got bad again. After I went back to gluten-free I noticed it getting better again. My dermatologist gave me topical acne meds, but it had been clearing before I used them and even without using them regularly my face is so much better. One thing that became an issue while nursing my son was I built up a huge supply of frozen breastmilk and when we began wondering about food issues with my son we were becoming concerned if it was safe to feed my son the frozen milk. And since I had enough in the freezer to feed him for 2-3 months it was a big concern. So even if gluten isn't an issue for me, I wonder if I could have to eliminate it from my diet for future kids. We won't know if my son is celiac for possibly a year (we'll start the gluten challenge this summer and if there's not immediate reactions then the doctor wanted to blood test him in 6-12 months).
  12. Thanks for the reply. I see how it can make sense to wait. I just get tired of not being "normal". I've been through so many tests over the last few years to figure out the pain. I think we've ruled about everything out, so it wouldn't surprise me if it's gluten and/or an overuse injury causing the problems. I always wanted to have my kids 3-4 years apart in age and just realized that we could hit that and a Christmas baby would be perfect timing since I'm a teacher. The end of the school year is so crazy for my teaching position that I would much rather have a Christmas baby if I have the option. The due date couldn't be more perfect and it's not like I can have the chance to have a Christmas due date every year, so I started getting excited about it and then I realized I needed to think about this gluten issue. I'm just sick of having to consider what my body is ready for or what it can handle with every life decision. Part of me feels so incredibly selfish for feeling frustrated with this when I see others around me dealing with far worse medical issues, but I just want to have a "normal" body.
  13. I was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity in Nov. and have been gluten-free since then (blood negative, then went gluten free for 2 months then decided to try a biopsy so did a 3 month gluten challenge then had a biopsy that was negative). My husband and I want to have another child at some point- within the next couple of years. Well, in calculating I figured that we could have a Christmas baby! With our jobs that would be amazing timing if it would work out. But I'm also considering this gluten-free diet....due to some issues with my first doctor I'm not totally sure i trust his diagnosis but am determined to give it a try since nobody else has come up with anything that worked. I switched to a different doc that seems pretty good- she is ok with calling me gluten sensitive but didn't think it can account for muscle pain/weakness I experience. So my plan was to strictly stick with the diet for about a year and then try reintroducing gluten to see if I notice anything. But if I were to become pregnant I don't know if reintroducing gluten into my diet while pregnant/nursing would be smart. I have a 2 year old that is gluten-free now and will be undergoing a gluten challenge this summer. Here's some things I have noticed since being gluten-free: acne cleared up, gums don't feel as swollen and don't hurt as much to floss anymore, possibly less headaches, stools firmed up (never had diarrhea but there's a difference now- almost constipated though so maybe not enough fiber?). My muscle pain/weakness has maybe improved some but those symptoms tend to come and go anyway and I have had one awful flare-up but it wasn't as long as I was expecting it to be. I do still have the annoying burning nerve pain in my armpits though. I am a musician though so it's not out of the question to blame the pain on an overuse injury as a result of the countless hours of practice. One other weird thing...during my pregnancy I began getting these random episodes of sudden coughing and having difficulty breathing. I don't know what caused them, but I don't believe I've had an episode while gluten-free. So I'm trying to figure out if the gluten-free diet is helping....do the things I have noticed seem like they could have been caused by gluten? The diet isn't so bad, but when I have 2 different doctors telling me different things it's hard to know what to do. Sticking with the diet through a pregnancy and then 6-12 months of nursing is a big committment, especially if one isn't 100% convinced it's needed. Any thoughts?
  14. Congrats on your pregnancy!! I did not know about my gluten issues during my pregnancy a couple years ago but can definately remember the cravings. I had horrible morning sickness and the ONLY thing I seemed to be able to eat in the morning was poptarts (I pretty much lived on them for a week). I craved carbs during my pregnancy (and BBQ chicken until I couldn't stand the smell of chicken). You obviously know you shouldn't be eating these products, but it's gotta be tough resisting those pregnancy cravings. Do you have a gluten-free house? Might not be a bad idea to get rid of as much gluten as possible. And if those cravings get really strong just remember that your baby needs you to not eat gluten for his/her well-being. Cravings are strong but maybe picturing that little baby in your arms in a few months can help.
  15. We're doing a dairy free trial for my son (almost 2 years old). Trying to find a rice milk was hard because I needed to avoid gluten/dairy/soy and also wanted to avoid brown rice syrup. So I decided to try the Pacific brand because it seemed to fit all those criteria. Once we switched him to that milk he began crying everyday when we dropped him off at daycare and just seemed a bit lazier/tired overall. We thought that the milk couldn't possibly cause that and figured it must be due to some molars that seem to be trying to pop through. But when we had the 6th day in a row of him crying and being clingly while dropping him off and seeming not quite himself over the weekend I decided it wouldn't hurt to switch his "milk" and put him on Almond Breeze...and this morning he was his happy self at daycare. Does anyone else react to Pacific rice milk? We're not totally sure what his intolerances are at this point- we're suspecting gluten, dairy, and/or soy. When I called the company they said it's not a gluten-free facility, but no gluten ingredients in the milk. Could a food intolerance really cause that reaction?