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  1. Bread Machine Recipe

    I just bought one this weekend. Am looking for recipes to make. Got tired of paying a fortune for bread with holes you could drive a semi through.
  2. Trust me you need to be tested prior to going gluten free. I have a long story about that. I was gluten free for a year and a half and then thought I wasn't Celiac. I never had a test one way or the other. I broke out in DH last month and tested highly positive for Celiac when they did the lab work. Make sure you get it right the first time. You don't ever want to have this rash.
  3. Back in 2010 I was having the "leaky gut" symptoms. It was nonstop. I just couldn't figure out what was causing it. Finally in 2011 I went to a gastroenterologist and had to have some tests for a clotting disorder I was taking Warfarin for before could have an endoscopy and colonoscopy done. I had to be off of those medications prior to and resume them after the procedure. It took until April for those tests to get back and come to find out I never had the genetic clotting disorder I was treated for 20+ years. I had the colonoscopy in June 2011 and they discovered an anal polyp the size of a tennis ball. It took three colonoscopies and a major surgery to remove the polyp and its stem. During my journey a retired doctor made a comment that many of my symptoms sounded to her like Celiac Disease. Made sense to me so at the end of 2010 I started a rigid gluten free diet without having tests done. Some of my symptoms did clear but not all of them since the polyp was partially to blame at the very least. The GI guy really did not believe that I was Celiac but was unwilling to say for certain that was the case. Around March of 2012 I ate a cauliflower salad at a restaurant and I thought it might have bread crumbs on it. Nothing happened but I still proceeded with caution because I was so much better and I didn't want to mess with success. Finally I ate a sandwich and nothing happened. So, gluten became my friend again. Then earlier last month I was going through a very stressful period in my life. I noticed my joints were swelling. I could hardly even walk. I was having trouble breathing. My elbows would hardly allow me to lift anything. I ached at night. I couldn't sleep. But one thing I didn't have was the "leaky gut" stuff like I did in 2010-2011. Then one Saturday night we ordered in pizza and I drank a beer with it and it was so good tasting on a hot Saturday night I drank another. I woke up with a rash that I thought at first was scabes or bedbugs. They were SO painful. Sunday night we had Rigatoni. Monday morning my rash had spread and continued to do so. One thing I noticed was the rash was much worse every other night (the nights I wash my hair). I went to the doctor and he prescribed cortisone cream. It just kept spreading and finally turned into a mass of sores and ulcerations that oozed and blackened. A doctor came into where I worked and told me to take antihistamines for it, both Pepcid and Benedryl. I was so much better after doing so. But the other thing I did was start eliminating gluten because I thought it would help my joints because they were still really bad. Then the condition got SO bad I went to the emergency room and the doctor ordered prednisone orally. I finally got relief and slept that night. He told me to go to the clinic the next day. That same night when I washed my hair I noticed that my legs burnt a bit. Not like before but they burnt. Finally at 3AM I got up, read the shampoo bottle which read, HYDROLYZED WHEAT and I showered and shampooed my hair with another product and was able to sleep again. I went to the doctor that told me to take the histamines and she brought in another doctor to look at my legs, arms, etc. and diagnosed this as vasculitis. They told me at the time it could be idiopathic and I might never have this happen again but I had a feeling all along this had to do with the two Coors Light's I drank the Saturday prior to this coming on. I kept addressing that with both doctors. I had a battery of lab tests and a skin biopsy. The doctor called me a couple of days later with the results of the biopsy and the available lab tests. The biopsy was diagnosed as Vasculitis and all of my other tests were within normal range except for my white blood count which was elevated because of taking prednisone. I took large doses of prednisone and am in the process of tapering off but there are remaining scars and deep ulcerations left on my legs and arms. Ten days after I went to the doctor I went back to have my biopsy stitches removed and for her to take a look at the ulcerations to make sure they weren't infected. She went over my lab work with me again and she said, "Oh, here is one that wasn't back yet when I talked to you! OMG, you are Celiac!" She brought in two doctors because at the top of the Celiac Panel it said, "NEGATIVE" but at the bottom there was a lab test that was WAY high it removed all doubt that I have the disease. Both doctors seemed to agree that when this test that was SO high is high then a person has Celiac. Then she proceeded to say that she did have to test me for Hepatitis B and C just because it was a prudent thing to do. So, a couple of things. Why would the biopsy results be Vasculitis if it was in fact Dermatitis Herpetiformis? Can't they tell the difference? Are my joints better because of the Prednisone or because of the gluten free diet? Why do the Hepatitis Screens? Are they just making sure I don't have that on top of the Celiac? I'm just confused about all of this. I've been through the Gluten Free for a year and a half so I quickly resumed that. I bought new pots and pans, cleaned out the pantry, etc. donating gluten foods to food banks.... I just know I never ever want that rash again so I would really like to know for certain that it was the Dermatitis Herpetiformis. A year went by with me eating gluten with hardly any symptoms at all until I broke through with the horrible rash. How does that happen? You would have thought I would have reacted much sooner having been gluten free and then resumed eating gluten.
  4. Yes you do need to get it checked. I had that same thing for close to two years and a half. Finally I consulted a gastroenterologist and had to wait for six months for a endoscopy and colonoscopy because I supposedly had a rare blood disease (which I found out I didn't have but was treated for 30 years). I finally had the procedures done. They did biopsies of the esophagus and small bowel but when they did the colonoscopy they found a tennis ball sized polyp in the rectal area. It took three procedures and one major surgery to remove the polyp. Please don't wait to get this checked out. First of all, I am totally ashamed that I let my problem go for so long. I was so lucky mine turned out to be benign. The other thing is the polyp was in a spot that I could have ended up wearing a bag for the rest of my life. Don't mess around. Get it taken care of early.
  5. Don't pass this off as a hemorrhoid problem. I had this problem and passed it off as hemorrhoids. I'm a self diagnosed Celiac and stopped eating gluten in September 2010 however I was still having symptoms including passing mucous and passing blood. It would be in my stool and in the mucous. I finally caved and went to a doctor because I couldn't ignore it anymore however he did nothing nor did he listen to me. Then I went to a gastroenterologist in January. I had (or thought I had) a rare genetic blood disease so he wanted me to see a hematologist because he was going to do an upper endoscopy and because of my age do a colonoscopy. He was mostly going to do the biopsies because of the Celiac and because of my GERD. I didn't have anything unusual on the upper GI--just a stomach polyp due to my years of using Tums and antacids. My colon was clean as a whistle with the exception of a HUGE tumor in my rectal area, just 2cm above the anal verge. It took three procedures to take out the polyp/tumor and thank God it was all benign but he was unable to get the stalk out and now I have to go in for major risky surgery to get the rest out. Don't wait or mess with this. I'm so well now you cannot believe it. I haven't had any GERD since then and I just think my body couldn't digest food properly and it backed up. The tumor was so large it effected other organs too. Don't wait. Go find out for sure that it is only hemorrhoids. Do not just assume.
  6. You really do need to see a doctor. This is not something you want to ignore. There are all sorts of reasons for swollen lymph glands but you need to have a professional figure out the reason for you.
  7. Metabolism...

    I packed on 15 pounds of the 60 I lost so I understand where you are coming from. I think that now you are taking in the nutrients you are also taking in calories. Just because it is gluten free does not mean it is low in calories. Bread for example--Gluten Free is much higher in calories than regular bread so I have really cut back on sandwiches and the like. Also, because I am able to eat a meal without getting sick I found myself eating more because it tastes so good. Now I am able to eat cheese without problems and that is packed in some calories so I have cut back on it. I started chopping up vegetables to snack on rather that grain snacks and chips. Just get a Rubbermaid container and fill it with all sorts of chopped vegetables and dip them in salsa. Get mild if you stomach still won't take to spices. Snack on them. Eat salads for lunch with some chicken or other meat on it and make your own Fat Free dressing using guar gum to bind it and make it appear as if it is the same consistency as oil based dressings. Be careful with guar gum and xanthan gum because both are considered laxatives. Also at night I have a meat patty or chicken and a whole bag of steamed vegetables if I need it. Popcorn makes a filling snack. But you really have to watch it because of the calorie content of the gluten free foods. And you will be better before you know it. Someone told me 6 months and I was so discouraged I thought it wouldn't happen but it did. I'm still having a problem but will have the colonoscopy and endoscopy on the 6th and should know what is up with that then.
  8. Applegate Farm

    No, I have never had a problem with anything Applegate. They say on the package whether there is gluten or whether it is gluten free. My guess is that you might not be able to handle the hot spices yet. I've been gluten-free for six months and I still cannot tolerate the yummy spices I used to eat.
  9. Your story is the VERY reason I just did it on my own. I don't want to hear how I don't know my own body and don't know what is going on. I was really sick like you are describing for 7 months until someone suggested that I might have Celiac. So, I researched it and within 24 hours without gluten I was 150% better. So when one of these genius doctors tries to get all Godlike with me I get in their faces and tell them AS GOD AS MY WITNESS I WILL NEVER EAT GLUTEN AGAIN. Then they flat out know it is what I have and that I was right in giving it up. And if you can't go to another doctor, just do it yourself and tell her, "Yeah, I did it and I am sooooo much better you can't even believe it!!" Tell them how many times you are going and how it is interfering with your life and remind them if they are wrong about YOUR diagnosis or the lack of a diagnosis your continued consumption of gluten can lead to lymphoma and that is a sad state of affairs. One that shouldn't be minimized by anyone in the medical profession.
  10. Mint is really hard for me and I still get diarrhea if I eat it in any form. So it just may be the mint. Also, some people don't do well with chocolate.
  11. Week One

    It gets better and better but there are the setbacks you have to deal with. You might try (I have but nobody will listen) to get someone to treat you for small bowel overgrowth. I'm going to schedule my endoscopy and colonoscopy after I get done with the hematologist and then I am going to find someone that will treat that for me. I honestly don't care who I have to go to. I am much better as far as the diarrhea goes but I still have problems with mucous first thing in the AM but nobody will listen to me about it. From all the reading I've done it sounds like that might be one problem as to why this doesn't resolve better.
  12. Dvt

    Yes, I was misdiagnosed by a lab test 39 years ago after having a DVT with a RARE blood disease called Anti Thrombin III. I went to a hematologist on March 9th. She repeated the newer tests for all coagulating diseases and I was negative. I stopped my "blood thinner" after 39 years and I just don't feel right. Something is going on. I see the hematologist on Wednesday next week and hopefully she will tell me if my coagulation problems could be related to this disease. Who knows?
  13. I lost 60# before I went off gluten. I gained 10# back once the calories stayed with me.
  14. It is my understanding these products do have gluten in them. Mind you it is less than 20ppm which is the standard in the US. I don't know about you but I want zero gluten. I have read there is an apple fiber psyllium that has zero gluten made by NOW.
  15. They claim they are gluten free but according to research I did you don't know the maturation rate of the grass. It could be close to wheat and therefore contain a miniscule amount of gluten which companies don't count. For instance, Rice Dream is filtered using barley and then they remove it and leave 0.02% gluten. I don't know about you but I want my products gluten free and that isn't what that is. Also, look at the vitamin K content on the package. It is so high I think one could throw a clot. I got horrific headaches when I drank it for a week.